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    The remarkable thing about Leonard and Penny is that they know it shouldn’t work. Penny tells that to herself all the time. All of Leonard’s friends (save Stuart) constantly tell him and intimate to him that it’s only a matter of time until...(Sheldon, quite deep into P & L’s time together: “oh! We all know how this will end!”). Yet they persevere. Penny wants him and only him with every fiber of her being. Leonard knows she is the one that will make him happy. Despite fears on both sides, they know they have each other. Always.
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    One thing L&P have going for them is a very high tolerance for difficult people. It is like their super power. They have willingly put up with Sheldon after all. Few would/could.
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    Having a lot in common does not always mean good compatibility when it comes to marriage. Just like couples of opposite personality does not mean they will have a bad marriage. For me, it wasn't until mid season five that they showed Sheldon had made enough progress to make his marriage to Amy, at some point, inevitable. And even then, there were periods and episodes that indicated he might not ever be ready. Of course, YMMV.
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    And others do not. Leonard and Penny ending up together was telegraphed from early on in the series.
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    I remember Sheldon telling his mother that. But I've seen many shows where a busty blonde airhead was lusted after by a nerd and the nerd doesn't always get the girl. And that is what they both were made out to be at the beginning of the show.
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    I could do that once, too. But now my emphasis is only on "could".
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    I remember Sheldon. That's enough for me.
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    S & A have more in common then any couple on the show. Remember the list?
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    I've been interning at a local publication here on long island for about six months now and I'm responsible for writing what celebrities who live here or have homes here are up to for the website. Honestly, while it's good writing experience to put on a resume, it's really turned me off to this form of news. It doesn't matter how stupid or minuscule it is, it's my job (and other writers) to pump out a minimum of 300 words and make it sound like it's the most important thing you've ever read. So I'm with you, I'm not forming an opinion until I know the wording isn't some journalist's way to make it sound more dramatic than it is. That's the job.
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    True! Shamy was the surprise wedding/relationship. Sheldon was always asexual.
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    One journalist, among the many that visited Stage 25 during the TCA Set Visit Day described the plot of what they had seen. Normally that is not done and on some of the other set visits they made that day they were instructed to not reveal any spoilers. Most just posted pictures of the keepsakes they received or the food that they ate. One guy, whose perception was that Amy was "manipulating" Sheldon does not make for me a taping report. So I will withhold judgement until I get more detail from other sources.
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    These were great The hug scene was one of the most compelling moments in the entire series and it truly showed Penny and Leonard's unparalleled love for each other
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    They know each other so well, and are there for each other. They can tolerate each other so well because they accepted each other fully and know what they have to do to make it work. I believe Amy especially appreciates the growth in Sheldon since when she first met him.
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    Agree...they have a ton in common. I enjoy this about them. They always have fun even in the most random ways. They seem to always be on the same page and really enjoy being around each other. I think both types of relationships can work. It makes a little easier when you have atleast have something in common. I think it is has always been about the nerd getting the girl. The nerds were trying to get the girl or a girl from the first episode...
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    No, that hasn't ruined her. They just haven't written her well in a few years. The job makes her unhappy. It would be great if they had her doing something she liked.
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    Okay in my mind I hear the following when I see this scene. Penny: Leonard I’ve changed my mind, I want to have your baby because........ Penny & Leonard: Kissing sounds
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    Nah the man who took a shower at the Wolowitz’s a couple of weeks ago because Bernadette forced him to hold a child will have super sperm and be a fabulous dad , and childless Penny and Leonard will help them.
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    Not to mention Howard the creep and Raj the mocker!
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    I understand that, my problem is that this has been going on for a long time with him and since he is supporting the general feelings of the Hollywood elite he is allowed to continue with his actions. This is just my personal opinion but this last vanity card hit my limit with him. I refuse to recognize him as a good person, no matter how many awards he receives.
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    You said that you'd never thought Sheldon and Amy would get married because she insulted physics but the point of the episode was that Sheldon was already going crazy without her (*cough*25cats*cough) so should have been a hint that Amy was here to stay.
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    One character manipulating the other instead of ‘talking it out’ is in the show’s dna and the writers have shown that if they can get comedy out of it that’s what they will do even going to the extent of ignoring what they have written previously. First thoughts would be that I would take the Amy trying to manipulate Sheldon into trying for a family with a pinch of salt for now, some wires could have been crossed on the set visit. But let’s say it’s true, well it seems like another dumb storyline in a dumb season. For one Sheldon from the evidence I have seen wouldn’t need to be convinced to start a family, in fact the prospect of ‘mixing their dna’ would seem pretty appealing. Of course I could see that changing during the course of a pregnancy, perhaps Sheldon worrying about impending fatherhood and a fear about having children being like him (I’ve always had it in my mind that would become a fear in him at some point, something Shamy would need to get through if they were expecting) but the actual decision to start a family? I don’t see how he would need to manipulated or encouraged for that. I also feel again it’s another old school take on a story. Amy did have to at times manipulate Sheldon to advance their relationship along even sometimes to get to a milestone. I don’t see why she would have to do that now they are married, kind of feels like the writers are really reaching here, trying to mine some old comedy vein even though they have really moved on and aren’t the same people.
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    The Lenny Storybook Chapter 270: The Donation Oscillation (Season 12, Episode 15 - original air date: February 7, 2019) - PART TWO - Source
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    Sheldon may have access to advanced “fast track” cloning techniques so that by the last episode Iain Armitage can play young Sheldon jnr II[emoji1787]. Or they go the Mork and Mindy path and reveal Sheldon really is an alien and they give birth to an adult child! Or he truly can replicate himself by eating too many dumplings, Pad Thai and spaghetti with little hot dogs! I’m jumping the Shark here, people! Going out with a Big Bang. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    My comic "Cyber Girl Leeta" will be making another appearance on the next episode of Big Bang Theory tomorrow night!
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