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    nope, just some piece of meteorite, didn't say anything more about it. OK, here what I can remember .... 😀 The Meteorite Manifestation Bret wants to examine piece of rock from the sky and needs help from Raj and Leonard gets jealous because they do not want to use his laser to cut it. Bernadette and Howards new neighbor builds an illegal balcony with perfect view of their hot tub and installs strong floodlight with a movement sensor underneath …. Here come the spoilers 🙂
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    Episode is named "The Meteorite Manifestation" .... taping was real fun. IMHO much more professional than Two and a Half Men for an example. Kutcher and Cryer were forcing the Jokes, especially Kutcher, TBBT cast is doing it extremely professional and still having fun I'll post all sorts of spoilers bit later, wanna eat something first 😀
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    I don't believe that Bill is directly involved with the production of the show on a daily basis anymore. He is one of the creators and probably gives input on story lines. But I don't think he is involved 24-7.
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    From TBBT's official YouTube channel
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    And wouldn't it be nice if Amy then moves a box to reveal Penny's pregnant belly? But the thing is, for this to be a happy ending they have to make a strong case that Penny does want children, and one or two episodes won't cut it in my mind, although it may be more than enough in the writers' minds. Then again they may not want to make this case at all and leave it with Leonard donating and them not having children, not realizing how much this brings Leonard fans down. I'm totally with you on the view that women should not be portrayed as if the only thing that will make them happy/complete is having children, and that not everyone has to want and have kids, but as I've said before, I think 12X03 was a huge mistake and there was no need to suddenyl make Penny not want kids because it wasn't like that before and it makes this "feel-good" show upset many of its fans. There was just no need for that, at all. If they really really wanted to correct what they with Bernadette, having her change her mind like nothing even though she seemed to have a solid opinion, they could've had another character take that stand, like Denise or whoever... This way we wouldn't have a character many of us like have its heart broken.
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    I so agree, less than a dozen episodes left and they are writing a meaningless one like ‘‘tis tells me that they have already checked out. I can’t believe they left off the Lenny donation plot like they did, it just goes to show what smokin in the writers room over 11 years can do to ones mind. Anyway, thanks @kenan for the taping report, that was very nice of you to take the time and let us know about this episode.
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    If this was the case (and I know you're not saying it was for sure, this is just hypothetical) then it will be sacrificing a lot for the sake of "symmetry" and nodding to the pilot, which is somewhat similar to HIMYM's case. I would like to think writers would not want to end HIMYM style but who knows... To be honest I don't think these writers care much about how Lenny, and especially Leonard, fans feel and just care about fulfilling all of Sheldon's dreams. This could be true, but there are so many other things they could've done to postpone it, without writing themselves into a corner and making many fans upset.
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    They can have 4 consecutive episode (or 3 consecutive and one after one episode break, I don't remember exactly) about Super Asymmetry and mention the Nobel nomination in this one, but they can't take a second to have it mentioned or clearly implied that Leonard said yes or is still thinking about it (or said no but I doubt it, we would've seen that in the end of the episode itself). Unbelievable. Or believable by the low standards set by the writers as far as Lenny stories go.
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    Thank you very very much @kenan!!! You're awesome!!! It sounds like a light fun episode. I do think though that it is ridiculous that 2 episodes later we still don't know Leonard's answer to Zack and Marissa for sure. With this giant mess they've made I don't think it is wise to wait until to very last episodes.
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    Lenny doing the dishes in episode 12.13 Source
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    So I've been giving some thought to the Lenny baby situation. My feelings are conflicted because I 100% believe it's okay that Penny doesn't want children, and I don't think she should be punished for that. I get a little tired of TV portraying that women can only be "complete" if they have children. However, I also feel it's not fair to Leonard, who has always wanted children. So again, conflicted. But I had a new thought triggered by the above post about the series ending full circle. I began to picture the 2 men walking up the stairs to stand outside of (what was) Penny's apartment. She's standing there surrounded by boxes just as she was in episode one (this time because she's helping Amy pack as Shamy are moving). It made me remember Leonard's line from the first ep, "Our children will be smart and beautiful." And I like the symmetry of that. So I'm back to conflicted. I want it to be okay that Penny doesn't want to have children. But the romantic (and symmetry-lover) in me would like Lenny to produce "smart and beautiful" children, just as I know that Shamy will produce smart and adorably awkward children.
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    "Adorable" is entirely in the eye of the beholder. I see what I see and I believe their children will be smart and adorably awkward. And of course, there's absolutely no reason to believe that Lenny's children will be both smart and beautiful simply because Leonard is smart and Penny is beautiful either, but I still choose to believe it.
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    Just a little story: After TPTB had told enough children's stories in the last two seasons, also Kaley had more than once expressed in public her displeasure for more babies on stage, and at the beginning of season 12 the extension of the contracts was still pending, the writers gave birth to "The Procreation Calculation". After deciding to end the series, they probably got into big trouble explaining their story and dropped that bullshit called "The Propagation Proposition" on the struggeling community. Just a thought...
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    Thanks, @kenan, for the taping report! We all appreciate the spoilers!
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    @kenan Thanks a ton. Sounds like a fun one. Happy to hear you had a great time!
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    Thanks, take your time eating, I know the pizza isn't very filling, or any kind of good for that matter. 😋
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    got there 3:00, no issues (ok, weather was awful) , and yes, it was huge fun!!! surprisingly, only about 80 general admission ticket holders showed up (arrivals 16:30 and even later no problem). approximately same number of standbys. some of them got in, no clue how many, not too many! first three rows reserved for and well filled by VIPs. taping was over by 9PM one girl told us about disastrous thanksgiving taping where many ticket holders had to stay outside and obviously the number of general admission tickets was reduced afterwards. VIP were also allowed to the set after the taping to take pictures etc ...
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    Shouldn't he be working? Doesn't he have more important things to be doing at the moment instead of worrying about what Trump is saying or doing? Good Evening Everyone, Very quiet on here today.
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    From TV Line <<<(video in the link) Big Bang Theory Video: Kal Penn and Sean Astin Geek Out Over Sheldon and Amy (and... John Stamos?) In this week’s Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Amy find themselves back in the room where it their wedding happened, courtesy of special guest stars Kal Pennand Sean Astin. As previously reported, the Designated Survivor and Stranger Things actors play a team of physicists who accidentally confirm the newlyweds’ super-asymmetry theory. Thursday’s episode centers on the quartet’s first face-to-face meeting and, as you can see in the exclusive sneak peek above, it’s a veritable love-fest. The only thing Astin’s Dr. Pemberton and Penn’s Dr. Campbell are more excited about than breaking bread with Sheldon and Amy is the imminent prospect of breathing the same air as John Stamos (it’ll make more sense when you watch the clip). However, the above preview does not give any hint of the crisis about to unfold: While Pemberton and Campbell strongly believe the breakthrough is Nobel-worthy, they balk at including Amy’s name in the nomination submission.
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    Whatever they do, leaving it to the very end will IMO not be enough, no matter how much it ties to the first episode. IMO, many episodes are needed to "fix" what they did, and they only have 10. Some say when they wrote 12×03 they may have thought they had another season, which may be true, but then there were 9 episodes with nothing about this, then they dropped the donation bomb and then wasted another 2 episodes with nothing about the no kids decision or the sperm donation.
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    I never meant to blame Holland more than Molaro - I don't know enough to apportion the blame between them - just Holland was quoted and Molaro wasn't. The rot set in alongside great Lenny stories still happening. 808 The Prom Equivalence has some of the best Lenny scenes, but it's also where the Shamy nonsense that would eventually crowd out Lenny began, when Sheldon said "I love you too". Molaro and Holland are both listed as writers on that ep. I hated most of season 11 because it was all about Shamy and their damn wedding, with occasional scraps of Lenny. I was in a way grateful for 1203 because it at least put Penny and Penny's feelings in the centre. If there'd been a follow up where Leonard tried to get closer and draw out why Penny felt like that I'd have been delighted.
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    And Penny's announces she's pregnant after Leonard and Sheldon walk up the stairs. And Leonard says our babies will be smart and beautiful. And Sheldon's says and real and they fade to black
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    But, it has been a long time since we heard Leonard was going to get a new laser. 😊
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    When I went 2 years ago she looked even better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Soooo very true. The writers have a tendency to procrastinate a bit. This season there's not a lot of time to procrastinate!
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    OOH. I wonder if it's feedback from Penny's discovery of a comet last season ? Or something Bert found ? Will have fun speculating over breakfast while I wait.
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    CBS is showing TBBT and YS this evening. They use the shows to shore up viewership on other evenings.
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    I guess that's one way to get out of doing the dishes!
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    University of California, Los Angeles. Their mascot it a Bruin (Bear). ETA: vonmar beat me to it. 🙂
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    Kal Penn and Mayim both went to UCLA....their teams are the Bruins.
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    The second season of Young Sheldon will return to the U.K.'s E4 later this month: https://young-sheldon.com/news/young-sheldons-second-season-returns-to-uk/
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    I don't know about that. Looking at Sheldon's siblings and Amy's parents, I can definitely see the young Coopers having average intelligence. Sheldon was a rare genius in a family of non geniuses! Lightening hardly ever strikes twice in the same family!
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    Not airing new episodes on those two dates was a given. The NCAA Basketball tournament begins on the 19th and there are 32 teams playing on the 21st. There will be 16 teams playing on the 28th. To get all the games on TV, CBS also uses TNT, TBS, and, of all things, Tru-TV.
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    It looks like the 24th is a repeat. The first time Raj/Anu episode 12.8
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    Thanks so much for the report @kenan ! Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself and saw a fun episode! Thanks again!!!
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    With all that's happened in TBBTland are they really such a short way into the year.
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    Sounds fun ! What's a hot-roll ? I wonder if the new neighbour will move now, and one of our other couples will buy the house ? Thanks so much for the report.
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    First scene. (not the cold open) Oh yeah, one other thing I forgot to enter. Here was the layout of the sets: Cafeteria Shamy Stairway Lenny Athenaeum Bernie's office camera Bay >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Siebert's Audience>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Conference room. Office They used every set, Bernie's office and the Conference room were pre-shoots. If you look back over the TR, you'll be able to see where they were when they were shooting scenes (or watch the show on Thursday). After the short second scene in Lenny's apartment several of the crew were taking the microphones off of the booms.
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    From Grok Nation Mayim shares behind-the-scenes photos from the Critics’ Choice Awards The Critics Choice Awards were last night, and although I was not nominated (I have won twice—once three years ago and once last year!), Jim Parsons was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Series and the entire cast of The Big Bang Theory presented our boss, Chuck Lorre, with the Critics’ Choice Creative Achievement Award. Many, many amazing things happened last night! Even if you did watch the award show, here are a few behind-the-scene things you may have missed… <full article in the link>
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    Yes to the storybook. There is definitely chemistry between them.
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    Even when I don't enjoy the episodes, I certainly do enjoy the storybook. It is wonderful.
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    Hi, Richard. Welcome to the forum. 🙂 You can purchase a shirt here.
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    Melissa posted this older video on December 21st in honor of the first day of winter:
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    I should be able to put up the rest of season 11 this week and next, then start on Season 12.
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    Oh really Leonard is no one to Zack?. Let's see, shall we? Ep 4x11 Zack: Okay babe you're kind of embarrassing me in front of my friends. Ep 10x 22 Zack: Hey, how's Leonard? Is he still smart?. Penny: Yes, yes he's working for the government on an infinite persistence gyroscope. Of course, the first time I say it right, he's not even here. Zack: I love that little guy. Hmm seems to me that Leonard IS someone to Zack.
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