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    The show is basically down to three storylines to cover 10 episodes. Obviously some one plot one episode stories mixed in. Here’s my theories: Sheldon/Shamy: obviously next weeks episiode about the Nobel nomination which includes the suggestion of no Amy. There is two ways in my mind how this goes. Either Siebert gets her put on there or not. If he does the story is really done and they wait to see if they win. If he doesn’t it seems Sheldon has a decision. He takes his name off the nomination or he doesn’t. My sense he does. I’m not sure you will know if they would of won the Nobel Prize or not. Turn to YS to find out? Lenny: it seems to me there going out of the way to have Zack asking Leonard to donate sperm just for the heck of it. JMO but I’m thinking Marissa is going to be a dark haired version of Penny. Also Marissa is coming back in a later episode. I’m guessing something is going to be said that changes Penny’s mind. Just like the Shamy storyline I think this is going down to the final episode. Raj: I think that is going to come down to him and Anu getting married in the final or next to final episode. The details themselves I don’t really care. Stuart and Denise is some how going to be part of this
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    As I said in the DT, I think there are two options regarding the working for Bernadette plot: 1. As opposed to her stopping Bernadette from hiring someone else, she did not stop Leonard from having someone else be the mother of his biological child, meaning she really doesn't want to have kids. 2. They are trying to hint that, just like in the case of the job, Penny said that she didn't want kids but in fact it's not that she really doesn't want them and she made the decision not to have them because she is nervous about it, afraid of the change in the life she has now, which she sees as good. This is among the writers' best options out of the corner they've written themselves into in 12×03 if they do decide to end with Lenny having kids or at least undecided about that (as opposed to most probably not having kids as is their state for now). Instead of going "oops, she changed her mind again" which is a worse representation of people who don't want kids* and can be countered by "well, who say she won't change her mind again?", they'd be saying she didn't really not want kids. I'm saying "among" the best options because IMO if they go with simply "nervous", and not some more serious fear/insecurities/self-doubt, then why didn't she just tell Leonard? Anyway, if this is the case they may have her stop Leonard when he's about to get the "stuff" out or about to hand it to Marissa (if they feel more whacky they may have Penny hand Marissa something else, like a gel or something, instead of Leonard's sperm, and if they're extra-extra-whacky they could do the whacky thing I jokingly suggested, which is have Penny give Marissa something else and take the sperm for herself XD and then Penny will get pregnant and Zack will accuse her of stealing the baby XD XD Again I'm just joking!). *This option is ideal as a representation of people who don't want kids either, because it's a little like saying they're just nervous or scared of it, which is kind of supported with Bernadette's case. That's why I keep saying they wrote themselves into a corner with 12×03.
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    I don’t think Penny’s pregnancy would affect Sheldon’s life that much. The writers still have an opportunity to create a decent pregnancy plot for Lenny that won’t steal Sheldon/Shamy thunder. Though I highly doubt they care about Lenny that much now to give them their well deserved happiness 💔
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    Does it means you should feel obligated not to have kids, if you spouse doesn't want them, and doesn't tell you that before marriage? But it's OK to want kids, and not be told your spouse doesn't want them before getting married? And not telling your spouse you don't want kids before marriage doesn't lead to resentment? Do you mean her "Sure Someday" guns? Or the guns where she said: Leonard " We've been married two years should we think about what's next.. like buying a house or having a baby?". Penny "Look I want to do all those things someday". So you feel Penny had no obligation, to tell Leonard when he talked about it, "no, I don't want kids." ? He also wanted kids, but it doesn't look like he is going to get that.
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    Can't wait to see Kaley in "The Flight Attendant"
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    I'd love that, but I don't think they'll do that, unless they use a doll or just a baby sound with the baby being off screen. Another possibility I would love but don't think will happen is showing their kids in the far future as young adults, just a small peek at the future generation.
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    Agree! But I’d love to see a time jump with little Hofstadters 🐥 Daaaamn, I didn’t even think of the the first option, now it sounds to me even more logical than the second one 😅
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    In my opinion, Penny's snarkiness has been off and on. Especially the last 2 to 3 seasons. I never know which Penny will show up! The loving her husband Penny and the snarky to her husband Penny have been quite evident the last few seasons!
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    Then there is no point to this Lenny plot. I don't buy the theory there isn't enough time. The Shamy plot is basically wrapped up
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    Marriage is a partnership, but I don't think that means feeling obligated to have kids just because your spouse really wants to. Of course you should have serious discussions about the subject, but it would be horrible to be forced into having kids when you really don't want them. That can lead to resentment which is not good for a relationship or the kid. I hope Penny sticks to her guns. She has never seemed overjoyed at the prospect of having kids. Luke warm at best. From what I can tell they have never really had a serious sit down talk. Mostly Leonard talking about it. Penny just saying "sure, someday" I didn't notice any smiles or a look of joy at the thought of having babies. Mostly I saw indifference to the idea.
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    Totally agree. Though, Sheldon thinks everything effects him.
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    I was thinking about the whole kids thing and I think there is a good chance Lenny won’t have kids. The reason I say that is in previous seasons the writers probably had Penny agreeable to having children because they could use it in a future plot since they were working on a show that had no end in sight. However, now that they have an ending date and they need to make Sheldon’s life wonderful at the end, they don’t have the time to do a plot, that would extend over the remaining episodes, of Penny being pregnant. It boils down to basically, they have to tell their Sheldon story so Lenny fans have to suffer because, there is no more time for that couple that involves a pregnancy story for Penny. Also, I don’t remember if this has been said before, does Penny seem a little more like Katie after season 6? It just seems that Penny was much more loving towards Leonard in the first half of the show, then she got more more snarky the second half, like Katie was acting in the pilot.
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    I like the art of acting! There is no business like show business. But there are still enough people getting fooled by those writers. 😉
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    I think it's more like trying to even out the unfairness... She out of the blue just told him he won't have kids even though this possibility never came up before and he may be forever uncomfortable/sad/frustrated/upset with them not having kids, so she's willing for him to have a biological child even though she may be uncomfortable with it. I personally do not see how people get "lukewarm" from that, especially combining it with the intonation. Again, I would put money that Kaley would say she was acting "on board" (if asked in a way that does not prompt an insincere answer for the sake of the writers and the show).
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    So DARE you say "Fake News" or "Alternative Facts"? 😉
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    (2 pictures) The same picture in color
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    Great new game! Where's Tensor! Found him!
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    That white beard is me, just to the right of Mark’s right arm.
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    Happy birthday @Kasey , hope you're having a great day.
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