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    "The Laureate Accumulation" The gang is watching Campbell/Pemberton on Ellen. Sheldon is just waiting for Ellen to ask them what exactly Super Asymmetry is so the world can see what big frauds they are. Instead, she asks them to sing their Physics song. They get up and perform "Let's Get Physics-al". Penny looks super impressed. Sheldon goes to their hotel to tell the other team they have to hold a press conference to tell the world that Super Asymmetry was his and Amy's idea and that they're frauds. They decline and Kal Penn's character (Campbell) tells Sean Astin (Pemberton) that his wife was not right, and he's not a fraud at all. Sheldon says she was right and they basically slam the door in his face. Guys eating at the cafeteria. Sheldon sees another video that Pemb/Camp have uploaded. Leonard tells him it doesn't matter what they do, no one ever won anything by being nice. Raj says, well Tom Hanks has won tons of awards and he's super nice. Some back and forth on Tom Hanks. Then Siebert comes up and tells Sheldon not to worry about the other team's publicity tour. They ask if he's worried and he fake laughs and says of course not. He's scheduled a reception with a bunch of other Nobel Laureates so they can get the science world on their side. They don't have to worry about being likable if they can get the other scientists to support them. Sheldon asks Siebert, doesn't he think that him and Amy are likable. Siebert says that's what he likes about Sheldon, he asks the difficult questions. Howard and Bernie talk in their living room. Halley is afraid of the dark so Howard goes to talk to her. Bernie overhears him telling Halley that he was scared in space, and he also was wearing a full diaper. Sheldon and Amy talking in their apartment. Amy is reading out list of Nobel laureates invited to the reception. Sheldon winces after each name, because he's somehow insulted or alienated every single one of them. He says he wouldn't have insulted them if he'd have known he'd need them in the future. Amy just looks at him and then he admits that's actually not true. Stuart and Bernie at H/B house. Bernadette is trying to draw a cartoon about Howard in space and Stuart asks her if Halley drew that at school. He offers to illustrate the nighttime story. Says it will be a real change from his usual drawings. Bernie asks what he usually draws, and he awkwardly says, well good night, and hurries off. Leonard and Penny at their apt. Leonard is washing dishes and Penny says she thought he said was going to workout. He says you have your ways of working out and I have mine. Sheldon and Amy come in, asking to borrow some cookie dough. They're going to send the Noble laureates cookies to convince them to come to the reception . Some discussion about how Sheldon didn't mean to insult all of them, he just sometimes misses social cues. Penny says "you don't say" (very funny facial expressions in this scene lol). Sheldon and Amy's apartment, intercut with scenes of the various scientists receiving their cookies. Kip Thorne and George Smoot see they're from Sheldon and throw their's away immediately. Frances Arnold opens her up and says mmm cookies, then sees they're Oatmeal Raisin and throws them away. At the apt Sheldon is checking his email. He excitedly calls Amy over and says look someone has taken the cookies we sent and spelled out Thank You with them. Amy looks and says, that word is not "Thank" Sheldon. Bernie and Howard with Raj at their house. Bernie shows Howard the book with Stuart's illustrations, it's called Frightened Little Astronaut. And a publisher wants to publish it, but they need Howard's permission. Howard says no way and walks out. Raj says maybe they should all it the Bitchy Little Astronaut instead. Leonard and Sheldon at L/P apt. Sheldon feels bad because his past bad behavior is making Amy suffer. Leonard looks surprised and asks Sheldon when he started caring about other people's feelings. Sheldon says, well when Amy was shocked by the Christmas lights (or something like that) and he laughed at her, it was sometime after that. Amy and Penny are in the laundry room and Amy is explaining what Sheldon did to each of the Nobel laureates and why none of them are coming to the reception. Penny is sympathetic but she's like damn, I probably wouldn't come either. Back to L/S, and Sheldon is saying he just has a problem telling when he's gone too far. Leonard says he can help him by saying a code word when he shouldn't say anything. It will be "shut up". Sheldon says that's perfect, since he hears it all the time, and no one will suspect it's their code word. H/B house and Stuart is convincing Howard to agree to the book. Stuart says he could really use this. Howard wants to change everything about the astronaut, including the name, giving him muscles, and having him fight aliens in space. Stuart says so basically you want it to be a superhero astronaut. Howard says yes, that's perfect. Penny and Leonard trying to convince Kip Thorne (maybe, I can't remember which one) to come to the reception. Penny asks him about his work and he's impressed she knows about whatever it was. While Leonard is talking, she quickly googles it, then reads off to him exactly what it is. Penny tells him that Amy is actually really nice, and if you combine her and Sheldon (math!) you get an okay person. Bernie trying to convince Howard to do the book. He doesn't want his kids to know how scared he was in space. Bernie says the book might help some kid who's been scared know that they can overcome it (basically. Melissa had a ton of trouble with this line and had to re-do it 4 or 5 times). Finally she guilts him into it. Howard says she uses guilt expertly, just like a Jewish Mom. The reception is happening. All the Nobel laureates are there and Sheldon and Amy seem to be doing well. Then Pemberton and Campbell show up. They say that George Smoot invited them, they're Facebook friends, and they call him Smooty. Leonard checks in with Sheldon to see if they're alright, and Sheldon says now everyone will find out that the other team have no idea what they're talking about. Shamy go up to Pemb/Camp and quiz them with a really in-depth question about Super Asymmetry. The guys guess the right answer and Shamy are stumped. Pemberton and Campbell then give a speech about how they've felt so accepted since they proved Super Asymmetry and they weren't sure if they would fit in, that sometimes they feel like frauds but everyone has been so great. All the scientists in the room are nodding along and looking impressed. Sheldon wants to say something but Leonard tells him to shut up. Finally Amy has had enough and totally flips out. She screams at them that what they're feeling is called Fraud Syndrome and it's actually because they're true frauds that they're feeling like that. She says her and Sheldon should be the winners because they discovered Super Asymmetry and the other team doesn't even know what it really is. Everyone is looking at her like she's crazy. Sheldon asks Leonard if that's what he looks like when he says something he shouldn't and Leonard says yes, and Sheldon thanks him for stopping him this time. We end on Howard reading The Frightened Little Astronaut to Halley. He's trying to change it, but Bernie catches him. When she leaves, he changes it and tells Halley that he really did fight aliens in space .
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    Thank you, my dear! I have less avaiable time these days for be online but I haven' t surely lost track of my tbbt. 😁
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    @Trinabeana78, thanks so much for your info about the taping. It was very appreciated!
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    I think what might happen with the Nobel Prize plot, is that Leonard may work with Shamey an the three of them get the prize. In earlier episode it was said only three could get it and the other two are experimental physicists like Leonard.
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    Nice one. Very detailed description. Thank you.[emoji846] Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Nicely done @Trinabeana78 !!! Thank you so much!
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    Thank you very much, @Trinabeana78! You completely made my day!
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    Such details thank you so much Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Job transfer, promotion, Leonard was secretly working on his book and submitted it to be published, purchasing a loft in the city... I am so happy to see you spidergirl! I have missed you and your posts!
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    I don’t think the story SHOULD be over after marriage either - but many would say the writers do! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Kaley is travelling and of course Simon is going with her. 🐰
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    Cheers Leonard and Penny are really good with their people skills.
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    Your memory is terrific. Thank you for taking so much of your vacation time to write that up for us,Trinabeana78 !
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    Lenny could go to Oslo, Norway and get the Nobel peace prize.
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    They have no trouble writing for H/B.
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    I wasn't thinking about baby story lines per se. Your statement about the couple of weeks having baby story lines is spot on accurate. But I feel they can come up with better babyless story lines!
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    That'll work as well! I'm sure intelligent writers could come up with something interesting for Lenny if they wanted to write them. They were too lazy and too focused on the Shamy to really care about writing anything interesting for Lenny! There are other possible plots. We'll never see them as the writers are wasting episodes on Shamy's possible Nobel!
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    Pantsuits have been a standard in the business world for more years than I want to remember.
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    Look at this embarrassing entrance... ...after all these years... Maybe you're right. 🙂
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    Didn’t see any support stockings covering Penny’s legs in the bedroom a couple of weeks ago[emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't think a story is over when a couple gets married. There's lots of comedy still to tap. What about I love Lucy, Terry and June, The Larkins, The Good Life, Till Death Us Do Part/All in the Family, As Time Goes By, Frasier,Goodnight Sweetheart, Marriage Lines, George and Mildred, Mad About You and Roseanne ? Not to mention Young Sheldon. Personally, I find Shamy funnier than ever. I didn't find some aspects of their relationship pre Sheldon's 9.07 spockiphany at all amusing.
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    So I'm glad this latest taping report revealed we're going back to the Nobel prize arc. Even if there's no solution at the end, its comforting the writers didn't forget about it. Also we might more shamy against the world dynamic I love and hopefully some cute moments between them.
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    Thank you so much the spoilers! @Trinabeana78 you are amazing!! They should get a Nobel for friendship. That they help others is one of my favorite traits about them.
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    Thank for the report. hope you had a good time. Once again Lenny saves the day
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    Howardette are possibly like Lenny once they got married - their story is over. Longest married, got two kids. As a couple what else can the writers do with them as a couple to advance their story? Any Howardette story is going to be filler now, I would think. Bernie is getting career stories with Penny and Howard is probably just do boy stuff with the boys. I think they’re done. But they still have to appear in the show so fill away. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Moses had the first tablet that could connect to the cloud.
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    Leonard and Penny in a promotional photo for episode 12.17 "The Conference Valuation" Source Also from episode 12.17. Penny at the pharmaceutical sales convention in San Diego. Source By the way, Penny's name badge says Penny Hofstadter. Really nice to see the name Penny Hofstadter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    It's not what Howard wants, it's what the writers want!
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    He wouldn't want another child anyway.
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    [emoji846] Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Penny looks like a flight attendant to me when she walks through that door.
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    Or Howard gets transferred to work at NASA? The only plot for them now is whether or not Penny gets pregnant or Leonard gets a promotion in work.........what else could they create?
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    Looking at them legs, I definitely think that was a wrong assessment. At least as far as Penny is concerned!
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    Peter Tork of THE MONKEES has passed on I believe Feb. 17. I met him several times and he seemed friendly and very down to earth. I will miss him vevy much.
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    Oh god I hope not! The second one wasn't needed. They could have written around her pregnancy.
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    Maybe there will be a third Howardette kid in the finale?
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    Another excellent chapter.
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    Funny episode tonight. A-plot was the Shamy Nobel laureate situation. No resolution tonight on that front. They're still competing with Dr. Pemberton (Sean Astin) and Dr. Campbell (Kal Penn) for the nomination. They (Pemberton & Campbell) have been doing a publicity tour for support. They even went on Ellen to sing a viral song about physics that they'd posted on YouTube lol. Siebert planned a reception for Sheldon & Amy to drum up some support from other Nobel laureates, but none of them wanted to come because Sheldon has insulted all of them at one point or another. Leonard and Penny eventually convinced them all to come to the reception. B-plot was Howard and Bernie. Basically she wanted to make a nighttime story book for the kids about how Howard overcame his fears in space, called The Frightened Little Astronaut. And she wanted Stuart to illustrate it. Howard wasn't feeling it, but eventually he agreed to it, though he kept trying to change details to make himself look better. Lots of VIPs there tonight. Mayim's Mom as well as Jim's Mom were in the front row. The hype guy jokingly teased Jim's Mom about something (he didn't recognize her at first), then spent the rest of the night apologizing to her lol. Iain Armitage (Young Sheldon) was there too. He was hanging with Jim in Sheldon's spot after the show. You can tell the cast is savoring these last few eps. Lots of joking around and laughing, lots of hugs after the curtain call. When they came to speak to the audience, it seemed like Kaley was on the verge of tears. I'll do a more detailed taping report tomorrow.
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