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    I wouldnt say Penny isn’t very bright, she’s more uneducated. Of course, it’s gonna depend on which Penny you get, the one explaining Schrödinger’s Cat to her date, or the one that can’t use a glue gun.
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    Amy absolutely allows Sheldon to do what he does. I think it is more fair to just say Sheldon is utterly self centered and childish and she puts up with it. She is not afraid of hm. I do agree that Sheldon should have been the single one. I love that they brought in Amy, but the break-up should have stuck. Together they are now Kindergarteners playing house and their quirks are usually not funny.
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    I actually find the Shamy relationship abusive, I still think that Sheldon should have been the unmarried male of the gang, not Raj. It would have also justified why he still acts the way he still does and allowed the writers to not to have to soften his edges giving them the ability to keep his personality still extremely wacky and funny.
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    From The New York Post Johnny Galecki and Alaina Meyer take some selfies together at the Phoenix Suns vs. New York Knicks game. Monday 12/17 in NYC
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    I was actually pissed when they made Penny look so ridiculously stupid in the first Dr. Proton episode. The writers seen to set the intelligence of the character at the level they need to support the latest joke they are pushing instead of working to make the joke fit the character.
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    Yes! It seems like they are having a great honeymoon!
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    Exactly. Once upon a time I used to hesitate to apply the term 'uneducated' to people who live in a country where we're all sent to school or taught at home. However, I now do use it because there are many who just do not take advantage of what's on offer, either because they can't or simply won't. They leave school without much of an education whether it's because their education was hindered in some way or because they didn't want one. So, I decided 'uneducated' or 'ill-educated' were not unfair terms really and I could never think of a more appropriate adjective. From her own account Penny was one of those girls who saw school as a place primarily for interacting with boys in one way or another according to her age. When they were telling her about Newton and her classmates were learning, she was probably fantasising about a teenage boy of the same name and wondering how to get him away from his girlfriend. She may be temperamentally 'not academically inclined' as Sheldon put it, but intelligent enough to mix with people who are. When she had little choice but to apply herself to study for her new job, she did so and she passed whatever assessment it was. The manager of Bernie's section may have been afraid to tell her there was no vacancy for her friend, but the firm would never have dared let Penny loose selling medicines if she hadn't learned enough about them. We never saw what led Bernie to decide Penny would be up to it, but Bernie and Amy both know what she's capable of when she needs to be. Bernie has worked with her. She was even happy in the lab making the parts for the infinite persistence gizmo.
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    Yeah Bill when your writers suck bring on the guest stars
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    I don't see it. I don't think they fit at all. I agree Sheldon sometimes treats Amy poorly. Of course this was much more common in older days. He is getting better and they do seem to love each other. If Sheldon didn't love Amy than he would have absolutely no reason at all to be better to her, as we know he doesn't care much about being decent to other people.
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    Actually I enjoy Leonard's jokes. When he does get lines (that are not OOC unnecessary or totally whacko drama) I think they're great and 12 years in Johnny still gives great performances (this IMO should be more appreciate given that in the last two years there have been times when some of the others, IMO, gave lesser performances than they used to).
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    Well you're entitled to your opinion, I just completely disagree with you I want more Lenny focus after all the years on Shamy they deserve some good amount of plots. As for the rest of what you said, there is nothing about Penny that I can think of that would make anyone cringe. As for Leonard just because he isn't given many good jokes or lines doesn't make him bland he is the normal guy of the group and there is nothing wrong with that. As for Stuart/Denise and Raj well you might prefer more of them I don't I would rather watch grass grow than them. The Shamy have lost their uniqueness and are nothing special anymore , they are now no different from any other couple . Although with them getting so much attention over the last several years, I now find them boring and even a little irritating especially Sheldon .
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    Fun facts of the day: Big Bang Theory: 20 Things Wrong With Sheldon We All Choose To Ignore screenrant.com "It's safe to say The Big Bang Theory is nothing without Sheldon. In fact, he's the heart, soul, and brain of the show. At least according to Sheldon." 😉
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    I'd also like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year 🎅 I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for Shamy during the second half of this final season. They are, for me, the best couple on the show, no contest!!!! They're the reason I became such a huge fan of the show and why I'm still watching after 12 years. I really hope we get to see the happy ending this awesome couple deserve 😊
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    Yes to seeing Penny and Leonard's parents again! ❤️ However, I'm guessing that Bill is referring to dream castings, i.e., celebrities they've been wanting over the years. Perhaps William Shatner and/or others from the pop culture/sci-fi landscape? Thanks for sharing, @vonmar!
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    I don't think there's much point in trying to assess the intelligence of characters in a sitcom in which a lot of the humour has consisted of people with PhDs in the physical sciences behaving very stupidly. In TBBT world, implicitly at least there's no such thing as general intelligence. In terms of stupid behaviour, P, L and B seem to better than the others. And there was an ep, I think it was in S7, where S told P he envied her ability which I think is called "emotional intelligence", altho S didn't use that expression.
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    Oh that would be lovely I’d certainly cheer her on even though I should really be cheering for team GB. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I would love to see her in the Olympics riding one of her horses.
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    Kaley and Karl seems to really like Switzerland.
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    You also gave your opinion of Lenny, that they drive you insane( among other things) and that’s fine. You are allowed to give your opinion of Lenny, just as others are free to give their opinion of Shamy.
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    NO. She did not know she was married. Since she believed the "ceremony" to not be real, she never believed she was married.
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    Sorry, I have to disagree with you. Penny has proven that she is smarter than Zack. Kind, caring and attractive, yes. For her part, Penny never thought the guys were going to blow up the moon! Or think putting the laser on stun wouldn't blow it up.Even Sheldon said Penny could do better! Drunk and thinking they were fakes! She knew she was married, just thought they were not real!
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    I didn't say anything about Shamy...I said I wanted more of the other characters. Please, no more baby stories for anyone.
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    I hope they don't give several appearances to Zack. If they do it means more appearances for Lenny. They drive me nuts and I prefer them in the background. I prefer more Howardette, Stunice and Raj. Penny just makes me cringe and Leonard is boring as they come. I compare Leonard to milk and toast. No flavor at all, just bland.
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    I don't think it is encouraged in any part of the world. Even in very progressive schools "gay" is sadly still used as a swear word. In many countries gay people can't marry (including my dumb own country where these things are idiotically tied to orthodox institutions) and having children for them is complicated. So I cannot see why people would prefer to live as gay if they're not. There may be some cases here and there but I can't believe they are many. People who think they may be gay but are attracted to the opposite sex may also be bisexual, or mostly straight/gay with some level of attraction to the same/opposite sex (because we force these things into categories, it's more of a continuum). Besides, most people grow up with the assumption they're straight. That means some gay/bisexual people think they're straight at least for some part of their lives. So why is it so bad if a person whose straight thinks they may be gay for some time? There's no blood test that tells us our sexual tendencies so some exploration, in mind and/or in action, is warranted.
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    I put that down to the uneducated part. Well, that and the alcohol.
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    Thx, same to you guys! While I'm glad the coitus joke was finally dropped (too late but whatever) it does feel kinda weird not to have a birthday coitus ep 👀
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    With just a week to go, I am wishing all my fellow Shamies a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a Happy and prosperous New Year to you and your families! 🎄
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    I see, the old bait and switch! Bring in guests to camouflage the writing.
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    You're right. You'd think after eleven years we'd all know enough about what goes on in the minds of these writers to figure out the personalities of their characters, but I must admit my take that they've always intentionally written Penny so that we see her as bright but uninterested in the academic side of life is no more than an assumption. No point really, as you say. What they're going to do with any of them any time is perm any eight from ten.
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    But I seem to notice, while in my pants, there seems to be a stocking right under your back side. I guess it's there just in case you start laughing too hard yourself ?
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    I just looked at the comment section at the end of the article. One could argue that Lenny had more stories in the first half of season 6 and thus the questions about Shamy made sense.
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    I've actually fallen asleep during shamy scenes last season Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Or didn't realize she got married...
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    Since the actress who is Zacks wife is signed for multiple episodes I don’t see a quick resolution
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    Several posts have been hidden. Individually, they were within the rules (barely), but taken as a series, they became increasingly provocative. If you want to discuss season 12, discuss it. Provocative posts with a fantasy bent, should go in the fan fiction section of the forum.
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    I have a theory and this seasons thread kind of proves it. I believe the writers know ratings will be good if they kept writing Shamy stories because Lenny fans will keep watching till the end.
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    It's more of a theory than an assumption, but if you can come up with and explain why they shifted away from Lenny at that time, I'm all ears. And I'd love more evidence on how they are not stupid.
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    Wholeheartedly agree with this comment. I have had this reasoning for awhile and it seems a very logical explanation
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    Biologically it is best for the mother and the baby if the woman conceives in her teens. The waiting till a woman is older is just something driven by social norms of our so called civilized society.
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    I disagree with you about gay people. I believe worldwide there are more than we know of, because of the prejudice and true malice they suffer. And I don't think Beverly could be used as a standard for motherhood in any way. Speaking of Beverly, she might get involved in this whole thing. She may not like Leonard giving a child with her genes to a dumb guy. Her involvement could be surprisingly good but also utterly terrible. Of course it all depends on Christine Baranski's availability for one or a few "Skype" scenes.
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    Thank you. The same to you and yours.
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    Can you all believe how adorable they still are after almost 12 years! The cutest!!!
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    Really nice to see that they are spending their honeymoon in Europe and in beautiful Zermatt ,Switzerland. I have been to Zermatt several times and it's so great. One thing they can do is to make the amazing trainride up to the rocky ridge Gornergrat, the view is spectacular. (it is the highest railroad in Europe).
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    I subbed at a high school today. The English teacher left me a lesson about sarcasm and parody. This (from the smartboard) is what I got to work with.
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