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    Yeah He would have to change all the tags in his underwear! I just cannot believe they would end the show with this scenario and leave Penny and Leonard childless after 12 years. That would be such a disservice and a slap in the face to all loyal P&L fans after 12 years of supporting these characters. Sorry, but that is how I feel
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    If Leonard didn’t want children or was ambivalent about having children it would be fine, but he is neither. I can not see Leonard leaving Penny ever, I also can’t see Leonard ever being really okay with not having kids (unless they couldn’t). So he is kind of stuck. Poor Leonard.
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    One character manipulating the other instead of ‘talking it out’ is in the show’s dna and the writers have shown that if they can get comedy out of it that’s what they will do even going to the extent of ignoring what they have written previously. First thoughts would be that I would take the Amy trying to manipulate Sheldon into trying for a family with a pinch of salt for now, some wires could have been crossed on the set visit. But let’s say it’s true, well it seems like another dumb storyline in a dumb season. For one Sheldon from the evidence I have seen wouldn’t need to be convinced to start a family, in fact the prospect of ‘mixing their dna’ would seem pretty appealing. Of course I could see that changing during the course of a pregnancy, perhaps Sheldon worrying about impending fatherhood and a fear about having children being like him (I’ve always had it in my mind that would become a fear in him at some point, something Shamy would need to get through if they were expecting) but the actual decision to start a family? I don’t see how he would need to manipulated or encouraged for that. I also feel again it’s another old school take on a story. Amy did have to at times manipulate Sheldon to advance their relationship along even sometimes to get to a milestone. I don’t see why she would have to do that now they are married, kind of feels like the writers are really reaching here, trying to mine some old comedy vein even though they have really moved on and aren’t the same people.
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    The Big Bang Theory Recap: Baby Steps I like to put this review of the latest episode from Vulture in here. The selected section describes my thoughts on the subject quite well. "It still feels like the right conclusion for this character to come to on this matter, but the storyline turns out to be a not-so-weird way for the Hofstadters to work through this major relationship issue that divides them. He wants kids; she doesn’t. He said he was okay with that, but the flirtation with the “Zack and Marissa thing,” as he puts it, says otherwise. Maybe there is no resolution, though, at least not one where everyone gets what they want, and definitely not without someone making a big compromise or sacrifice. But that, again, feels like a much more realistic place for the couple to be in, given how out of the blue (and weirdly) this “Zack and Marissa thing” became part of their lives." As I said before, back into the "neutral zone". Perhaps this time the violation of the neutral zone will take another direction. Who knows. 🙂
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    I've been interning at a local publication here on long island for about six months now and I'm responsible for writing what celebrities who live here or have homes here are up to for the website. Honestly, while it's good writing experience to put on a resume, it's really turned me off to this form of news. It doesn't matter how stupid or minuscule it is, it's my job (and other writers) to pump out a minimum of 300 words and make it sound like it's the most important thing you've ever read. So I'm with you, I'm not forming an opinion until I know the wording isn't some journalist's way to make it sound more dramatic than it is. That's the job.
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    But not showing much of it contradicts the concept of a TV series. We already have to use up enough imagination to explain all the off-screen scenes. 😉 Anyway, sometimes I wonder, hey, the writers let out such crazy ideas, why don't they make it a funny episode?
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    And others do not. Leonard and Penny ending up together was telegraphed from early on in the series.
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    I feel her decision to not have children manifested it self into guilt. I Think it is likely its the classic Penny can't commit storyline. I Don't think Penny changed her mind at all. I just think the dynamics have shifted a bit. At first it was primarily Penny's decision, and they diddn't even discuss it. IT has now shifted to Leonard's point of view. And it is now more about his realization he well never be in the kids life. Leonard wants kids, because of his childhood was so cold and distant. And probably yearns for a connection, and further his spawn. Penny like you said probably feels "Cool Aunty Penny" is not enough. And Slugger seems a very clinical assement of how she views her childhood. Reminds me a bit of The Maternal Capicatance. Which showed subconciousley they have a deep seeded connection. And this episode showed it again. But like I Said I either think Penny well give birth in the penultimate episode. OR they well leave the idea a Gray Area. Leave it purposely open for the audience to interpret.
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    Sheldon only in his underwear? I would be more excited too 😁. That would be an amusing story I bet. Or fans of baby plots on this show...that is more of an issue for me than it being Lenny centric. If it was Sheldon and Amy I would have the exact same reaction. Boring episode, boring season. I have said for ages please no more baby plots in the show. for anyone. No Lenny, not Shamy not Howadette, not Rajanu and not Stunice.
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    A lot of people watching Big Bang aren’t necessarily watching Young Sheldon so they don’t know YS proclaimed Shamy will have kids. So it’s no surprise they are throwing that in to the final few episodes. The Nobel plot is just a waiting game now so it would appear this is the next Shamy story to dominate the screen now that Lenny have had their A plot moment. Personally don’t see a need to ram a Shamy pregnancy story in when they’ve only just been married a few months but well Shamy rules! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As someone who’s been to a taping, sometimes the experience of being there live sort of compels you to laugh. It went on for so long the absurdity of him making breakfast oblivious to the fact Leonard was on the couch and the unexpected nature of that much time passing without Sheldon uttering a sound elicited a response from the audience. When I look back at the episode I saw taped, I often wonder, why did I laugh at that? That’s wasn’t funny. But I just did. Possibly because others did. IDK. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    weather is a valid point. Episodes airing in January usually have higher ratings . There has been extremely harsh cold weather and storms in east coast and mid west USA which may cause more people to stay in and watch TV.
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    Wil Wheaton reflects on his time on TBBT in a blog post... it all started with a big bang
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    True! Shamy was the surprise wedding/relationship. Sheldon was always asexual.
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    And Sheldon was going crazy over it so that should have told you otherwise.
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    No, that hasn't ruined her. They just haven't written her well in a few years. The job makes her unhappy. It would be great if they had her doing something she liked.
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    The guy on the extreme left, with his arm around Keith Carradine, isn't Jim Parsons?
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    https://tvline.com/2019/02/08/the-big-bang-theory-series-finale-one-hour-two-parter/ I wonder how many Young Sheldon commercials can get packed into the back to back episodes finale. Maybe they can do something like tune in the the new season of Young Sheldon to see when Amy got pregnant, see if his good friend Penny changed her mind, or anyone won a Nobel.
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    Do you mean Steve Holland. I thought it might be Jim at first.
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    Hence why astronauts refer to microgravity, rather than weightlessness. ETA: Interesting fact - The Vomit Comet was actually used to film many of the earth orbit scenes, in the movie Apollo 13.
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    My guess is that Amy is already pregnant, which would tie in with their ‘having sex 3 weeks ago’ that Sheldon mentioned last episode, and that she’s trying to work out how he’d feel about it before she tells him.
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    Chapter 17, Michael POV.
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    I agree. I've a suggestion to make : Penny is in her thirties now, and has a continuing relationship with all four parents. ( Not everyone is so fortunate, I know. ) I'm wondering whether the now-maturing Penny sees beyond any baby - broodiness,ticking biological clock or desire to raise the next generation, and realises if she starts having babies now there'll be sons or daughters in their twenties still needing her when she's over sixty. The older you get, if your parents are still alive and in your life, the more it dawns on you that there's a lifelong commitment involved in being somebody's parent. Penny's father is a farmer and yet he's taken a weekend off to come and see her. When we grow up and leave home to begin our own adult lives we don't really set our parents free, regardless of how much they let us know they've looked forward to it. Perhaps she feels being cool Aunt Penny really is enough. We weren't shown this side of Penny's thoughts until after she was dragged into Amy's parents' issues but for all we know it could have been growing since Mary and Beverly first fell out or even when she met Beverly the first time. We know Penny takes her time deciding whether to be committed or not. There's a term over here : 'The sandwich generation' which refers to adults in late middle age who not only have adult children ( inevitably causing them more worry than when they were babies ) but elderly parents or even grandparents in need of care and attention.
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    We know Shamy will have children, why do we need to see them getting there?
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    This is not surprising, just sad. They could’ve stopped with Lenny’s kids issue in 12x03, but no, they kept raising it in those weird plots and giving the fans hope (I actually thought Zack’s plot would change Penny’s mind or at least let her explain why she decided not to have kids). And now, after all this, what do we get? Probably Lenny still standing behind their kitchen island, observing everyone else having families, Nobel Prizes, great career achievements, etc.
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    My guess is only in fan fiction.
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    I was wondering that too. Maybe because the audience could see Leonard sleeping on the couch. But Sheldon’s breakfast ceremony wasn't funny in itself, was it?
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    I don't think the hair works. If you look at the video, her hair moves enough that it should be visible. Not to mention, right at the end of the scene, they shoot her from the side, with the back visible, so it should be seen then also.
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    I was a bit surprised they left the lower back tatoo visible on Kaley. They hid the other two (special effects for her moth and makeup for the hummingbird, I think), but left that one. Of course, that one's been seen twice before, so they may not have cared.
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    What a waste of episode. Both storylines were so boring. Hope we go back to the Shamy science plot again, at least that has some real and viable potential.
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    From deadline.com ‘Big Bang Theory’ Reaches Iconic Status With Historic Stage Dedication On WB Lot – TCA
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    Well it certainly deserves to. So why don't the programme makers increase quality AND viewership by More P&L Less A&S.
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    From Wil's blog Wheaton's Angels
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    I feel you! "...I was the only person in the world who could play him, because he was literally a version of me." Wil Wheaton
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    And yet she doesn't tell him she doesn't want him to donate and is instead trying to mess with the donation... This is showing she definitely has growth to do and it is actually a regression compared to things we've already seen. I could see her trying to push away her feelings for some time and then confess, but this seduction thing, as much as it may be funny at parts, is childish IMO and beneath the character at this point of the show. Leonard was also too quick to say he's okay with no kids. Not saying he should have broken up with her or force her to have kids, but be could definitely allow himself to be upset. But this is bothering me less because it's not much a regression and I don't expect to see the characters overcome every issue they have.
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    I have got to agree. I do love Lenny and having trouble loving the show the way Lenny being written the way they are now!
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    Nah the man who took a shower at the Wolowitz’s a couple of weeks ago because Bernadette forced him to hold a child will have super sperm and be a fabulous dad , and childless Penny and Leonard will help them.
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    Can you imagine how awful an episode the writers could create with a scene of Lenny sitting in their apartment while Shamy barges in, all excited, to tell them they are pregnant. It would be like a slap in the face to Lenny fans, or Lorre dropping a piano on us.
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    I actually take this as a positive. I undetstand this sound warped but let me explain. In theory this keeps the pregnancy discussion going on. I find it hard to believe Lenny is not going to be involved in this Shamy discussion. I also never bought that Penny job as Pharmacy rep is going to last till May. JMO I think that is the ultimate reason Penny doesn’t want kids. I’m not saying it’s the only factor but the biggest factor.
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    So we suffered 15 episodes to end up with this... wow, I had no idea these writers are so cruel 😭😭😭😭😭 I’m extremely sad
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    A Leonard & Penny centered plot.....
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    I thought there was a picture of Leonard laying on the couch in 4a and Penny seeing him there
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    Sheldon Cooper trying to make a donation to someone like Zack is the pinnacle of this stupid plotline.
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    Yeah I have to concur. I have been very critical of this show for a long time. But this was most I have laughed at a episode of TBBT since Season 7. I Thought Wyatt was brilliant in this episode. Yes the Donation plot is absurd. But absurdity is the root of all great comedies. The opening was actually right out of the gate funny. That has been what been missing for some time now. The pacing felt alot more consistent through out. IT is not that confusing with Penny. She has always been a free spirited, independent. And she is entitled to not want kids. But her guilt has manifested itself. I felt alot of depth with the Lenny scenes. Penny came across very genuine. The Wyatt/Leonard/Penny plot might be the most compelling stuff TBBT has done in about 5 seasons. I Also loved how Leonard stood up for his relationship with Penny infront of Wyatt. This is the best version of Leonard. When he is take charge, and not being a wimp. The other plots were good too. I liked the Howardette Plot with Raj and Anu. Shamy were used sporadically which was good. They contributed just enough, without derailing the Lenny plot. Sheldon was actually tolerable for once lol. I laughed at loud. When Sheldon woke up and Leonard was on the couch. And he went back to Amy. And she was like Don't worry I Well trap it later lol. Main thing is you felt sympathy for both Leonard and Penny tonight. I Think it is obvious this storyline ain't over though. I Think Penny well give Birth in the Penultimate episode.
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    It's a snowy afternoon in Sweden again.
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