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    @spidergirl : Your post brought yet more tears. As we have come to "the end" we will begin to fall away from something that for better or worse has sort of become our online home for TBBT content. We agree; we disagree; we argue; we make-up (and sometimes don't), but we all have something in common: our love for this (as Mrs. Wolowitz would say) furcocktah television show. I just want to say now that I wish every single one of you as we make our exit (whenever we do so) peace, joy, love and happiness!!!
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    Penny wouldn't be the first to insist it was 'an accident' when in reality it happened 'accidentally-on purpose', which is a saying where I grew up. It saves face when you don't want to tell people your first declaration was sincere but only up to a point. The fields I've worked in, both professionally and voluntarily, have taught me that Lenny's situation is as common as chips (fries ) on a Friday. Maternal instinct v self-preservation can be a two-way street. Bernadette would not need any explanation, given her own history and mixed feelings about it and Amy would accept without quibble that Penny had been sloppy or careless. The men would be pleased for Leonard regardless, if they gave it any thought at all. Note that Penny had never been sterilised although she could have well afforded it and had not sent Leonard for the snip either. She obviously wasn't on the pill, although she's much more organised in her life than she was when she was younger and would have remembered to take it every day. She hadn't had an implant either, nor was she on annual jabs. When she realised she had run the risk of pregnancy - assuming it was true she didn't know what she was doing - she didn't raid her sample store or dash to the pharmacist for a morning-after pill. And good lord, how many times have we seen her drunk and wanting sex ? This time she wasn't even drunk that we knew of, since Sheldon reminded her she was driving, which the writers hadn't had him do before. But drunken accident is her story and she's sticking to it, and blaming her husband to his face. Objectively, Penny's declaration out of the blue in 1203 that she didn't want children was bizarre to start with. She'd never been shown as hard-nosed or anti-motherhood. There didn't appear to be any reason. For instance, pregnancy needn't have interfered with her career just as she was beginning to like it : she could take as short a maternity leave as she wanted and there's a brilliant nursery at Caltech. She's always been a maternal sort, even in the early seasons when she was an irresponsible flibbertigibbet. She can deal with Sheldon and is the stablest among female friends who include the cleverest women on the planet. She's lovely to Raj, the wobbly doctor of astrophysics. And they all love her. She knows her husband may be superbly intelligent but has his weaknesses and with few lapses treats her as if he thinks he's a lucky sod to have wooed and won her. She can hold her own with geniuses and what's more has met all their living parents. She should know she could knock any of their mothers into a cocked hat. However, she was put on the spot by Leonard and like an uncertain racehorse or an insecure show-jumper, she refused a fence she wasn't confident enough to take. Motherhood, especially of a genius's children, was a big thing for Penny to face, and any misgivings she had kept down naturally surfaced then. She was suddenly having to think seriously about it. The future was upon her. Would she be up to raising an academically-inclined family if she needed to ? Whoever they took after, becoming someone's mother would be the final settling-down, the end of desirable - 'doable' as she called-it - hot, cool, fanciable Penny whom she was already beginning to miss. What she once saw as her chief, perhaps only, assets would be gone. So, rebelling against what others expected of her was the order of the day. It was the easy way out. She could be child-free, keep her time to herself for putting on her make-up and doing her nails, go on trips alone or with her husband, meet her friends as much as she liked, drink as much as she wanted, be free to do her exercises and her yoga and go for runs, and spend her own money on herself. Carrying on with the status quo. Losing nothing. But perhaps that certainty didn't last. Most women who've ever been independent think about what they'll be giving up in order to become mothers. But they go ahead anyway, which is why so many of us are here. Sometimes when they're changing nappies at dawn they remember what their pre-children lives were like and look forward to the day when they're all at school or even to when they've left home. Those who start to regain themselves after raising children to school age sometimes feel broody again in spite of everything. They don't want another one really, but end up pleased when the annoyance at the failed birth control wears off. Penny will have heard all this from colleagues at work, just like we all did - and I daresay those young enough are still hearing it. I think, Penny being Penny as we know her, finally put her mind to weighing things up. There were losses and gains however she looked at it. Best thing was to carry on with the decision she'd made, but just in case, leave things to the hands of fate : do nothing medical or surgical to reinforce her child-free position. If conception was 'meant' and in her stars, then she'd be reconciled to it. Complain, protest, blame your husband, curse your stars at first, and then announce that you were more pleased than you thought you'd be, despite what you'd previously chosen. Jump that fence this time. BTW not telling people as early as two months is quite normal, at least here in UK. When I started work the fourth month or even later was usual. Official confirmation by a doctor didn't happen until after three missed periods and even then it wasn't always right. Now that there's a scan at about nine weeks to check it's really a baby growing there, it's earlier, true. I can see why Lenny would want to wait for the questions until they got home from Sweden, however. As it happens, it doesn't matter that their friends and much of the world's public already know : anecdotally it appears that discomfort and lots of sickness at this stage bodes for a successful outcome.
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    Happy International Kissing Day 2019.
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    Feeling bittersweet about the end of this show. Admitally it has not been the same show, and their was a drop off point around the sixth season. And I know we've had all our shipping wars over the years lol. But all these characters even Sheldon, have contributed to the success of this show. The show was a well oiled machine, take one character away it does not work. Sheldon does not work without Leonard or Penny, and vice versa. This forum, and really the community has been a big part of my life since 2013. I am hoping this site can continue. Shows end, but the characters can keep a show alive. Through its audience.
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    What I will miss the most with the show ending is all the discussion with members from all over the world on this forum. Sure we don't always agree on various things but we all have the same love to the show.
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    From Entertainment Tonight 'Big Bang Theory' Says Goodbye: 16 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From the Emotional Finale Taping You may have already watched The Big Bang Theory’s tear-jerking finale, but you definitely didn’t see these emotional behind-the-scenes moments! ET was on set in Burbank, California, for the live taping of the CBS comedy's very last episode and when we weren't freaking out over all the hidden Easter eggs or cheering for the surprise appearance of Sarah Michelle Gellar, we were holding back tears while watching the cast say goodbye to the characters they've played for the past 12 seasons. Here are 16 on-set moments that every Big Bang fan should know about... <full article & video in the link>
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    Link: The Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Holland answers burning questions about the series finale
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    Just some random observations and opinions. What storyline would have been satisfactory to Lenny fans if Penny wasn’t pregnant? I got nothing. Easier for TPTB to ignore some bad Early season writing about Penny not wanting kids (not to mention totally out of left field) than to have no story. As someone suggested earlier if Penny didn’t want kids she wouldn’t of been pregnant Fascinated about some disappointment that Amy wasn’t pregnant. Really? You got Shamy winning the Nobel Prize (which is more far fetched IMO than Penny pregnant) and Sheldon the central figure in both episodes. And then there were complaints about Sheldon acting just like ...............,,.,,..Sheldon. As to some upset over Amy’s new look suggesting she should please Sheldon. Would Sheldon do that? Better question is that what women should do? Raj. Anu thought more highly of her career than Raj. Raj thought more highly of his friends than Anu. It seems he is fine with that decision and made peace with that. Why can’t everyone else?
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    This! I'm sad the show is ending tomorrow, but I'm also looking forward to the finale, since my gut feeling tells me I will be happy and moved. And not just as a fan of TBBT, but also as an ardent Lenny shipper. And no clickbait article from a dubious website like screenrant, whose only purpose is to rant (hence the name of the site) and spread negativity will change that. 🙂
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    The time of looking back slowly begins. Although looking in my case should be taken literally. It has always been my ambition to present content as pictorial as possible. While yesterday the focus was more on the imagination, using Penny as an example, today I would like to devote myself to the phenomenon of consistency for Lenny. The fabulous evolution of The Holy Kitchen Island: * That all started with a big bang. * Usually comfy. * Good times. * You remember? * Of course! * Hard to resist. * Need to defend. * Resolute statements. * Very resistant. I hope you can agree. 🙂
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    Welcome As you can see, many of us are upset with what the writers have done with Lenny, and we have this thread to share those feelings. Personally for the time being I don't see any grey there, nothing has changed since 12×03. There's still time but I've been disappointed by these writers so many times that I personally don't expect anything. I'll have to pretend this season never happened and stick to fanfiction... It is trully sad to read how many of us love so much of the Lenny story and how the writers had deeply disappointed and upset us. I will never understand their decisions regarding Lenny in this last season. I had hopes with it being the last season we will finally get some nice Lenny developments and then...
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    In spite of it all, I see Leonard as a happy man. I'd never describe Sheldon as happy. Leonard is a decent, smart, kind and funny guy. He has some good friends, a good job and enough money to enjoy life with a woman he loves. He's doing okay for himself!To Leonard.
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    New photoshoot gettyimages gettyimages
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    It's been a while not entering the forum! Seeing this super late but I wanted to say thanks ♥️
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    First of Die, that was a great list. As for Yvette, I believe they intended her to be recurring for Raj. However, back in 2014, Molaro, did several interviews, after that episode aired, and when asked, hinted that they didn't think the character was a good fit for the show, which puzzled me. They are the writers, why write a character that wasn't a good fit for the show, which got me thinking (which is dangerous). One thing TPTB were very protective of, was the chemistry of the cast. If they thought an actor was a good fit, and they saw that during the week, they tended to bring them back, even if they were supposed to be a one shot. Melissa and Mayim both were supposed to be one-shots, and they ended up as main cast. Zack was supposed to be a one shot, and he ended up recurring. Melissa was asked the Friday after the table read if she was available for more shows, and they offered Mayim main cast, when she thought her arc had run it course. I bring those up, because I got the impression that it was possibly the actress who maybe didn't mesh with the rest of the cast. This is speculation on my part, but from the interviews, that's what I got. This is not to say she was a bad actress or there was something wrong with her, or she was a diva, none of that. It could simply be TPTB didn't like the interaction or chemistry between her and the cast, and wanting to protect that cast chemistry, simply pulled the plug on her character. Or, they could have decided the character wasn't a good fit, either way, the result was the same. We probably will never know for sure. Emily was introduced the second episode after the appearance of Yvette, about three weeks production time. Now there's a case of bending over backwards to make sure she was available, when they wanted her. Which, in the end, didn't matter as that character also ended up disappearing.
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    That hug lasted at least 5 Mississippis. ❤️❤️
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    Big Bang Theory Co-Creator Chuck Lorre Confirms a New Spinoff Was Discussed, Ultimately Scrapped — Here's Why By Michael Ausiello Link to video and article: https://tvline.com/2019/05/05/big-bang-theory-finale-spinoff-series-chuck-lorre/
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    We were made to sign a non disclosure agreement as soon as we were seated in the parking structure. I’m not sure that is the norm. The audience MC, not sure what his official title is, constantly reminded us not to reveal anything we saw. They also showed us a previously taped episode that hasn’t been aired yet on the above head tv monitors while we were seated and waiting for things to start. I want to say that about 50 people on standby got in, but that is an even better story. I had been trying since January to get tickets for one of the remaining tapings with no luck. I was so frustrated, I finally sent an email at the beginning of March begging for any type of ticket to one of the final tapings. They replied back almost immediately that our names were put on the standby list for April 23, and no ticket would be required, we just needed our ID. I did try to get a guaranteed ticket for shows in between then with no luck also. We got out yesterday later than we wanted, and the traffic didn’t help, so we got in line around 10:30 and it looked like by rough count we were about number 40, but by the time the ticket people came, I want to say we were about number 50 with all the joiners to parties already in line. We got out our ID’s because we didn’t have a ticket and my heart dropped when they checked the list and said our name wasn’t on it. There were two people checking tickets and the other woman asked our name, and then said they’re on my list. So since it took a little bit of time to find our names, I looked and saw where the people in front of us had sat down and asked if we sit next to them, and they said no, and sent us to the empty row in the front. There were only two other people sitting there. We were a little confused by why we were sent there, so I asked the other two why we didn’t get to sit with everyone else, I wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing, and they said we were audience guests? I believe she said. She had a ticket that said “au ticket” I believe. We weren’t VIP, but were let in before they took any standby tickets. I saw later that the couple in front of us got in, but I didn’t see the people behind us in line, but it was hard to see the corner sections from where we got seated. Had we been taken in standby order, I believe we would have been right on the cusp of getting in. The front four rows were all taped off for VIP’s. I’m just so very thankful to the person who put our names on that list, because I’m still not sure if we would have made it in otherwise.
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    Big Bang Theory ring. 💍 Looks like all of the cast and crew get one.
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    From an Interview in The New York Post ‘Special’ creator Ryan O’Connell: ‘There’s such ignorance around disability’ Actor/writer Ryan O’Connell, has cerebral palsy, wants to change the way we talk about disabilities — and he’s hoping to do that with “Special,” his new Netflix sitcom premiering Friday. <snip> O’Connell created and stars in “Special,” produced by “The Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons. It follows a young gay man with CP (O’Connell) as he begins his first job, has adventures in dating and moves into his first solo apartment away from his mother, hanging out with his friends Carey (Augustus Prew) and Kim (Punam Patel). <snip> “Hollywood is so [enthusiastic about] diversity right now and representation,” he says. “But it still is hard to push something through that people have never seen before. So it made it a lot harder.” Eventually he got Parsons interested, in part because his husband, Todd Spiewak, saw an article O’Connell wrote on a blog called Thought Catalog about having CP. “Jim was just starting to launch a production company,” says O’Connell. “I had a couple studios interested in it but I really connected with Jim and Todd; they were so sweet and warm and understood exactly what it was that I was going for. I knew they’d protect my vision. Jim is a dream, he’s so down to earth, he’s so supportive, he gets it. “Let me tell you, for an A-list celebrity, that’s rare!” (full article in the link)
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    I strongly disagree with this comment. With the end of the show all relationships and marriages are set in stone. Also Leonard and Penny are expecting their first child. Love these words from Kaley in this regard: "I think they're going to be awesome parents." (Source)
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    I have always seen Leonard and Penny as one true pairing. That's why I followed them so hard. Nowadays I tend to see them as the loving couple off screen that we never saw. Forget the BS fed for 18 mins each week. I see through what i was meant to see when the show was on. So yeah, I met them for the first time in S1, I saw the love. Leonard and Penny were broken. Penny's heart had been lied to, broken, lost and alone, but somehow Leonard still saw through all that. He saw the sweet and innocent girl that she used to be. Penny saw so much in him and would not allow Leonard to stay where he had fallen in life, due to his traumatic childhood. I think Penny is grateful for leonard believing in her and loving her like never before. With Leonard, Penny found herself again and could never have accomplished so much without Leonard. Leonard and Penny had one life to live and just one love to give. They chose each other. They are lost without each other. Their love. That love is each other. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    I think I'm doing ok with TBBT ending, and then I read an article like this, and I'm all teary again. I'm not that ok. A piece of Leonard and Penny will always stay with me: the passion, the friendship, the laughter, the tears, the endurance, the commitment and the general all-around cuteness of the two of them together. And I'll always try to remember the lesson we learned from Leonard. Don't give up on love.❤️❤️
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    Yes, a great Lenny episode. Here is @luminous Lenny storybook chapter for this episode.
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    Penny was the “socially normal” polar opposite female needed to play off and grow the boy nerds, Amy the “socially awkward” female equivalent of the boys who needed to grow up with the help of Penny (and Bernie) and Bernadette was the part scientist/part normal female that sat between Penny and Amy, while also being the mother replacement/catholic opposite for the Jewish boy. Emily didn’t have a role to fill as she was another normal girl with the forced defect of gore fetish that just didn’t gel with the characteristics of the others and the hardcore quilting which Penny and Bernie were never going to appreciate so causing a split for Amy. Lucy’s role as the socially awkward female was already taken by Amy. Clare went nowhere and was just a plot device to kill off Emily in the show. Anu was a last ditch but half hearted attempt to save Raj at the end with a stereotypical arranged Indian relationship that had been done before with Lakshmi. Interestingly, Denise worked for Stuart as the perfect soul mate of 100% comic geek. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've been thinking about the ongoing lives of the gang, as the writers said they hoped we would. When Sheldon named his friends at the ceremony it struck me how prestigious those who’d supported him and Amy were: "Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Astronaut". Impressive peers indeed. I couldn't have gathered such company at his age. With people at that level behind you, how can you but do well? Neither of them had their relatives in the audience, though, which I thought was sad. I’m glad Shamy's friends weren't tempted by the stressful situation Sheldon was in to bite their tongues at his attitude. Now he had achieved the ultimate, he no longer needed to be handled as if he were vulnerable. No more 'Sheldon is Sheldon, what did we expect ?' He was a Nobel laureate for Pete's sake. He should buck up. It was time to take off the kid gloves. Whatever the name is for Sheldon’s disorders, he’s got the intelligence to learn how to behave. He has learned many times what’s expected of him and he has shown he can apply that knowledge when he wants to. Trouble is, because it doesn’t come naturally, it has to be remembered all the time and built on whenever there’s something new. It can be a strain. Moreover he’s got a selfish,self-serving streak anyway, honed by his having to defend himself as a child and adolescent. Now he has gained his goal, he doesn’t know how to deal with his new life going forward as a Nobel laureate. He doesn’t yet know where he fits in. Who would ? He has got it all to learn. Others may find it exciting. All that stuff is stressful for him,though, and when he’s stressed he reverts to his baseline. Just as an over-stressed ex-smoker might lapse and go for a cigarette, or a formerly obese person who’s slimmed down might go for a cream doughnut, so a Sheldon who’s of necessity always self-centred while concentrating on applying learned behaviour, under pressure boils over into selfishness and inconsiderateness. In this mode he can’t see life from anybody else’s angle and is too fixated on his own position to try to. But it’s not the time for wife and friends to be making excuses or concessions for him. A kick up the behind is more appropriate, poor chap. No longer will anything be gained by not letting him know when he’s being a jerk. If they tolerate his crap now that he’s really on top it will last forever. Well the tough love worked. Will the lesson last ? That remains to be seen, or rather imagined.
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    Too bad we couldn't see them tell Wyatt!
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    From TBBT Wrap Party..
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    I find this post very upsetting. Mostly because Jim is my hero for realizing it was time to end the show. Its best days were past. It hasn't been that great since the end of season seven. People complained every week about eight and lots of eps after that. Even after promising to go out with a bang the writers have mucked this season up royally. Jim is not an indentured servant. If he didn't want to do it, he had every right to say he was leaving. If Lorre didn't want to do the show without him that's on Lorre. But I still think if he didn't do it I also think Johnny very well might have. Shows end all the time and people move on. I think considering the ratings any one of the cast and crew could get hired for something else. And if the cast managed their money wisely none of them even have to work again unless they want to. It would have been sweet if he had given the others more of a head's up but none of them are in charge of his career or his personal life. He is. He can do what he wants and he should. As for YS it's clear from this board alone that not all TBBT fans even watch it. I don't and I like Jim and Sheldon. Many do not even consider the two connected. And it doesn't take up much of Jim's time and we have no idea how long it will go on for anyway. That was a cute ep and I'm not a big fan of Blossom.
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    I was soooo excited to read about the "retrospective" that Johnny and Kaley will do after the final episode. I'll need an extra box of tissues.
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    I think this is also representative of Leonard. He's (understandably) plagued with worries and insecurities but when he truly wants something he manages to gather the strength and go for it anyway. "The Recombination Hypothesis" is a very good example.
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