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    Sadly, I caught a "Big Bang Bug" of a flu somewhere between my trip there and friday afternoon and I'm still battling it. I'll post a couple of things though: Title: The Plagiarism Schism. Main Plot: Sheldon and Amy discover Pemberton likes to mooch off others' work instead of doing things on his own, but Penny and Leonard take the whistleblowing into their own hands which fails and then goes to Campbell for swift resolution (having been a victim of someone plagiarizing my own work, i didn't agree with how this resolved). Sub Plot: Cheesecake Factory made a final return as Bernie tells Howard that another waitress had a crush on him but that she herself made sure that didn't go any father, and Howard tried to find out hillariously who it was. I was seated in front of Penny's Apartment and the cheesecake factory was way way way off to the side past Sheldon and Leonard's place. Kal Penn and Sean Astin were there. I wish something had been done about the Raj and Anu arc because I was really curious about that. Couple quick anecdotes: Jim Parsons had his lines on cue cards and hid them in the shelf before a scene with him and Mayim. In the scene where Sheldon and Amy talk to the rest of them about what they know, the entire cast did not know some lines had been cut leading to some hilarious confusion! There was also a bit of a fight scene that was pretaped I wish they would have done live. And no one unlocked the 50 or 100 that was in the envelope.
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    I love them all. Over the last 12 seasons, they made laugh, cry, scream, shrug my shoulders, roll my eyes, clap my hands, cheer, shake my fist, squeal with delight, roar in anger, get frustrated, be filled with joy. I’m a BBT Fanatic first, identify with Lenny next but get compared to Sheldon most by friends and family ( but without his worst extremes as I could not exist in real life if those traits were possible) I recognise that Raj is very much a douchebag but still laugh at his comic relief role and been saddened by his character stalling often. I cringed at much of Howard’s early efforts but grew to acknowledge that his best moments were truly some of the show’s highlights. I cheered for the Lenny relationship from the moment it began and drew parallels to my life. Early Penny was eye catching but I grew intrigued with her beyond her looks and rode the roller coaster of her troubled life from start to finish. I sided with Leonard but was still disappointed when he failed to live up to the standards I felt he set. Sheldon drew me into the show deeply with his quirks that others saw in me and I laughed at them for years, accepting the absurdity of his behaviour as a byproduct of the comedy he delivered. I’ve never grown tired of the character himself, just the overuse of him by the writers to the detriment of others’ development and stories. As part of both Howardette and “the girls” Bernadette’s humour and feistiness grew on me and her and Howard’s moments were often scene stealers to me. And yet I am saddened by the nasty edge the writers have given her in recent seasons. Amy has always been a hard one to categorise for me. As an individual she both amuses and infuriates. As part of Shamy I’ve felt the same. But I’ve always enjoyed that she’s part of the show. Stuart has deserved to be treated better than he has, Wil, Kripke, the parents have been great foils ( not sure we needed Bert!). On here I’ve complained when I felt it necessary but generally just enjoyed the ride, bumpy though it’s been. I’ve watched bemused generally as the shipping wars have ebbed and flowed. I’ve cringed at the constant rehashed arguments but accepted them as part of being in an online community of varied backgrounds, biases, maturities and writing skills. But I’ve always been amazed at the passion and knowledge, the humour and serious intent inherent in the discussions that take place. As the show draws to the end I live in genuine hope that everyone here gets something at the end that brings them some joy because it truly saddens me when this place descends into a gloom and doom zone. The show has given us a lot. Sometimes we forget that when we hit a wall. Here’s to hope. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For the finale I want Sheldon and Amy to get the kid, the Nobel, the house...Everything. They have worked hard toward their professional goals and should be rewarded. I want Leonard and Penny to move somewhere far away. Never to be heard from again. They have four kids, leaving Leonard delighted and Penny fat and miserable and resentful. Staring at each other over some counter top somewhere with still zero common ground. I want Raj to find love and happiness with Anu. Having a beautiful wedding that he plans, creating beautiful flower arrangements as long as his heart desires. I want Howardette to get a great job opportunity and Howard really does get to do engineering for Elon Musk. Or a great job at NASA. Both Howard and Bernie making bank. Stewart to become rich and successful due to his brilliant art work and comic store. Married to Denise with two kids. Yes, a code word. Should really help in discussions I think...🤔 they helped Howard in space lol
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    There's your spin off right there! lol
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    Leonard and Penny are the only reason for the show. It should rightly be entirely about them. They are perfect and can do no wrong. Ever. They are inspiring the way they have so much in common. The way they stand around in the kitchen and don't do anything. Exactly the type of people everyone would want to watch. So unique. They really don't even need any other characters on the show. Just them. No neighbors or friends to live the show some added interest. They are just the greatest couple ever! They should have just made it a two character show.
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    And here I am...liking both Lenny and Shamy. Silly me!
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    What else is there to say but Hail Leonard and Penny! I hope in the finale they move to a small farm way out in the middle of nowhere so they can live a happy, child free (they raised Sheldon afterall, that should be enough for anyone) friend free existence where nobody can find them to cause any sort of disturbance to them. They have earned the right to absolute quietness after all they have been through with their friends. And Sheldon. Crap, I mentioned another characters name. Like Lord Voldemort, Sheldon must not be discussed.
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    Leave it to you @Itwasdestined to put something into words so perfectly. Twelve years is a long time to feel for and to live with characters of a sitcom inhabiting your mind and imagination. Yet twelve years can in some ways be not enough. I’m dreading the vacuum that comes after 12.24. We’ll always have the collected episodes, but the new will have ended. I also am not looking forward to what happens here. I’m sure many of us will stay for a while past the fade to black but, invariably we will all begin to drift away. Because of TBBT, I have forged friendships with folks both my age and quite a bit younger than I (especially through Twitter here at the Forum and in fanfiction) that I treasure and hope that will last long after May 23. Thanks so much for your post @Itwasdestined . So well said.
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    I like early season Sheldon as well. I enjoyed his interactions with Penny. Those were classic. I enjoyed the one where Penny slipped and fell and he had to drive her to the ER. Such great chemistry. Also, the one where she becomes obsessed with video games...
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    Times have changed. Something has brought out all sorts of behaviour that we hardly even knew about pre-internet. It's good deeds now that draw headlines. People around him put up with Sheldon because they are intelligent and educated enough to perceive that Sheldon has problems as well as being one. Even they have their limits though. Others of his peers, such as Mrs Davies and the laureates we met in 12x18, think he should jolly well control his behaviour a bit more and they don't put up with it more than they have to. Perhaps in the academic world Sheldons are more common than in the rest of society so that 'normal' people in that environment learn to accept them.
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    I'm an ardent Lenny shipper, but that doesn't mean I can't like other couples as well. I like Shamy too. I admire Mayim's portrayal of Amy.
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    Actually, it doesn't work that way. They were there to gather data for the entire period, they just couldn't "go home". They did gather all the data. They had two sets of data. One with the can opener, and another without it. It was Sheldon who sent out a email, boasting of success, without doing due diligence of running it past a peer review, prior to announcing. This is on all of them. How exactly did they ruin his project? They had all the data with them. Ruining the project would have been gathering ONLY the data with the can opener on. That didn't happen
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    Anyone can give examples of every character being a good and bad friend. It only takes 5 minutes of thinking either way, depending on who you like or dislike. They’re friends whose bad behaviour is amplified coz that’s what a lot of sitcoms do. Don’t get the need to rehash this whataboutism stuff over and over but then........online forums - what else is there to do?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks everyone! Not going to quote everyone. Thanks for your well wishes. I’m a grad student and thankfully my next class isn’t until Tuesday but it feels like such an uphill battle to even get a little functional. The warm up comedian Mark Sweet has the audience stay revved up so that they can be pumped for the taping and has these little contests where audience members get keys to try to unlock a lock on a clear pouch with money and no one got it :(. As for the swift resolution it happened in the form of Dr Campbell revealing all in a drunken rage and Dr. Pemberton running off scared in an instant. Not really how things happen irl but... I guess they only have so much time. It was a fast confessional scene to Sheldon and Amy at the end of the episode.
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    That was a good one!. Penny knew exactly how to make him annoyed. Penny calling his mom at the end always made me laugh. It worked though. He got them back, folded them and everything. Well played Penny. Well played!
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    From Deadline Hollywood Deadline’s fourth annual The Contenders Emmys, our television awards-season extravaganza, is now underway at a new location, the Paramount Theatre at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. A total of 21 networks and studios are showcasing 38 of their top contending shows in the event, which officially kicks off Emmy season. It is happening live all day in front of an invitation-only audience of TV Academy members and key voters from the top show business guilds. Melissa, Kunal and director Mark Cendrowski represented TBBT at their session today. A picture of Melissa from the event photo gallery...
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    The stars all go through different emotions at differnet times coming up to the end of a show like this. Nothing takes away what he has done, can't imagine anyone else playing the part as well as him
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    I didn't say they'd changed everything, nor left all they liked behind them.
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    Actually I thought the show was very funny until it was decided that sheldon should grow up and all rhe characters decided sheldon is a great friend now I consider it more soap opera than a comedy Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    I find I have to look up something nearly every week and it isn't always scientific. Perhaps I'm wrong in assuming all other serious fans look up things that are obscure or want to refresh their memories. I'm glad someone does. The Euler's disk I looked up too. Also I've more than once given Star Wars a try but got no further than half an hour. Sheldon had got up early to watch the Nobel presentation. He was telling the king that the prize he was handing over was undeserved and he should be careful not to get robbed himself. Trouble was, Sheldon called him 'Olaf' so I found myself Nectar-searching what that was all about since the Scandinavian monarchs had different names so far as I knew. I remember King Olaf at the Cenotaph every year when I was younger, often on the balconies there and at Buckingham palace for royal events. He died when Sheldon was about eleven. Sheldon, despite his Nobelamania obviously didn't know everything.
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    This isn't pointed at anyone here but I've had to deal with a few people in my life who thought they were smarter and better than anyone else. My wife and I raised are daughters not to be like that Luckily for me in the last 20 years I get to decide who I work for and I definitely have a long talk with a person before I agree to do anything. Life is to short to put up with that kind of thing and yet I find a show I really liked from the beginning and tptb decide an a**hole should be the hero. Maybe I'm just getting old and times have changed but I don't understand why anyone would put up with that kind of behavior Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    I like Lenny fine. Penny is very charming and I love watching her do scenes with the other girls on the show. Leonard is a great friend to others. I like Shamy as well. I like thier chemistry together, I like that two misfits found eachother. I like that Sheldon, who was never really expected to find love did.
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    They are...I watch them as AMSR videos at night to put me to sleep Truly wonderful wow
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    One of the main precepts of the show is the friendship between the characters. You can skew it anyway you want. But it is canon. They are all friends and will be for life.
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    From Deadline Hollywood ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Team Hints Series Won’t End With “Atomic Bomb” – The Contenders Emmys The Big Bang Theory is a few of episodes away from its series finale, but don’t expect a big explosion to bring finality to the beloved characters on the CBS comedy. Director Mark Cedrowski teased what fans of the long-running hit CBS sitcom can expect during a panel Sunday at Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys. “I honestly don’t know that much,” Cedrowski told Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva, who moderated the panel at the Paramount Theatre that also featured co-stars Kunal Nayaar and Melissa Rauch. “The final episode has not been written completely yet; it’s been outlined. I will say the one thing about how they’ve approached the whole season: When we learned that this was to be the last season … writers have approached it, not so much as the show is wrapping up and we’ll never see them again and the finality of it all. “It’s going to be the last episode and it’s going to end, but people’s lives still go on,” he added. “The characters will be giving the idea that their lives continue on. It’s not going to be an atomic bomb where things blow up and you never see anybody again.” <full article in the link>
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    Look how clever Amy is and she fell in love with Sheldon. That means Sheldon fans are in very intelligent company.
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    I wouldn't say that--adults play video games. They're in serious relationships, except for Raj, Howard has kids and the rest are considering having them and they're proficient in their careers and they're responsible husbands--video games and comic books are hobbies--doesn't nessacarily make them imature. If they were out drinking all the time that would be a different story
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    I hate to say it, but none of the guys have changed, other than being older. They still play video games, go to the comic book store , as well as everything else they did 12 years ago, The only major change is their living arrangements. In Howard's case, he changed from having his mother take care of him, to his wife doing it. Leonard's the best of the lot as he truly is friends with the other guys, even though most of the time they don't deserve it. I know there are different opinions out there.
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    An insightful and thoughtful analysis and beautifully written.......my compliments to you
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    He is boring since he has his life on a schedule. There's no room for spontaneity!
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    That is funny-- I think that's what happens to long playing shows--the characters have to grow changing the dynamics of the show and why it was popular and good in the first place. It's either going to get old from the same behaviors over and over again or it's gotta change but not always for the best
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    People grow, change and learn as they get older... Double edge sword. People will hate how he used to be or hate that he has become more humanized with age and love... Kind of sad. Anyway you slice it he will be either hated or misunderstood or both. He will never be boring tho...
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    I will continue to defend Sheldon whenever I want to. I see him very differently then you do. Frankly, your last sentance is not likely to make me feel any different. I like Lenny fine...
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    From KTLA 5 YouTube channel
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    If we are doing wish things for finale here’s mine: the two Fermilab guys get the Nobel. Sheldon would get his real wish. 15 kids. 3 sets of quints. All of them looking like Amy and the IQ of Mary. 10 years later Sheldon gets his Nobel on a project with Amy and Leonard Howard get his PHD at Cal Tech. Bernadette would discover the drug that would make her voice normal. Their kids end up baby sitting the other kids. Stuart gets a part time job illustrating children’s books. Marries Denise and has two kids. Raj marries Anu and have three boys all who play football. Penny’s their coach Leonard and Penny buy a house move closer to CalTech after Leonard’s promotion to Head of the Physics Department. The other three couples move to the same block. They are the last one to have a kid. They have a girl who looks exactly like Penny but with Leonatds IQ. The gang eats dinner 4 times a week at each other’s houses. on Friday night they go to the TCF and then to the comic book store. The girls have girls night on that day. Occasionally Stuart and Denise come for dinner too.
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    Ruining someone else's project is never ok. Even if you think it is going nowhere. Crappy thing to do. If Sheldon did that to A Leonard expirement would you feel the same or another crappy thing you thought Sheldon did?
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    But it was a very dishonest approach that wasted money and time spending it in the arctic. If it wasn't going to work they could've just gone home early
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    Thanks. Some of us are only in the forum for the spoilers and others don't want to see any. Spoilers go only in the (Spoilers) Season 12 Discussion Thread. We're already speculating there what might happen in The Plagiarism Schism, or at least I am. We saw the title on a cast member's instagram photo of the script. Please don't feel put under any pressure ! We're all grateful for any information we can get, such as whether anybody is pregnant or got a better job. However, the main thing, if audience members have no time or no inclination, is that they had a wonderful time. It's a big thing in anybody's life. We don't want to spoil (no pun intended ) the experience for you.
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    I recall the episode "Higgs-Boson" when Alex Jensen appeared. Penny trying to tell Amy she wasn't jealous and describing Leonard as sweet,thoughtful and "he really tries in the bedroom" I guess she has taught Leonard well since he has become so sexy!
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    Shell's right. In this case the actors aged by more than a decade and so the characters had to age - or in some ways grow up - with them. Leonard changed the least, it seemed to me. They were all child-like in many ways to begin with and over the years, since it wasn't an animated show, they needed to be moved on. I've liked them better as time has gone on. Every now and again, among the muddles and anachronisms and inconsistencies, a writer troubles to give us some worthwhile insight into character and that's good because we get something to talk about. We were slowly given the information that Sheldon's combination of nature and nurture, for instance, wasn't always favourable for him. Even without YS it was clear he'd not had much opportunity to find a peer group in his formative years. Most of any intellectual equals he had were not in his own age group. That puts a boy on the defensive. The fighting Texan instinct is still in him, nevertheless, at least from what he says. Sheldon's only weapon then was disdain and it persisted into adulthood. He found a handy coping tool in squashing emotions. Mix all that with a personality that's probably somewhere on the autistic spectrum and you find it's going to take him a long time to identify old habits for what they are - such as when a shock to his system got him to listen to Leonard about reality v fiction in the Spockumentary episode - and learn to discard them. But he can do it, at least as far as he wants to. He couldn't otherwise have got a wife so he made the effort. The reason for Leonard's insecurities and desire for approval is obvious when we see the mother they wrote for him, but he doesn't let it become an excuse for being a pain in the neck.
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    My post was just a joke , not to be taken seriously
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    I know I love the ending! It changed their relationship and Sheldon gained respect for her
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    I guess we'll just have to disagree on the boring part Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk I actually enjoyed sheldon in the early seasons not so much now Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Everyone has had to deal with difficult people but that's not the point It's a comedy (pretend) (not to be taken seriously) and when a difficult person achieves strides in being better and shows concern for others even though they're barely capable makes for a good show. Shit has to happen to make it all worth watching.
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    Making The Big Bang Theory TV Set in Far Cry 5! Awesome trial for a new adventure game. 🙂
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    ♥️ from Portugal just for you, girl !
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