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    Generally, you win a Nobel in your 60s for work you did in your 30s.
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    IMO S6 and S9 Valentines ended up being good. "The Tangible Affection Proof" is one of my very favorite episodes because of their conversation after dinner. If you think it through, it was practically a pre-engagement, Penny agreed to propose when she feels the time is right.
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    The reason I wouldn't like them to win a Nobel is not that I don't want them to have a win. If it were a lesser prize I would be all for it. Winning a Nobel and all happening so fast just feels too unrealistic to me, it is fairytale-y to me in a way that I do not enjoy. Having kids with a spouse is much more realistic...
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    I don't think Shamy (fka Sheldon) is getting too much attention. The whole storyline with their super sym- or asymmetry bores (me) to death and I can't discover "the humor of nature" in it either. The stories of the other characters are more like the usual stuff. Now, there’s Lenny. At the beginning of the season I had the feeling that their storylines were more detailed than usual and showed the cohesion of both more clearly. And yes, the usual teasing is still part of it! All this could have happily accompanied us to the end if it hadn't... yes, if it hadn't been for this completely absurd train of thought of the writers (which I don't have to describe here anymore). This stupid way into a drama leaves me pretty stunned now. 🙄
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    Yes. They did refer to this, which was a positive surprise, but it's too unrealistic and fairytaley for me. I wouldn't like any other character to suddenly win a Nobel either, or in Penny's case a sudden critical acclaim for the crappy movies she did.
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    Unless they want to address the baby issue again, I don’t think there will be much of a Lenny valentines story, if any at all, because the whole tone of this season to me is about Sheldon and his Nobel.
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    Yeah. They want to, but they can't. Please don't ask us why. 😉
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    I'll be there tomorrow as well! Plan on getting there early afternoon. I have a "guaranteed" ticket, but will still get there early to make sure. Good luck stand-by people!
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    When he met Penny he wanted to have kids with her. He never wanted to have kids by any old mother, only Penny.
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    True. But it's not what the outcome was/is, but how the writers build it in this case (for me).
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    Why not, life long dreams, IMO, don’t necessarily have to be about career or family or other serious stuff, we can dream about anything, as long as our imagination allows us ☺️
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    Lenny can always stand by the kitchen island
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    Honestly, I have to admit that I find Sheldon's development as implausible as Lenny's story I have complained about. (I'm sorry to hear about your personal troubles.)
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  15. 3 points
    Well, I would have thought the Campus Rape Joke (Amy's experience recounted in S7 I think) was setting the bar pretty high for offensiveness.
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    That would have been the smarter move! But no, they went and painted themselves in a corner. They're probably running round like chickens with their heads cut off trying to fix it!
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    Standing behind the kitchen island literally showed a steadfast development for Lenny over the years. They deserve a Nobel for stability. But just seriously, as I was saying, "everything stays different". We're still have to wait. 😉
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    Good luck to the people already in line. I'll be there later - I'll have some extra water and snacks with me - if anyone will want some!
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    You'd think that. But, I have my doubts with this staff of writers!
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    I get it's not his fault. But are you suggesting the Nobel Prize is more important than Amy?
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    I don't know if they'll do that but I can see them not getting one. Even if they get nominated that doesn't mean they will win.
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    That should be the least they can do!
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    Not against everyone winning. Not against Shamy winning if Lenny don’t. As I said earlier, I like everyone and want them to end happy. Was replying to skulls comment about Sheldon not winning Nobel. I would find his reaction to not winning more INTERESTING than winning to see how the writers would craft that story. But not against him getting Nobel, unrealistic though it may be in such a short time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So your saying Sheldon should win a Nobel prize because it's his life long dream, and Leonard should be happy because he at least has Penny even though his life long dream of having kids will be left unfulfilled.
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    Tomorrow is the big day for us. We cross our fingers for the stand by ticket. Hope to see some of you there
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