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    IMO S6 and S9 Valentines ended up being good. "The Tangible Affection Proof" is one of my very favorite episodes because of their conversation after dinner. If you think it through, it was practically a pre-engagement, Penny agreed to propose when she feels the time is right.
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    It’s kinda sweet, yeah... and if this kid storyline was mutual and done in a more positive way, then I’d probably agree. But right now things for Lenny don’t seem as good as for the other couples 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    The reason I wouldn't like them to win a Nobel is not that I don't want them to have a win. If it were a lesser prize I would be all for it. Winning a Nobel and all happening so fast just feels too unrealistic to me, it is fairytale-y to me in a way that I do not enjoy. Having kids with a spouse is much more realistic...
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    Another example. Episode 6.15, 11.20 and 12.04.
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    While we're on it, here's an example of a T-shirt Penny wore at least two times. Episode 11.12 and episode 11.22. And it costs "only" $79.
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    Yep, and that’s gonna be one of the worst plots in tv history... What bothers me most in this Lenny kids issue - other couples have everything. Shamy will probably end up with Nobel and at least twins, Howardette got their dream jobs and two kids, and then there is Lenny...
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    Definitely. When I watch my favorite shows (TBBT is sadly no longer one of them) I look forward to enjoy what they bring, trusting the writers and enjoying the ride. With TBBT I'm just waiting to see how they're gonna screw things even more than they already have. At least that's some kind of expectationa they do meet..? It's such a shame. To think I was hopeful when the season started...
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    Yes. They did refer to this, which was a positive surprise, but it's too unrealistic and fairytaley for me. I wouldn't like any other character to suddenly win a Nobel either, or in Penny's case a sudden critical acclaim for the crappy movies she did.
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    Yeah. They want to, but they can't. Please don't ask us why. 😉
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    I'll be there tomorrow as well! Plan on getting there early afternoon. I have a "guaranteed" ticket, but will still get there early to make sure. Good luck stand-by people!
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    Come on. This whole series needs a time machine, right now!
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    When he met Penny he wanted to have kids with her. He never wanted to have kids by any old mother, only Penny.
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    Well, I would have thought the Campus Rape Joke (Amy's experience recounted in S7 I think) was setting the bar pretty high for offensiveness.
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    That would have been the smarter move! But no, they went and painted themselves in a corner. They're probably running round like chickens with their heads cut off trying to fix it!
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    I was often that cheap date on Ladies day with my now very long time husband.
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    From Entertainment Tonight 'The Conners' Finale: Are Darlene and David Getting Back Together? Darlene is finally happy -- which means it was just about time for David to come back into her life. On The Conners season finale, Darlene (Sara Gilbert) excitedly begins to tell her family that Ben has asked her and her kids to move to Chicago with him. She does feel a little guilty, seeing as she promised to stay and help Becky (Lecy Goranson) raise her baby, but her pregnant sister is fully supportive of the move, as is her dad, Dan (John Goodman), who's pretty thrilled about the idea of having some peace and quiet -- before Becky inevitably becomes the next Conner child to move back in. Darlene's kids, Harris (Emma Kenny) and Mark (Ames McNamara) are just as stoked about the idea of getting out of Lanford, where Harris especially feels she's been tortured in suburban hell for the past couple of years, so the move seems like a no brainer for Darlene, who is finally happy and in what seems like a solid relationship with Ben, a small miracle after divorcing her childhood sweetheart, David (Johnny Galecki). Naturally, this is about the time David comes knocking on the door of the Conner home. He reveals to Darlene that he's finally broken up with his girlfriend, Blue, because she wanted kids and "the whole package" -- a fun fact she revealed to Darlene at Becky's baby shower in the last episode -- which David just couldn't give her. His family, after all, had always been with Darlene. It's a completely unfair move on his part, especially when he tells Darlene to say no to Ben's Chicago request, which included one hell of a guilt trip from David: "Are you really going to bail on me to move in with some stranger?" Darlene makes sure to let him know how crappy that is, especially since that's exactly what he did to her with Blue, but she's obviously thrown by the confrontation -- which would happen to anyone who's grappling with a major relationship move just as an ex decides to re-declare their love for you. <full article in the link>
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    Yes and then the cast has a one week hiatus.
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    I’m still hopeful! And I really hope tonight’s taping won’t change that 😁 (but if Leonard says yes to Zack ughhhh 😭)
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    I know its sad. I mean, Sheldon may got a lot of story lines but I'm not too excited when they're not good. In some they tend to make him whiny or drill home once again that he can be a real jerk. I guess they have painted the character into a corner and now they're stuck. So, to see him progress a bit, for me, makes the story better. I love the show and all the characters but Jim made the right decision in deciding to stop playing Sheldon and Chuck Lorre was right to say it's over.
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    That does not sound the same as life long dream. How serious can one take it when he also wanted a batmobile?
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    You'd think that. But, I have my doubts with this staff of writers!
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    I get it's not his fault. But are you suggesting the Nobel Prize is more important than Amy?
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    I don't know if they'll do that but I can see them not getting one. Even if they get nominated that doesn't mean they will win.
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    Tomorrow is the big day for us. We cross our fingers for the stand by ticket. Hope to see some of you there
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    I think we all were hopeful! The season started with such high expectations which turned into, for me, disappointments. There were some nice parts and some giggles, but they were too few and too far in between!
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    I'm tired. Just tired of... …this must be my dream now.
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    Perhaps TPTB thinks it's enough that Leonard and Penny have each other.
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    I won't be surprised if he says/said yes. Maybe he will do it, maybe he won't, but I think an initial yes is definitely possible.
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    You may have a point. When Craig Fergusen told him he should become the star of the show he told him, 'No! That'd be horrible!' (something along those lines.) I'm sure there are many reasons he wants to leave. I believe he's in it for the acting, not the money at this point. I personally didn't like many stories in season 11. The writers seem to be re using the same jokes.
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    Hope you get in with a good seat and have a wonderful time ! Fingers crossed for you ! Good luck !
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    Well in 12.3 Leonard said that he always wanted to have kids, a Nobel and a Batmobile. Sometimes people don’t blabber about their life long dreams, fearing something could go wrong and it just won’t happen
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    Personally I love the Shamy story. I love watching the growth Sheldon has accomplished. He really does care for Amy which five years ago you wouldn't think possible. I feel kind of sorry for the Lenny story. It's tough in a marriage when both want different things and both are valid in their reasoning. It actually happened in my marriage We were all set to try and have kids then my husband decided he didn't want to. I was heartbroken. Penny could change her mind but you'd wonder if her heart was really in it.
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    Why are some people against everyone winning. I do not see the fairness in expecting Leonard to have his life long dream of having kids but Sheldon should not get his lifelong dream of getting the Nobel? Perhaps Leonard could be happy that he married his dream girl but no kids. I would find that interesting. But better yet, why not let everyone win...including Sheldon as well as Leonard, Raj, Howard and Penny.
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    Unlike many here, I like ALL the characters. I didn’t start watching from the beginning - the first episode I saw was Recombination. which drew me in through Lenny mainly because they were the focus of the episode but I found the others instantly relatable as well. I quickly binged watched the first 5 seasons ( really quickly!) and grew to love the original 5, flaws and all, enjoying their relationships and the good and bad interactions they had. I can easily suspend disbelief in search of escapist humour so didn’t overanalyse Sheldon’s mistreatment of others, Howard’s creepiness, etc. I just grew to love the show through everyone in it. It’s why I want Season 12 to end positively for everyone, not just my favourites. I won’t begrudge Shamy and the Nobel. I want Raj to be happy. And if Lenny don’t get the idealised ending Lennies want I will still cheer for the happy endings for the others. And if Lenny end up with A happy ending, even if it’s not the one I want for them, I’ll be content. It’s only if they don’t, that I’ll be upset........but I’ll still be hoping for the others. That’s me. I know not everyone’s not thinking that way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk No, but I don’t think it’s a one man effort. Don’t think 12 seasons of a Sheldon soliloquy would’ve happened either. If you listen to Jim, Johnny and Kaley in that interview they just did, it’s clear to them, the people that matter, how much each of them meant to the show’s longevity. I don’t think it needs to be a competition about who’s the most important. They all are. But that won’t stop fans having favourites different to others. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was complete opposite I felt indifference to his character. I found him self righteous, arrogant, and insufferable. Jim was brilliant particularly first 3 seasons. But I never cared much for the character of Sheldon. But that is just my perspective. Penny is the reason I got into the show haha. Not just for Kaleys looks when she was younger. But Penny played this outsider so well. And Kaleys comedic timing was impeccable. Well that does not matter, why would they persist with this storyline beyond one episode. IF Penny was not going to change her mind?
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    They are all terrific friends to each other, despite their exaggerated flaws and occasional ( there have been 268 episodes and 15/12/9 years of relationships to spread it out) bad behaviour. These individual instances of poor treatment of friends are often overblown examples of things that life long friends in real life experience and forgive and forget, with the odd example that may have gone too far e.g. the behind the back girl stuff re Stephanie and Priya and fantasising about friends girls. The humour staple of this show as I think we can all agree is playful ( sometimes hurtful) put downs, jibes and teasing and cutting observations of each others’ lives. We are IMHO way more sensitive about their treatment of each other than they obviously are. Other than a Penny punch to Howard’s face, a ‘Panty piñata’ showdown, an occasional one episode walkout, a swinging handbag, a Carpark fight, a YouTube punch on, a side kick inspired wrestling match, a public spat at a conference panel, a few pranks and name calls and I’m sure a few others I can’t recall, most of their responses to the daily snark are just just dirty looks, eye rolls and shrugs. But amongst all that - and my wife and friends have put up with smartarse comments from me for decades and let it slide - they have done a lot for each other. Lead insulter that he is, Sheldon has financially supported Penny, given her advice she’s appreciated, supported her when Leonard hasn’t been around. He’s saved Raj from deportation and provided company when Raj has needed. He fought for recognition for Howard on the gyroscope project, gave him emotional support when and after his mum died, and set up a fund for Holly. He clearly respects Bernie and was able to give her something the others couldn’t see with that D&D adventure he made for her. Despite putting Leonard down constantly, he has also been a support in many situations and regardless of what we see ON screen, being in constant contact with someone for 15+ years is a real friendship. Main target though she is, Penny has consistently been a support for Sheldon from Season 1, saved Amy from a life of loneliness while also putting up with a lot of crap from her, even when Priya was around, Penny helped out Leonard and gave him lots of support before they got together. She always drops everything she is doing when her friends need her. Leonard, despite his weaknesses, will do anything for everyone. Despite many setbacks, he was always a shoulder to lean on for Penny in the early years and did more than a parent for Sheldon. He’s often seen as the leader of the group. Despite their faults, Amy and Bernie have been great friends to Penny. I don’t think she would have survived season 4 without them. They have also talked up Leonard to her when required ( and yes also put him down ) and Bernie did help Penny grow up by getting her that job. Howard and Raj are harder to pin down other than just being good guys to hang around with that are less hassle than Sheldon but when required they listen and support. Obviously they are great support to each other as well as Bernadette as they have become the secondary friendship group as support to the Lenny/Shamy main act. My point is, we can all find examples of shitty behaviour as friends, but deep down, despite the the edgier Chuck Lorre show humour that makes them appear far from perfect friends, I think they are just as good friends as the 6 from Friends. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Throwback to the paintball episode two weeks ago
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    I enjoyed the Penny plot though Bernadette probably came on a little too strong and irritating in it. I thought the Sheldon plot was sort of boring, the only parts really funny being the Fun-with-Flags in the beginning and the Siebert scenes (I wish they hadn’t waited to bring Siebert back, he is great). I felt Penny’s plot dominated the episode because Sheldon’s plot felt predictable and almost forced to me. However, if this Penny plot isn’t about either Penny doing better in her career, and liking it in the future, or about her being scared to move on with her life, referring back to the baby thing, I don’t know why they did this plot now.
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    Was I the only one who had thought of Penny's long overdue strictly appeal to the writers in this scene? 😉
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    SHELDON CHOOSES BETWEEN FOLLOWING THE RULES AND STAYING LOYAL TO HIS FRIENDS, ON “THE BIG BANG THEORY,” THURSDAY, JAN. 31 “The Meteorite Manifestation” – Sheldon is thrilled to help Bernadette and Wolowitz navigate bureaucratic paperwork, until he discovers they are breaking the law. Also, Leonard is disappointed when his friends exclude him from a scientific project, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Jan. 31 (8:00-8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Andy Daly guest stars as Nathan. Source
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    You could write the same type of negative article on every one of the characters. They all have some major flaws that are easily exposed through cherry picking from 267 episodes. Thats how the writers operate. They take turns making the characters look bad for the sake of their sense of humour, some more than others but they all get a turn. With that much material you can choose instances to prove both negative and positive positions on all of them. Been happening on this forum for years. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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