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    Best single Leonard (not Lenny) scene ever IMHO was his graduation speech via Skype. Really struck a chord with me and was Leonard really opening up about his life. Brilliant writing and acting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm waiting for the next one, but dreading what comes later. I'm waiting for details about the taping more than for 12Γ—12, although the continuation of that plot may not be in 12Γ—13, they tend to spread out arcs.
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    They did make beautiful music together, don't they?πŸ’˜
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    Just because... Leonard and Penny makin' music 🎸🎀
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    I would sign, but a petition is not going to save the show. It was not canceled, it’s just coming to an end.
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    Not sure how useful this is going to be. The show has not been cancelled. Chuck Lorre didn't want to continue to make the show if any of Jim, Johnny or Kaley didn't want to continue. Jim decided he didn't want to do the show any longer and Lorre decided to end the show.
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    Agreed. Although for the first time in a while I'm actually excited to see the next two episodes.
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    Sheldon's storage shed...Where I live a lockup is a jail, though, so you weren't the only one confused.
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    It's amazing the attention to detail they give to props and yet can't be bothered to do so concerning scripts. I suppose different departments have different standards.
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    I love a woman in uniform - so long as it's Penny.
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    Personally, I think the best way to come out of this mess would be for Penny to confess she does wish they had kids together, but for some (solvable) reason she decided to give up on that. Maybe she thinks she could be a good mother to "normal" children (she did agree with Bernadette she would be a good mother), but not good enough for Leonard's children, who she thinks could be amazing like him and so they would deserve a better mother. Maybe she also fears they will be genuises and like Sheldon see her as dumb. In this case, Leonard letting Zack and Marissa have his biological child would be like a slap in the face and this will make her confess. This would fit with past episodes, Penny has had insecurities about her intelligence and education as compared to Leonard since season 1. It could lead to a great moment of support and also connection between them, as we know Leonard is definitely no stranger to insecurities and worries but he pulls through (a great example being "The Recombination Hypothesis"). This way we could have a very happy pregnant Penny in the end and there wouldn't be doubt that she truly wants the child. However, in season 10 I kept waiting for the deeper reason for Lenny's "rough patch" to come out, and nothing... I hope everybody who says this plot will end with Leonard not being the biological father to Zack and Marissa's child and with Penny changing her mind about having kids, but I don't believe things will change until I see it.
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    Maybe, anything is possible when it comes to these writers!
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