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    Happy 46th Birthday, Jim!
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    A vicar? So he's moved to Britain?
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    Its obvious - they are all going to walk out of the shower and say the last 12 series have been a dream and we go back to the start
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    They will keep popping in and out of each other's places until the bitter end because no one has ever complained about it since Sheldon cleaned Penny's apartment. Yes, it was a mess. I still don't get the point of it.
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    She's looked good in everything she's worn! Of course that's MHO!
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    I did not see Leonard's behavior this way. There was no tit-for-tat. She told him to do what he wants, then she started with the seduction without telling him what she feels and wants. When he went to Shamy's he was pondering in her actions, and, IMO rightfully, thought she should tell him if she doesn't want him to do that. He then made the decision not to donate due ro his own considerations but there's nothing to say he wouldn't have asked Penny again about her feelings if he were to donate. Anyway, the whole thing was IMO just a giant preposterous, even disrespectful mess.
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    To come back to my initial consideration, thanks, ladies. 🙂
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    Good to see Sexy Penny back. The seduction scene could have gone on a bit longer. And with her clothes on Penny was at her most beautiful in this ep - there's quite a bit of variation in her wattage from one ep to another. She lit up the screen so much that while watching I could overlook the preposterousness of the sperm donation storyline. I wonder if the writers are deliberately making Leonard a jerk, or are they just not bothered? Penny's behaviour made it clear she didn't want him to donate, but if she didn't actually ask him not to, which she wouldn't because she felt guilty towards him for refusing kids, he was going to go ahead. He knows that will hurt Penny, but seems to think it serves her right for not giving him kids. That sort of tit-for-tat attitude is a pretty good way to destroy a relationship. Leonard has a lot of growing to do. L also messed up in another detail. A disadvantage of life in the Hofstadter home is that Amy and Sheldon keep barging in at any time without asking. Since L & P seem not have mastered locking the door, L needs to tell them not to do it. But now he has entered their home at night to sleep there without even telling them he is no position to object to their behaviour.
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    They don't have to make them look that much older. It depends on how far they jump, of course, but I'm not seeing a twenty year jump or anything like that.
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    Hahahahaha! I could tell myself that I had laryngitis and I borrowed a voice, but we both know that’s knot true! ( the knot v not was for the sailor in you! 😉). Hahahaha! On the Lenny-gushing side: look at how she’s looking at him!!!
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    It does look good on her! Is that suppose to be loan voice or lone voice? 😊
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    Loan voice in the wilderness: I like the dress!!!
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    Penny wore that or something similar in Bernie’s office earlier in the season or last and got the same response from this forum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Edit: it was in the Tam Turbulence 12.04
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    They don't have to time jump big. They could go 5 or so years into the future. Kids, families, careers awards, etc. They could cover it all without aging them too much, but answering many questions.
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    There was an interesting article on Screen Rant about how the show might end for Sheldon. It discussed the fortune teller way back when Penny took him. The fortune teller said everything will come in to place when you commit to the girl. It suggests the Nobel Prize and possible child all thanks to Amy coming into his life. I would like to see a flash forward to them getting the Nobel years out. With teenage kids.
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    No one in the Midwest that I know of calls them Vicars. I thought that was a British thing. If I'm wrong I'm wrong.
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    Maybe its just me but I really liked her hairstyle in the ninth season when they were first married. It wasn't pixie short nor real long. Just a mature, married look.
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    That's fine, but she's looked a LOT better than she looked in that dress slumping like that.
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    Ha! The good old square knot! The only one I remember from Boy Scouts!
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    I don't know. But I think it's butt ugly and I wish she wouldn't slouch so much.
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    Funny thing, I spent 20 years in the Navy and only messed with knots in boot camp! Although, I did need to tie square knots in my neckerchief.
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    What would the world be without a lonely voice? Also true! 😌
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    You did find it. Hoping it sells well, but I love her anyway. I win.
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    Looks as though she's borrowed her granny's dressing gown. Not something I'd have worn without a skirt or culottes at her age, maybe when I was twenty on a cold day.
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    I think I've found it on Amazon. I win.
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    Diddn't they kinda do that in The Table Polirisation was it? Or was it The Friendship Turbelance? Stuart showed up end of the episode, and no none showed up lol. But yeah i can see time jumps. And being pre shot, they can make the characters look older with makeup etc.
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    Looks like she’s wearing Burning Man
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    Serious question to the ladies here in the forum. Is this a fashion aberration or classic hippie style that Penny is wearing? Huh!? 🙄 (Cutout from a latest promo pic)
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    I still want to see them coming back to the building for the reunion, only Stuart is not stood up. He is just the first one there, and then the others all arrive.
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    I always thought a time jump would be a real possibility, and with it all being pretaped they could do stuff like age the characters with makeup and the like. I'm thinking scenes with all the characters older with text coming up on screen or maybe even a voiceover that shows us as a viewer what happened to them down the line. And if they did have kids then you could easily have some actors to play their children for a scene, much older so no issue around kids on set. You could even have adult children if it really did show us a glimpse far in the future. Though maybe a time jump showing aged characters might be a bit 'sitcom cliche?' I don't watch a lot of US sitcoms these days so I wouldn't know lol.
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    From the comments:
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    I loved that moment. It was the moment Penny was secure in her self. The tank tops which perpetuated her self image and actualisation. Only for Leonard’s eyes now.
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    Talking about throwbacks. When Lenny reconciled in the 150th episode. In my Top 5 Fav Tbbt episodes. The Recombination Hypothesis. Foreshadowed the rest of the series. Always loved the beautiful framing of when they first meet in the pilot. And in this episode mirroring that.
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    I don’t think anyone really cares about Stunise or even Raj/Anu kids. My point is that the only couple who would be perfectly natural and just amazing at being parents is not going to have kids. (IMO, of course!)
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    At this point I think whatever they do will be problematic because they wrote themselves into a lose-lose situation. I guess the best scenario for me would be a reveal that there was some deep reason for Penny saying she doesn't want kids and it is not that she really doesn't want them, in fact she does want kids but "gave up" on them due to something, maybe some insecurities/fears that she can overcome with Leonard's support, and they will end up having kids and being happy together. And Penny will keep enjoying and succeeding at her job because I wouldn't like that to be like her only purpose is having kids.
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    It's so sad that these are the last birthdays the cast will celebrate together on stage. It's even sadder that Johnny and Kunal's birthday is the night of the final taping. 😢 😢 😢
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    I know that everybody has their own or similar ideas of when this happened. I think that unknowningly there has been a lot of progress with Penny but it takes her some time to catch up. I always see season 1 and 2 as that period of attraction and confusion for Penny. Because here is a group of men that does not conform to the men she has encountered, but only that, there is one guy from the group that she connects with: Leonard. The cat's alive was proof of what she has always needed to date someone, attraction, but she was still coming to terms. It was no until he left for months that she could feel the absence of Leonard and she took a leap of faith. But the first time they break up is evidence, at least for me, of her indecision, and that had to do with hurting Leonard. She still could not define her feelings. I do think the moment she knew that she did not want him to leave, that was the first spark of love. But with Penny it takes time. It took her a long time to say "I love you" and then she acknowledged it, but that was season 6! But the real moment, at least for me as a fan, happened off screen. I really believe that the first moment she started to save everything Leonard had done for her, that's when it was love for her. That first moment she saved the snowflake, the letter from their first time together, the plane tickets, and all those other wonderful memories.
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    Five to eight years and Sheldon is sporting a dog collar, having seen the light. He's vicar of a parish and chaplain to a small home for twelve orphaned children with whom his own three mix for daily experiments. Everybody else is married to their current partner and Ramona has married Big Dave. Kripke is the only one still alone. Serve him right for sneaking up with a practical proof of super asymmetry and stealing the Nobel.
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