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    Leonard decides not to donate in 12×15. That seems to be the end of the donation plot. If we're very "lucky" Penny may end up saying she may change her decision about kids some day. I don't allow myself to even bring up something more than that. If they surprise me, great, but they sure might upset me yet again, even with incredibly low expectations.
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    Hmm IDK, it might end up being the worse season for me. Not only does it really upset me in terms of what they did with my favorite characters, but it is also generally boring IMO and barely has any saving grace. The only episodes I can say I really enjoyed are the Halloween one and the paintball one. As much as season 10 upset me there was more that I enjoyed there and it was actually only the second half that upset me. Season 8 upset me in the end, before that it was mostly kinda boring but not as much as season 12 IMO. So 12 is a strong contender for worse TBBT season for me. This is of course all JMO, I'm sure there are others who will disagree.
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    I totally agree. I am disappointed that up until now they haven't used the last season to show that kind of growth for Lenny, and especially Penny. Penny was always masking her feelings, taking distance when things get scary for her, putting on this cool girl front, acting angry when she's vulnerable. Instead of making strides like Sheldon does they actually have her regressing. They still have the chance to write a long awaited deep conversation between Leonard and Penny, one similar to the one in "The Tangible Affection Proof" or the one after the first wedding fiasco, but goes further. I think it would be so great if they do that, but I sure don't expect that.
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    I wholeheartedly agree with what you say. IMO the show has turned to utter shit, and Jim has become my new hero for pulling the plug. I would have hoped that they would have ended the show on S8, because the last time I remember it being good was halfway through S7. Had that been the case they could have ramped up for the finale and wrapped up everything beautifully in 1 1/2 seasons but they chose to go from bad to worse. Ahhhh the allure of money...
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    And episode 16, for all its guest stars, seems like another "filler" in terms of plot. It seems like the writees write mosly what they enjoy, their idols as guest starts, Sheldon achieving all his dreams, and Leonard getting his heart broken and getting stepped on once and again (while Penny is either sidelined or regresses to teen behavior). Maybe they'd forgotten they're not fanfic writers.
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    I really envy Penny (Kaley) for her flat belly and those abs. Maybe I should read the book "Two Weeks To Rock Hard Abs" or try some yoga.
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    He already signed a contract that he'd do S12. What you're suggesting is a serious breach of said contract. And no, you don't wanna end a show like this with bad blood just because you bailed in the middle of a 2-year production deal. Secondly, Jim has said for a long time that he won't do this show forever and joking that nobody wants to see old Sheldon anyway so it was inevitable that at one point he wouldn't sign on for another season. I also think a much bigger factor than Hawkings's passing was that he's steadily build up his own production company and was seeking out his own projects. The summer play he did was probably the final nail in the coffin.
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    The Big Bang Theory Recap: Break Out the Benadryl, Baby Vulture "…the alternate title, “Oh, God, the Final Season Is Half Over, When Will Big Things Start Happening?!”"
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    My babies have grown so much....
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    Exactly how I feel. I keep telling myself there is no hope, but sometimes they trick me still.
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    Well, honestly, we don't know any deeper details about this episode (apart from the promo pictures, LOL). But I share your fear that we won't see a convincing result of Lenny's development until the end of the series. I just hope I'm not gonna screaming like this.
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    We very rarely argue but snark like crazy. Whatever works, simply works. Cheers to all of us that have been in it for the long haul!
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    She made him tea, offered to go get him medicine and offered to sleep on the couch. What else should she have done for her fully grown, extremely intelligent husband with the sniffles?
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    And her arm was across Jim's lap. And Raj's arm was across JIm's shoulder. I'm willing to bet none of it meant a thing. They're just all jammed together on a couch.
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    What surprises me the most is that tptb haven't had sheldon making snide remarks to Leonard about the smart and beautiful babies Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk Your entitled to your opinion but I've been married a few times and we always took care of each other when one of us sick Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Sure have. Still my favourites.
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    They are amazing together on the show and the fact that they are such good friends makes it a hundred times better because you know they truly care for each other.
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    I'd laugh myself silly, and go into work early just to talk about it with some of the fans there.
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    If you are referring to the bus to Las Vegas episode after Sheldon was sick, I don't think he was serious. He thought it was a game as he usually does in his childish way for an end game to get on the bus. Personally, I think it would have been a better episode if they left him there instead of caving in to his whim
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    Sheldon must have taken the common cold to a extreme because Leonard, Howard and Raj all had a plan to hide from him Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    I agree with that assessment. As I've said many times, where's the going out with a bang we were promised?
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    Wait so if this sperm donor plot doesn't get resolved in the upcoming episode , they are going to brush it aside AGAIN for something that sounds like a guest starred filler episode. This is getting out of hand now, as much as I loathe the sperm donor plot it needs to dealt with sooner rather than later, but I have a nasty feeling it'll be right near then end of the season before we see the final outcome of it. Heck they might be dumb enough to use this unwanted story arc as Lenny's last plot of the season and have it only be resolved in the penultimate episode or the finale .
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    That is a very accurate description of the sad state of TBBT!
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    All of the couples snark at each other sometimes. The scene needed a laugh. I'm married 35 years this year, given and received too many snarks to count...lol
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    It only showed that they are close friends and extremely comfortable around and near each other!
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    That is harsh, what happened to the “in sickness and health” that it is still in most wedding vows? Husbands and wives take care of each other a lot, especially when they get older, I don’t think anyone is thinking they are acting like a mother.
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    They play off each other SO well. I think it helps that they are actually friends in real life.
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    From the preview for episode 12.15, released on TBBT's official YouTube channel Source
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    Maybe I can meet you at a bar someday. I'm still subbing but one of the schools I sub at had someone quit so I've been there going on 4 weeks while they look for someone. Then in the summer I'll go back to the living history farm. I haven't found anyone there who watches TBBT. I didn't find it that interesting. Maybe that's just me.
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    Yes, Penny and Sheldon always had great chemistry, and bexcause of Sheldon's usual hostile or disdainful manner his occasional shows of affection to P were very effective. But for S & P eps maybe the Adhesive Duck Deficiency (where Penny fell in the shower and Sheldon drove her to the ER) was even better.
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    And the events of 4.24 made Raj being allowed to live with Lenny in 10.19 completely wrong.
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    I know. I was simply answering Sah's post.
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    We were discussing earlier whether Penny should be shown pregnant, or wanting a child, but what I really want to see is Lenny's communication problems resolved. Altho they are by far the most believable loving couple there still seems to be something constraining them from sharing their deepest feelings. I would like the main long story for the remaining eps be the Hofstadters going all the way emotionally. KC and JG are, I believe, capable of that depth of acting. And, dear Sitcom Fairy, I wish the last ep of all should be Penny's birthday.
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    That's definitely more than two weeks LOL That's years of continous work there, watching what she eats, and good genetics.
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    13.66 million watched this episode, biggest same day audience of the year so far. Source
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    Know what I find funny? The last non-wedding related milestones for characters were 4 or 5 years ago If Season 8, Season 9, Season 10, or Season 11 were called the final season a lot of the bad episodes in those seasons would not have been so overlooked Season 12 is really no lamer by comparison, but if there's one thing I wish Jim had done it was say back in April 2018 that he was done after the 11.24 taping. He must've been on a high from how fun that was and didn't want to spoil the mood. (My personal theory is also that Hawking's passing acted to Jim as a sign from the universe that this stage of his life was kaput.)
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    I have been watching season 6 reruns and to me she seems in better shape now then back then.
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    I woulden't like Penny taking care of him. I like that they are individuals. She is his wife, not his Mother. But that is just my perspective.
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    I did too. If I was Leonard I would of answered yes.
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    As if at any time in the 12 years of this show, he could resist that and run off to sleep at Shamys house! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yep it was a missed opportunity for them to have Penny take care of him, but I guess jokes are more important to them even they make Penny look uncaring. Didn't like how they had Denise happy to have Stuarts babies, especially since they have Penny not wanting Leonard's it felt like a low blow to fans.
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    Penny also had little clothes on in the make out session after the hot lime kiss.
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    I know nothing about womens fashion but doesn't Kaleys dress look like a pj's
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    It's been a while since I had logged here but I could not pass the chance of commenting on Shamy in last Thursday 's episode. I just loved the signs of growth from Sheldon about Amy. A Nobel price has been his dream since the beggining of his career but for Amy as she might not share a chance for winning it like he could with those two scientists, he could give it up for her. That made me getting teary eyed of pride for Sheldon. I just hope this story arc may allow us to see Shamy enjoying fully their contribution to Science development and also to see more sweet and eccentric moments from Shamy together. They are really two peas on pond that only could had met and enjoyed fully life filled with love and career accomplishements together. True love is really a blessing ♥️
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    I wonder if he would consider a spin-off with Johnny and Kaley in conjunction with WB/CBS and possibly their production companies
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    Seen the clips, I know nothing of their friendship or relationship dynamics but honestly, I don't believe they are that close as a cast these days. That's the vibe I was getting from it. Not sure I agree with that it was poorly written, certainly not when you compare it to the dross of this season.
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