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    The Lenny Storybook Chapter 270: The Donation Oscillation (Season 12, Episode 15 - original air date: February 7, 2019) - PART ONE - Source
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    The Lenny Storybook Chapter 270: The Donation Oscillation (Season 12, Episode 15 - original air date: February 7, 2019) - PART TWO - Source
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    Interesting that the comment thread on an episode breaks down into a discussion about gravity 😄 Science bitch! 😄 😄 😄 My take on the episode. I thought it was funnier than some before, but I think that's mostly due to Zack's appearance. The guy can always make someone laugh, if only in exasperation about how one like him can even function. I read that some people didn't understand how Sheldon could even consider offering his services for other people's offspring but I think it's quite congruent with Sheldon's behavior: The reason may simply be jealousy. Sheldon learned that someone wanted Leonard for something because of his smarts. Sheldon, who sees himself as superior to Leonard in every way, can't stand that and so, wants his genetic material to be chosen.
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    Love Love Love the new chapter of the Lenny storybook. ❤️❤️❤️
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    The Big Bang Theory Recap: Baby Steps I like to put this review of the latest episode from Vulture in here. The selected section describes my thoughts on the subject quite well. "It still feels like the right conclusion for this character to come to on this matter, but the storyline turns out to be a not-so-weird way for the Hofstadters to work through this major relationship issue that divides them. He wants kids; she doesn’t. He said he was okay with that, but the flirtation with the “Zack and Marissa thing,” as he puts it, says otherwise. Maybe there is no resolution, though, at least not one where everyone gets what they want, and definitely not without someone making a big compromise or sacrifice. But that, again, feels like a much more realistic place for the couple to be in, given how out of the blue (and weirdly) this “Zack and Marissa thing” became part of their lives." As I said before, back into the "neutral zone". Perhaps this time the violation of the neutral zone will take another direction. Who knows. 🙂
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    New project for Kaley today ...meanwhile at home
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    Not gonna happen! Not enough time, plus pretty much squelched Lenny's pregnancy. They won't open that can of worms!
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    Love it! My god, there were lots of great pictures in this episode.
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    And I think the 'will she want to have a baby, or won't she' thread is a stain on the final season. I would prefer to see them doing something that makes them happy rather than arguing and manipulating each other about this topic.
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    If the writers go there, end the show with Amy pregnant and Lenny childless, I truly believe it is the piano dropped on Lenny fans by Lorre, because of their reaction to the childless Lenny plot they pushed in 12x03.
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    I don't think they would present it that way. But they did set the Nobel plot up so it is dicey since they have the conflict with the two different competing papers. I'd be happy if neither of them won. Who thinks Lorre cares? I am not raising my hand here. And Lenny OR fans of pregnancy plots are not the only fans anyway. I thought of that, too. Why?
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    Ignoring minor actions on the ISS (I'll put them back later, I promise), what other forces, besides gravity, are acting on the ISS? The velocity of the ISS is irrelevant at this point. Only when they do a burn to increase the height of it's orbit, is it under a force other than gravity. How about the moon, what other forces are acting on the moon? Bad analogy. Anything in orbit is in free fall as gravity is the only force acting on it. In the analogy, you have gravity (the string) and what else? Atmospheric drag? We're ignoring that remember. Gravity itself? You have to ignore that, the string is gravity. Anything else? I would have you check out any college physics text book. Or possibly Feymann's Lectures or a first college class on general relativity, so you can compare the definitions. Objects in orbit are, by definition, in free fall. Now, getting to orbit, or dropping out of orbit there are other forces, but not simply being in orbit. Actually, bringing back atmospheric pressure (I told you I would), a skydiver is less in free fall than any object in orbit. Skydiver's have all sorts of atmospheric drag, that increases the lower they get. Compared to that, the atmospheric drag on the ISS is negligible, and much closer to free fall than a sky diver. As for dj's explanation for an orbit, it's pretty much correct: I would probably have used the word velocity, instead of acceleration (acceleration is a force). But, yes, the acceleration toward the center of the Earth is the only force acting on the ISS. The ISS falls toward the center of the Earth, but it's velocity moves it enough, that the Earth's surface has curved away from it, keeping it in a constant state of falling. In a constant height orbit, the ISS is at the same height everywhere in it's orbit. That doesn't happen as there are masscons on and under the earth that cause minor accelerations and of course there is atmospheric drag. But, using simplifying assumptions (such as spherical cows or chickens), an object in orbit is in free fall.
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    I have no connection with these aircraft but your description sounds wrong to me. For example if one were to put a three axis accelerometer in free fall it would register zero g. Vertigo has nothing to do with that. Sorry. You are wrong. An object in orbit is in free fall. It is accelerating towards the center of the earth but the direction of travel and acceleration is constantly changing so the radius from the centre of the earth is constant. Actually skydiving is somewhat different because the person quickly reaches terminal velocity. That means they do not remain in free fall because of air resistance which stops the acceleration.
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    I don’t watch YS. What happen on there is meaningless
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    A lot of people watching Big Bang aren’t necessarily watching Young Sheldon so they don’t know YS proclaimed Shamy will have kids. So it’s no surprise they are throwing that in to the final few episodes. The Nobel plot is just a waiting game now so it would appear this is the next Shamy story to dominate the screen now that Lenny have had their A plot moment. Personally don’t see a need to ram a Shamy pregnancy story in when they’ve only just been married a few months but well Shamy rules! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, Penny will be away from the discussion as she has her own plot with Bernadette so that doesn't really work out. I'd also hate it if somehow her job falls through and then she wants a baby cause... she has nothing else to do???
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    I deleted what I wrote here not wanting to ruin it to other people. I do not like where the show is going and I think it is time for me to stop watching and maybe leave the forum. This is not for me.
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    From usatoday.com Some spoilers for episode 12.17 "The Conference Valuation", which will be taped next week: Full article: Kaley Cuoco on the end of 'The Big Bang Theory': 'I am already, like, losing it'
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    Really interesting to read about Wil's time on Tbbt.
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    Wil Wheaton reflects on his time on TBBT in a blog post... it all started with a big bang
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