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    Penny being pregnant at the end of the show would give them a meaniful conclusion for their characters in the last episodes of the show and would let the Lenny relationship come full circle since the first episode. It could really give Lenny that happy conclusion to their story which would only help the show as it goes into years of syndication.
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    @djsurrey May the fun be with you! 🥂 🖖
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    Thank you for the Birthday Wishes. My intraocular lens implant was the best birthday gift ever (from medicare).
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    I remember one instance when Mayim won an award a few years back and Jim's fans complained to him like how dare he not congratulate her!! so much that he felt forced to post a screenshot of when he messaged her and remarked that he is indeed able to communicate directly with her. lol I do think public b-day wishes are cute but I don't read anything into it when they don't post some. It's been very inconsistent over the years anyway - sometimes they post wishes, sometimes they don't. No big deal!
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    Happy, happy birthday @djsurrey ! I hope you have a fantastic day! 🎉🎂🙌🏻🌈🎈
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    Many happy returns! Nice that healthcare has you covered. Best Mark
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    Happy birthday @djsurrey Have a wonderful day.
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    @djsurrey hope you have a happy birthday.
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    Happy birthday @djsurrey . I hope you're having a nice day.
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    I agree that would be a wonderful and fitting conclusion for Lenny. But the question is, when is the last time these writers cared about Lenny?
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    Tbh if it were not the final season. I Doubt they would be forcing a arranged marriage with Raj. I mean what's wrong with having a character that remains single.
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    No questions asked?! 😉 HAPPY WEEKEND!
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    Where is this coming from. Can't she just not want children? This show is a sitcom with a small window of time to wrap things up. Do you really think that they are going to get into infertility issues now?
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    Wow ! Congratulations ! That sounds wonderful. True. She's genetically predisposed to double-ovulate but there's no certainty.
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    I see your point, but I still don't trust the writers or Holland.
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    I entirely agree with you but at this point in the show I get the feeling that, to tptb, it is all about what they can get out of the remaining episodes, that is why we are seeing references to “Young Sheldon”. Well syndication is the gift that keeps on giving so it is to the advantage of everyone involved that the show ends well so that it does well in syndication, so Lenny ending well would be a part of that. I also think that doing a Lenny spin-off, that keeps true to TBBT, would succeed because of syndication, especially if the had a strong link back to original show, since tptb could sell the episodes of that show with the original in syndication as a packaged deal, so even if the show went on for just a short time it’s reruns could be still valuable.
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    That is the thing, I don’t see the chemistry between Anu and Raj, she just seems too much the boss already. But there does seem be some chemistry between Raj and Missy, plus Missy has a failed marriage and knows about how the guys seem to have happy marriages. Also she has grown up with Sheldon so she is not naive to the environment the guys live in so you can’t say she wouldn’t be getting involved without both eyes open to the life she would entering herself into.
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    It may have been a "hook-up" in TBBT-world (where campus rape was a suitable subject for a joke) but in real-world terms it was attempted rape.
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    Another good reason why certain characters should be killed off. I think we first saw Penny looking irresistable in black at Professor Proton's funeral.
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    They probably could have done an one hour Christmas special for their last season and CBS would have bought it. It would have been funny to do one with Sheldon dreaming he is Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas’s show him what a jerk he has been to his friends all these years and what the future impacts of his behavior will be.
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    …and she has two "invisible" kids already! 😉
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    I like Anu and maybe the characters need the time to mesh together, but time is what they do not have. If they are going to fix Raj and Anu more compatibly they only have 12 more episodes to do that. I am with most of you who believe these writers are just so unpredictable with their plots it is anyones guess how this all will turn out. Hopefully, all ends well with everyone
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    Agree. I don't think Anu is badly cast in herself, but the pair don't seem to mesh as well as they should.Perhaps time will fix this.
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    I"ve been thinking about this. Raj has spent much more time with Anu than he has with Missy. If I didn't want him with Anu because they didn't know each other well enough, I could say the same thing about Missy. I like Anu. I like the idea of his parents fixing him up with someone. But I think this is nosediving because the actors don't have a lot of chemistry.
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    Well they did make Raj's face light up momentarily when Missy said she was separated. Were we meant to take that as a hint of things to come, or one of Raj's temporary sillinesses ? Who knows with these writers ? Absolutely ! Time to develop some more chemistry on screen is what's needed to make them more plausible.
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    According to the taping report they seem to be in an okay, if not good place. Them deciding not to get married yet and to be dating instead is what I wanted. I think Raj and Anu may work, if they take it at a slower pace and let things build. Maybe not, and that's okay too. For now I'm team Anu (well I would be team the character I wrote for him but that's impossible LOL). I prefer her to a sudden reunion with one of his exes, or Missy, who thought he was cute but we have no idea if it could work.
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    FYI it was today December 14th, 2009. 9 years ago. The Maternal Congruence aired.
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    That would be hilarious. Also make sense In cannon. As in Season 1 The Pork Chop Determinacy. Missy thought Raj was cute. So be funny if she came back. And Theoretically Anu does not work out. And they hook up. And Sheldon walks in on them in the morning. He’ll be Traumatised hahaha.
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    And freak Sheldon to no end. I can just see Leonard's pleasure in asking Sheldon about his brother-in-law!
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    Looks like we will get new cast photos soon, if I interpret the caption of this older cast photo (from the People's Choice Awards 2017) correctly. 😃
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    Can you all believe how adorable they still are after almost 12 years! The cutest!!!
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    Looking forward to seeing this episode.
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    I really hope they don’t do a Monica and Chandler, that has been done before and copying it would be lame. If they go with Penny can’t have kids and she is scared to admit it to Leonard, maybe because she thought he’d leave her, we need to have a nice episode with Leonard reassuring her he loves her and will never leave her.
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    Another picture with Leonard and Penny in episode 12.11 "The Paintball Scattering". Lenny in the comic book store. cbspressexpress.com
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    True. We have to settle for what we can get and hope TPTB don't just mail it in the rest of the season!
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    Sad that there is no Christmas episode in the final season. Those are usually pretty funny and memorable.
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    Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you don't want to know what episode 12 is all about. What a fun night! (Even though the episode wasn't necessarily one of the funniest.) Leonard and Penny’s storyline was a little more on the serious side. Zach and his new wife Marissa (Zach, by the way, is apparently super rich now after selling off his company), ask Leonard to be their sperm donor to help them have a baby. Penny gets upset that Leonard is considering it but in the end decides that since he had no say in her not wanting to have kids, she gets no say in him doing this. Anu is still upset with Raj for what he did in episode 11 (if that hasn’t been spoiled already, I’m happy to do so). The wedding’s off, but Raj, in true Raj style, tries to win her back in “Love, Actually” style. By the end of the episode, in a sweet moment, they decide that they’re going to start dating - start their relationship from the beginning instead of the middle. This show will air on January 10 in the US I was hoping the cast and crew would acknowledge Mayim’s birthday, but no such luck tonight. I still had a blast and am still very sad that this is their last season. And likely the last time I’ll get to see one of their tapings. I’ll always cherish this memory!
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    Big Bang Theory is destined to play it too safe I bet some of us will fall asleep trying to watch the finale We need some fourth wall breaking shenanigans
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    From Deadline Hollywood ‘The Big Bang Theory’: Chuck Lorre Talks Finale Plans & Emotional Last Season The Big Bang Theory is in the midst of its final season as CBS’ signature sitcom is preparing to sign off in May 2019 after a 12-year run that began in September 2007. With the end in sight, the idea for the series finale is starting to shape up, co-creator/executive producer Chuck Lorre told Deadline on Thursday in a phone interview tied to the three Emmy nominations for his newest comedy series, Netflix’sThe Kominsky Method. “We’re coming up on Christmas break, we have one more episode to shoot before we break,” Lorre said. “We definitely have discussed the finale. And we have a general idea of what we are aiming for with May and the finale. These days there’s a lot of melancholy in the background at all times. It’s been a 12-year project that has been really just a joy. It’s going to be very, very sad to let it go.” The Big Bang Theory remains one of the most popular on television — Season 11 averaged 18.9 million viewers and was the second most watched series of last season (behind Roseanne) and among adults 18-49, Big Bang was the second highest-rated entertainment program (behind NBC’s This Is Us). The call to end the multi-camera series series was made in August after one of the stars, Jim Parsons, reportedly had decided not to continue beyond Season 12. In the months since that announcement, Lorre said he’s been in reflective mood. It’s hard to say goodbye to a close-knit crew and cast, he said. That has led to a lot of tearful moments on a set that is accustomed to life with a laugh track. “The years pass and you celebrate birthdays and you know the other day we had a little birthday celebration for [co-stars] Kelly Cuoco and for Kevin Susman and both times each of them said, ‘You know this will be the last birthday I celebrate on The Big Bang Theory set. And you hear that and you go from singing songs and blowing out candles to getting all choked up. You start to eat cake but then you’re thinking of everything you’ll miss.” <full article in the link>
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