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    Scene 11 Sheldon barges into Siebert's office, telling him what the other scientists are doing, and objecting to them trying to get rid of Amy. Siebert says he agrees and Caltech will fight to get Amy on the Nobel committee. Sheldon stops short, says he was expecting more pushback. Siebert says his job is to take care of Sheldon's academic and personal needs. "Huh," says Sheldon. What do I do with all this nervous energy. Siebert says they have a brand new weight center, go there to work it off. Sheldon asks, where is it? Siebert says it's in the new gymnasium center. Sheldon goes, Where's that?" Siebert gets up to take him to the Scene 12 . Penny is walking up the stairs and she finds Bernadette sitting on the step on the second floor. Penny asks if she's been there long, and Bernadette says, "Long enough for two of your neighbors to ask if I was lost and needed my mommy." Penny says she isn't going to do the job. Bernadette says no problem, she found another salesperson (I don't remember the name, lets call her Peggy) to do the job. Penny is upset, because that woman has been stealing her yogurt. Bernadette says she had to pick her, since Penny didn't want to do the job and besides Peggy is smart because she has a masters. Penny says that she is smarter than Peggy, because she can read Penny on the yogurt. Bernadette says she needed someone who could handle the job, be tough and she didn't want to press Penny, since she didn't want to do it. Penny says it's not that she doesn't want to do it, she's just nervous about doing it....Hey, wait a minute, I know what you're doing. Bernadette goes "Is it working?" Penny goes "Yessssss" and then turned to go up the steps. Bernadette says " does this mean I'll see you Monday?" penny says "Yesssssss" as she turns the corner of the staircase. Bernadette snickers, and says, "I could get her pregnant if I wanted to." Tag Scene Pre taped . Penny has just completed her presentation to the salespeople working for her. As she passed out the folders with all the information in them. She says they have to learn all the information by tomorrow, and one salesman, Peggy, says no one can learn all of the info overnight, besides, do you know everything that's in there? Penny give her a withering look and says, "Do you want to go head to head on this, the winner get the yogurt in the fridge." The other woman looks away, with Bernadette smiling. Then Penny says go ahead and go, learn it. They are still milling around and Penny yells, "I said go learn this, now and everyone be back her in the morning." The other salesmen run off and Bernadette walks up to congratulate Penny and ask, "do you really know all the data in the packet?" Penny start talking to Bernadette in the same tone of voice she yelled at the other salesman. Bernadette says, stop, that tone doesn't work on me." Penny goes, "yeah, I know, sorry." Ok, that's it for the taping. I may wait until tomorrow to give you the rest of the BTS info, I'm tired.
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    Had a great time, some very funny lines. As we already have all the information I won't repeat it here except for the title: The Confirmation Polarization. Ok, I'm going to give a recap of each scene, where I remember specifics (or can paraphrase) I'll add those. I'm not going to vouch for pinpoint accuracy. Cold Open. Shamy doing a fun with flags episode (don't get too excited, it was very short, basically leading into the episode). Sheldon apologizes for Amy, because she claimed there was never a flag with a purple stripe. Sheldon points out there was, I believe it was Lithuania, a country that had one, and he shows the flag. Amy then apologizes for Sheldon, for having his fly open the entire previous episode. The wanted to take questions, and Sheldon told Amy to take off her glasses, so her password isn't visible. She takes off her glasses, but then can't read the emails. She puts them back on and finds an email from Fermilab (at this Sheldon says that's near Chicago, the Windy City, a good city for flags. Amy says no, it seems two scientists have confirmed their theory. They start going back and forth getting louder and louder saying " We did it." When it gets really loud, there is a cut to the rest of the gang in the hallway, and Penny says, "Awwwww, remember when they only did it on Amy's Birthday." Scene 1 The gang (minus Shamy) are eating. Howard wants to brag on Bernie, but Bernie says he doesn't need to. Everyone shuts up and eats, Bernie looks around and complains no one is asking her about it. Leonard finally asks, and Bernie says her project has passed all the FDA tests. Then the rest ask which project and she keeps saying no (a really funny one was, Penny I think, asked about her eye drops and she said no, they had to re-brand it as some sort of industrial cleaner). Finally she tells them and that it is good luck for Penny, as Bernadette wants Penny to head the sales team for the drug. You can tell Penny is not really enthused about the idea. Penny keeps issuing weak reasons for not doing it, and Bernadette keeps saying things like "That sounds like a yes to me." Finally, Shamy comes rushing in all excited and ask if they all know what happened. Raj says, "You did it." (thinking of sex), and they say "Yes we did" (thinking of their paper). Then Sheldon says "We didn't even know we did it". Howard goes "Wait, what?" Then Amy says, we had to have two professors from Chicago tell us we did it" and Leonard gets this strange look on his face and says, "Wait, what?". Then Jim started explaining about the theory and what led the other two to figure it out. And, he screwed up. So, they restarted, and he screwed up again. He looked at the script, said Ok, and they restarted, and he screwed up again. Someone in the audience went "Awwwwwww", feeling bad for Jim, and Jim said "Don't Awwwww me, I can keep you here all night." and everyone laughed. Then he started again, and screwed up again. He finally gets through it, and after a long sentence of large scientific terms, Penny says "Wait, what?" Scene 2 Later, Penny and Leonard are cleaning up. Leonard mentions it's funny seeing Penny wash dishes. Penny says she knows how to do it, she just get tired and leaves them. Leonard goes, "are you using any soap?" Penny says "Then you do it." Leonard asks Penny about why she didn't take the job offer from Bernadette. Penny says Bernadette is mean, that she can be hard on her subordinates, and Penny doesn't want to have to work that way. Scene 3 Shamy goes to President Siebert's office. The first time they went through it, Joshua Molina (Siebert) rose and opened his arms behind the desk, and said "bring it in" Sheldon said "bring what in?", and Amy explained it was for a hug, and he said "No, don't bring it in." Then Siebert explains that the two scientists would be visiting, and "we" wanted to write up Nobel paperwork. Sheldon asked if he meant "we" indicating him and Amy, or "we" indicating all three of them. Siebert explained Caltech had 38 Nobel laureates and they won, they would be the 39th an 40th. Sheldon wants to be 39, and Amy says it doesn't matter. He agrees it doesn't matter, but then winks at Siebert. There was a rather long pause, then they restarted. This time Molina didn't open his arms until he was around the dest. Mayim laughed and said can we restart. So they restarted and there were a couple of changes (opening his arms later, some minor dialog changes). Then there was another long wait, they restarted and there were some more changes. the one I remember was after Sheldon's "we's", Siebert said "we" or "we" it doesn't matter. Then Amy says "Wheeeeeeeeeee" before continuing. Scene 4 (pretaped) Penny stops by Bernadette's office to tell Bernadette, she talked to her boss and she didn't want to let Penny go, as her area was short. Bernadette offers to call her boss to get her released. Penny says, "You don't have to call her, It's no big deal." Bernadette, "You don't want to work for me?" Penny: "No, it's not that, were just short, darn it. Remember don't call my boss. Bernadette: "Look if you want to work on this with me, I can call her." Penny: "No, I'm like darn it, but you don't have to call. I just don't want to leave her short of salespeople, remember, don't call her. And Penny leaves. To Be continued...
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    Scene 5. Sheldon and Amy are at the Athenaeum having lunch. Amy says the last time they were in there, was for their wedding. Sheldon says it has a lot less grandeur without Mark Hamill in it. Amy deadpans, "That's what you said about our honeymoon." Molina brings in the two scientists, (Kal Pen and Sean Astin) and specifically tells them not to try and hug Sheldon. The two explain that they weren't even looking for SuperAsymmetry, They just had some results with Kaons (a subatomic particle that can decay into matter or antimatter violating CP symmetry) and some of their colleagues told them of Shamy's paper. Sheldon is puzzled how they knew that SuperSymmetry would help them with their data problem. They both say they didn't even understand SuperAsymmetry, but it help them with their experiment, and it's made them famous. The two of them looks excited, but Shamy looks stunned. Then Kal Pen's character says "oh hell, I'm going to hug him anyway. So he gets up and hugs Sheldon. While they were doing this scene, Sean Astin screwed up at the same place three or four times. The cameras were off, but the mike picked up his comment that he didn't want to disappoint anyone here. Jim jumped in and said don't worry about it, he disappointed them earlier in the evening (referring to his problems in the first scene). Scene 6 Pre taped. Bernadette called Penny into her office, and tried to get her to agree to head the sales team. Penny tried the "were shorthanded" but Bernadette pointed out she called Penny's boss, and found out that Penny section wasn't short. Bernadette continued pressing Penny, until Penny tells Bernadette she doesn't feel comfortable about taking it. She's didn't graduate from college and all the people who would be working for her have degrees, that she doesn't really know how to handle people, etc. Bernadette talks about how she should know how to handle people, just by watching Bernadette. Penny's not sure, and just then a guy comes in, says "Dr Rostenkowski" and Bernadette goes off on him and he quickly leaves. Penny looks at Bernadette and she shrugs and says, "I love that guy." scene 7 The two scientists are eating in the Athenaeum. Sheldon walks in and they start talking about the Nobel paperwork. The two point out that there can be only three names on the nomination forms. Sheldon leans toward Astin and says, "Are they leaving him (indicating Pen) off the nomination?" Pen says, "No, they are not leaving me off." At that, Sheldon leans toward Pen and says, "Are they leaving him (indicating Astin) off the nomination." "No" says Pen. Astin says, that Fermilab is going to nominate Pen, Astin and Sheldon, because Physicists should be nominated for the Physics prize. They also pointed out that a different set of name on the nomination from Caltech, would be counter productive, as then there would be fighting over which names. So they hoped Sheldon would see it their way. Then they said something to the effect that wasn't Sheldon the type of person who would do anything to get a Nobel?" And Sheldon shouts as he's leaving, "I hope not." To be continued....
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    Scene 8 Howard, Bernie and Raj are all sitting at the table in the Wolowitz's kitchen. They are talking about Penny working for Bernadette, and Howard points out that pushing her isn't going well. Then there are several conversations about how good Bernadette is in getting people to do what she wants. Raj is trying to figure out what to do about the Anu situation, and Bernadette manipulates him rather easily (Howard looks surprised (sorry I can't remember the exact situation). Bernadette says she changed Howard to the point where ehe wanted to be an astronaut and Raj points out that Howard wanted to be a astronaut when he was young and Bernadette says, yep, that's how good I am. scene 9 The guys are in the cafeteria, Sheldon looking at this iPad, and Raj starts talking about Star Trek Discovery, and Leonard says he's a couple of episodes behind, so Raj stops. Then Leonard asks about the latest Walking Dead, and Howard and Raj both claim to be 2-3 episodes behind, so Leonard shuts up. Then Howard mentions something (I didn't catch it) and again a couple are behind in watching, so Howard shuts up. Then Sheldon shows Leonard the iPad and explains how the other two scientists are going around on a press tour, and how they want to drop Amy off of the Nobel nomination. Raj says something about it being Sheldon and Amy's theory, no one who makes a wrong discovery would become famous. Howard says, you mean like that guy that was trying to get to India and found a new continent, what was they guys name? Raj gives Howard a dirty look dand asks it's, they can't do that, can they? Leonard points out that the Nobel committee tends to like experimentalists better than theoreticians. Sheldon says something like 'are you trying to scare me, like that campfire story about the guy with a hook for a hand?" Kunal screwed up the first word of the scene and they stopped. They restarted, but Johnny said his first work, while Kunal hadn't finished his line. A while later, Jim messed up again, and the quickly corrected it. scene 10. Amy and Sheldon are eating, and Sheldon is tut-tutting for a while and Amy asks what's wrong. Sheldon asks how Amy knows there's something wrong. She says, he's barely touched his dinner and he sounds like a bomb waiting to go off. He then explains what Fermilab is going to do, and what they want Caltech to do. You can tell Amy's upset, but she says that Sheldon should do what they suggest. He says that she wrote the paper with him, and deserves credit. Amy says, no it's his dream, and all that she wants is for him to be happy. (there was a big Awwwwww here). Sheldon then says she has to stay on the nomination, because without her, he wouldn't have been able to make SuperAsymmetry work. (another big awwwwwww, here.). They hug. For the second take, they asked the audience not to say awwwwwww during the scene. They reran it, we stayed quiet and they went on. To be continued...
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    Oh, yeah. the sperm episode. At the end, Penny comes back into the apartment. She had talked to Amy and Bernadette and realized that Leonard may want to supply his sperm, because, as Amy says, he's a mammal and wired that way. Penny comes back and finds Leonard thinking about it. She goes into the bathroom and gets the cap of a mouthwash bottle. She says to him, "I'm giving you a sample cup." Leonard says "That's just the top off the mouthwash." Penny says, "I'm making a gesture, are you going to give me problems over it. Leonard says, are you sure you're OK with this?" Penny doesn't say yes or no, just (paraphrased) "You weren't included in the decision I made about not wanting children, so I'm in no position to be included in the decision on whether or not you are going to be a donorI. It goes to black at that point, so it's left unresolved, and we know they actors for Zack and Marisa will be back. They'll resolve it, but just not tonight. It was a bit of a bash Leonard type of episode, with everyone pointing out Leonard's faults, as reasons for wondering why Zack would want Leonard as the donor. Only Zack (and Penny once) pointing out his good qualities. (smart, kind, a really good guy). I have to admit there was a really funny line. Zack points out Leonard doesn't get to have sex with his wife. Penny says, "we should stop there." and then Zack says, "just because I slept with your wife, doesn't mean you get to sleep with mine." and Penny says "and yet you went ahead and said it." Zack's wife is not the smartest thing, but looks like she's a bit ahead of Zack. Yes, I put Pre taped in all the scenes that were pre taped. Yep. If you can remember, you can type it up.
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    Out, give me 30-45 minutes to get something to eat and get back to the room.
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    That white beard is me, just to the right of Mark’s right arm.
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    @Tensor, I'm sure you had a fun time. Thank you for describing your experience report comprehensibly with all these interesting details. Unbelievable, I really appreciate that! Cheers to Mr and Mrs Tensor with a well-deserved nightcap.
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    Robin and Ted together was an upbeat ending. If TBBT has Penny not pregnant it will be a slug in the guts.
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    Well JMO its going to come down to what's more important the Nobel Prize or Amy?
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    Was it a joke or was it a subtle hint to link the previous episode with the next. The meaning being that Penny’s problem with kids is not she doesn’t want them but she is afraid to have them because she is convinced she will be a horrible mom.
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    @Tensor your phenomenal memory never ceases to amaze me. Thank you so so much!!! The episode sounds nice and funny But is it true that only three people can be nominated for a Nobel? And the stairs scenes has me very confused. One possible interpretation is the writers are revealing their cards, hinting Penny is nervous about having kids but it's not that she doesn't want them, and will confess when another woman is about to be having Leonard's biological child. On the other hand... when another woman having Leonard's biological child became a possibility she ended up allowing this to happen if Leonard wanted that, and repeated the decision she had made not to have children, so...maybe this is different and she really doesn't want to have kids? I also did not like at all the joke about manipulating Penny to get pregnant. It is wayyyyyy over the line IMO, even somewhat sinister. And now if they do the same trick to have Penny decide to have children there may be this "bitter taste" to it - did she really want it or was she manipulated into wanting it? Not a good look. I hope they edit this line out.
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    Thanks @Tensor great report. It would be nice if they followed this up with Penny doing a fantastic job running her sales team and gets promoted to something like district manager, where she doesn’t have to go sell personally to doctors anymore, so she loves her job again. Penny doing extremely well at work and now liking her job would be a good thing when the show ends, it would be also funny if she makes more money than Bernadette.
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    I took it as a joke too. This episode itself was showing Penny changing her mind. I don’t buy that she’s okay with Leonard donating his sperm. She didn’t answer his question about that. To me it didn’t cement no kids. If it was cemented, like in the 3rd episode, there would be no point for this storyline. JMO but Zack and Marissa’s next appearance(s) will be the key to what happens in this storyline.
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    I don’t think the storyline was about Bernadette’s success. I also don’t think it’s about Penny’s career. More about Penny’s fears.
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    ...and the smart and beautiful babies would jump around Sheldon. 😏
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    I guess you could call that the "Big Bang" ending. I'd prefer something more cyclic. One that I think I suggested before would be the revelation that the whole series has been the screenplay Penny said she was writing in 101. Another would be that Sheldon realises marrying Amy was a terrible mistake and wants to move back to 4A. Then L & P could subject him to interview and tests like a sort of mirror image of those S gave L when L first arrived at 4A. Including what S has learned about popular culture from P. The last scene could be a domestic evening at 4a with the 3 of them and S saying it's just like the good old days. P's facial expressions in response could be the final image.
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    I like that a lot 😂 could that be a hint that Penny nervous about having kids, but deep down inside actually wants to have them? Tensor, thank you so much for the TR!!
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    Skull, there was someone from New Zealand there tonight. He sung a song in Maori.
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    From cbspressexpress.com Sneak Peeks for episode 12.12 "The Propagation Proposition" (geo-blocked) https://cbspressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/shows/the-big-bang-theory/video?watch=8gix3eyq8b&show=the-big-bang-theory# https://cbspressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/shows/the-big-bang-theory/video?watch=8fst7sqh2y&show=the-big-bang-theory#
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    I’m just hoping it will be an upbeat ending and not a How I Met your mother type ending where one feels as though they’ve been slugged in the guts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ....of course, Sheldon will at last make a selfless choice and the world will say "what a wonderful person". And of course, the CalTech version of the nomination will be accepted and Sheldon and Amy will be awarded for their work.....(or as Penny said "What? Is this my first day?")
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    Not nominated but it's true that only three individuals for each prize ( chemistry, literature, physics, and physiology or medicine) can recieve a Nobel Prize.
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    It's not over the line. Bernadette says it to herself, patting herself on the back for changing Penny's mind about the job. That's like my mother telling me I'd argue with Jesus whenever I'd argue a point about something when I was a kid. She didn't say that that's her goal now, to change Penny's mind.
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    I'm sorry, the stairs scene was shot there. I erroneously put pre taped on it. I've made the changes. I have some plans for the day (going to see The Queen Mary, and then meet up with Legacy ). I have some other stuff I'll put up then.
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    I know it is a joke, I just think it is over the line...
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    It seems to me Leonard saying are you okay with this suggests he is going to say yes to Zack and Marissa. It doesn’t appear at this point Penny’s changed her mind about kids. Lenny are in no position to have input in each other positions. As to Bernadette’s line I could get her pregnant to me that meant Penny really doesn’t know exactly what she wants. Bernadette knew she had doubts about leading the team, it didn’t mean she wasn’t capable of doing it. Bernadette’s pregnancy line suggests Penny’s no kids line isn’t final
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    I think it's just a joke about pregnancy and no way anyone would manipulate Penny to have kids (and I liked that joke somehow) As for the all that sperm donor plot, I have the same doubts - it seems to me that they cemented Penny's decision about NOT having children there, so it's gonna be really hard to turn it other way round... (but I hope they will!)
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    Leonard says, "Don't CHANGE a bit @Kaseybut have a very Happy Birthday!
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    @Kasey All my best wishes to you! 🎂🥂
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    Amazing reporting sir! Cheers and salutations!!!
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    Glad they made Penny point that out.
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    I applaud him for it. he is my new hero. From my pint of view TBBT has been on life support for the 4-5 years and Jim's exit is allowing the series to finish with a smidge of dignity. Not very much, mind you but a little at least.
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    I would take Penny getting pregnant instead of Leonard getting Physics chair and Penny getting PR job. JMO the show is more about their relationship than their jobs.
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    (I know this really should be for the Young Sheldon thread, but I can't get there from here, so I'm saying it parenthetically.....I am so pumped that Althea will be on YS this week. I love that whenever there is a need for a nurse or other hospital worker in TBBT-land, it is always Althea, played by Vernee Watson!!!!!)
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    My opinion of a sitcom is it is good if it entertains me, I might gripe about TBBT but it still entertains me and I think most casual viewers watch it for the same reason. So ending a sitcom because the artistic value is not there anymore is ludicrous to my way of thinking because it is about the entertainment, that is what makes the ratings. Can you imagine how short of runs TV shows would have if they were cancelled when their artistic value dropped, we be lucky if any show reached enough episodes to make syndication. Most of the crap on TV and cable has no artistic value in my opinion and that goes for some of the movies that have come out lately, too. That was sort of quick, wasn’t it?
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