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    Thanks everyone! Not going to quote everyone. Thanks for your well wishes. I’m a grad student and thankfully my next class isn’t until Tuesday but it feels like such an uphill battle to even get a little functional. The warm up comedian Mark Sweet has the audience stay revved up so that they can be pumped for the taping and has these little contests where audience members get keys to try to unlock a lock on a clear pouch with money and no one got it :(. As for the swift resolution it happened in the form of Dr Campbell revealing all in a drunken rage and Dr. Pemberton running off scared in an instant. Not really how things happen irl but... I guess they only have so much time. It was a fast confessional scene to Sheldon and Amy at the end of the episode.
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    Sadly, I caught a "Big Bang Bug" of a flu somewhere between my trip there and friday afternoon and I'm still battling it. I'll post a couple of things though: Title: The Plagiarism Schism. Main Plot: Sheldon and Amy discover Pemberton likes to mooch off others' work instead of doing things on his own, but Penny and Leonard take the whistleblowing into their own hands which fails and then goes to Campbell for swift resolution (having been a victim of someone plagiarizing my own work, i didn't agree with how this resolved). Sub Plot: Cheesecake Factory made a final return as Bernie tells Howard that another waitress had a crush on him but that she herself made sure that didn't go any father, and Howard tried to find out hillariously who it was. I was seated in front of Penny's Apartment and the cheesecake factory was way way way off to the side past Sheldon and Leonard's place. Kal Penn and Sean Astin were there. I wish something had been done about the Raj and Anu arc because I was really curious about that. Couple quick anecdotes: Jim Parsons had his lines on cue cards and hid them in the shelf before a scene with him and Mayim. In the scene where Sheldon and Amy talk to the rest of them about what they know, the entire cast did not know some lines had been cut leading to some hilarious confusion! There was also a bit of a fight scene that was pretaped I wish they would have done live. And no one unlocked the 50 or 100 that was in the envelope.
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    From Deadline Hollywood ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Team Hints Series Won’t End With “Atomic Bomb” – The Contenders Emmys The Big Bang Theory is a few of episodes away from its series finale, but don’t expect a big explosion to bring finality to the beloved characters on the CBS comedy. Director Mark Cedrowski teased what fans of the long-running hit CBS sitcom can expect during a panel Sunday at Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys. “I honestly don’t know that much,” Cedrowski told Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva, who moderated the panel at the Paramount Theatre that also featured co-stars Kunal Nayaar and Melissa Rauch. “The final episode has not been written completely yet; it’s been outlined. I will say the one thing about how they’ve approached the whole season: When we learned that this was to be the last season … writers have approached it, not so much as the show is wrapping up and we’ll never see them again and the finality of it all. “It’s going to be the last episode and it’s going to end, but people’s lives still go on,” he added. “The characters will be giving the idea that their lives continue on. It’s not going to be an atomic bomb where things blow up and you never see anybody again.” <full article in the link>
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    BTW, given all that talk about how things will continue as they've been, I think the last scene may be them having dinner in 4A, just like the last shot of the theme song.
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    Raj trying to steal Penny again and using Sheldon as a shield?[emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Richard Wilkins is Channel 9 Australia Entertainment Editor |The Today Show (4 pictures)
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    Because the writers or TPTB thought it was a funny idea ?
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    @dysfunctionalsymmetry, thank you very much for the spoilers! I greatly appreciate them! You're a rockstar!
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    Yeah, that's what I'm picturing now as well.
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    From The official Novel Prize web site Nomination and selection of Physics Laureates Nomination to the Nobel Prize in Physics is by invitation only. The candidates eligible for the Physics Prize are those nominated by qualified persons who have received an invitation from the Nobel Committee to submit names for consideration. No one can nominate himself or herself. (A concise description of the process is in the link)
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    The crux of the story is that there are 4 scientists in the run for a prize that allows a maximum of 3 people and one of them being a "faker" with a reputation of plagiarism could affect the outcome over who gets the prize, specifically here that Amy would be included. I don't know if the vetting committee would take that into account IRL (was there ever such a case anyway?) but since plagiarism is an issue in the science community they might as well.
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    Because they're the ones who came up with the realisation, or claimed to. They are practical physicists. Their lab will be like Leonard's, with things in it that do things. The Curie family, Sheldon's heroes, produced stuff that glowed. Sometimes a large team is involved in a discovery and it's only the boss (es) or whoever makes something tangible out of the work who get(s) the award. A propos of nothing, it's only the ones left alive. The award is never posthumous. Watson and Crick had a fellow scientist who died of breast cancer and got left off the award.
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    So why would these two "fakers" even be eligible for a Nobel? They didn't come up with the concept or the math. They just proved Sheldon & Amy's theory.
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    of course, no pressure on anyone but we love reading spoilers 🤩 and yes, to get into the taping is a really cool thing, but I wouldn't call it big thing in anybodys life, it is just a TV show in the end 🙃
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    Hmm prob after a lot happens. Last meal in 4A. And camera fades black. Maybe a flash forward. I would love a tag scene in the end though. A nerdy girl moves in next door. Two cute guys say Hi. Show ends. Of Course I would love the Elevator to be fixed. But hearing them talk like “Their life’s well go on”. I’m thinking they won’t move away end of Series Final. And Flash Forwards. Are prob a probability.
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    I'm not clear on this plagiarism idea... They didn't just copy Shamy's paper, as I understand it, they accidentally made an experiment that supports it. So, even if one of them tends to copy papers or whatever, it makes him look bad but it doesn't change anything concerning their possible Nobel nomination.
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    In character...I love (Mayim's) Amy face and body language....I got him and I'm not leaving without him.....lol
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    They just asked for Leonard's opinion about the theory, they came up with it
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    From what I understand of the process first everyone who's allowed to (a few thousand people in fact) can send in their suggestions and then the committee is picking like 250 - 300 potential laureates. In TBBT Shamy and the rival team know their names have been sent in by two sources - Siebert with Shamy (and presumably one of the scientists??) and whoever from Fermilab with the two scientists plus Sheldon. Since both teams were trying to sway the public/science community I assume we're still in the vetting period here. So far nobody has been announced to be a proper nominee, as far as I'm aware anyway.
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    In the real world, the scientists aren't supposed to know that they are nominated to a Nobel Prize, but it's clearly different in tbbt land.
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    The vast majority of Nobels are for experimental work that supports a theory, or theoretical work, after an experiment show the theory is possibly correct. Einstein, although known today mostly for relativity, did not win his Nobel for relativity, either special or general. However, there have been two Nobels for experiments supporting General Relativity (Kip Thorne was one, but as Joyce pointed out, he was a member of a large team, but one of the originators), and many other experiments that have to take relativity into account. Paul Dirac wasn't awarded the Nobel, for his 1928 work incorporating relativity into the quantum mechanical equations, until 1933. The award came after Carl Anderson found the positron, which was predicted by Dirac's work (Anderson won the 1936 Nobel, for his discovery.) The two may have been "fakers" when it comes to Super Asymmetry, and their experiment results providing support for it may have been an accident, but it's still their experiment that provided the support for Super Asymmetry. Anderson's find of the positron was entirely by accident, but it still provided support for Dirac and won both of them a Nobel.
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    ...it was the anniversary of Watson's birthday on Saturday April 6...(1928)
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    AFAIK it is just the running gag and noone gets that money! Mark Sweet is a part time magician and he takes care about that 😁 so noones dropping the piano ... OK!
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    That would be cool way to end it...I still hope they fix the elevator though
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    Good. Flu's a nasty thing. Take enough care of yourself even if you have to miss classes. It's not worth risking the after-effects. Getting over flu can take a surprising length of time. Whatever Amy recovered from in a few days when she wanted Sheldon to take care of her can't have been flu.
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    I'm trying to remember. Was that the height of Frozen mania? I remember there being some heated discussion that Disney only implied Frozen's Arendelle was a take on Norway because they needed to remodel the Maelstrom ride and wanted to get more little kids to Epcot. Hans Christian Andersen, who wrote The Snow Queen, was, of course Danish. And Frozen had a main character named Olaf. It was considered quite the scam by Maelstom fans and they used Olaf as a derisive term for Disney. When the Frozen ride opened though there was a 2 - 2 1/2 hour wait to ride it. It definitely did get more families with young children to Epcot. Penny and Sheldon were funnier when they were adversarial. When she was needling him for being weird and he was needling her for being an airhead. When they got to be close friends I liked a lot less of their interaction., SO sorry to hear this. Get well soon.
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    Look how clever Amy is and she fell in love with Sheldon. That means Sheldon fans are in very intelligent company.
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    And thank you. Just like when I meet another dog person I usually instantly like them and the same goes for another Sheldon person. It's so nice when someone else agrees
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    I wouldn't say that--adults play video games. They're in serious relationships, except for Raj, Howard has kids and the rest are considering having them and they're proficient in their careers and they're responsible husbands--video games and comic books are hobbies--doesn't nessacarily make them imature. If they were out drinking all the time that would be a different story
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    If it was only Leonard that said he wanted kids, and that one time, I'd be right there with you. Neither of my daughters want kids, and I'm fine with that, that's their decision and they were both up front with their partners, saying they didn't want them. Not, saying they wanted them multiple times, before dropping the bomb about not wanting them. If they want to get into issues like being child free, they ought to have done it correctly, have them talk about it before marriage. If either of them didn't want kids, let that be known before committing to each other in marriage. Not, have one (it doesn't matter if it's male or female, I know people of both genders who didn't want kids and gotten divorced because it wasn't mentioned or someone changed their mind.) drop that little nugget of information after they were married. They could have handled this much differently, and it would have been a great foray into being childless, and how anyone can change their mind after they are already married, but they didn't write it that way. I was, "I know I said I wanted kids, but now I don't, deal with it." Is she allowed to change her mind? Sure, no one should be forced to have kids. But, there is a responsibility that goes along with changing your mind, especially if you are married. You have to let your husband/wife know that, when you come to that conclusion. From Penny's reaction, she came to that conclusion a while back, and didn't say anything. My issue isn't that they are not going to have kids, my issues is the piss poor way they got to that point. Not to mention the additional bullshit of the donation arc. At the end of the first episode it was brought up, they showed Leonard being accepting of it. If they would have left it that way, I would have been unhappy, but Leonard accepted it, so fine. In the donation arc, they showed he was not happy with it. So, now they are left with either Leonard being unhappy, without kids, or Penny being unhappy, with kids. Neither of them can win in that situation.
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    Sheldon took credit for Leonards work one time, and the Guidance System Plot. I mean heck Shamy were better using Leonard to test their Hypothesis. Not a bunch of fakers, who have now taken all the glory.
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    Until recently he was still working. I read in an article that he'd been fired from his post because the powers that be didn't like the results of his latest research. It was too non-PC for them.
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    That's why. They didn't fake proving Shamy's work. Shamy just came up with the idea. So true!
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    I suppose it depends where one lives and how much the adventure means. Who told you it was a TV show ? Those people are real and it's a privilege to be allowed to overhear their conversations and watch them eating and playing. It would be a big thing in my life if I were able to travel to the other side of the world.
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    Well, after TBBT ends, she has her animals to fall back on.
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    I don't see how it makes them look bad. All they did was take their idea and proved it. I do believe they acknowledged Shamy's part in the deal!
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    I did! And perhaps this is what is saving me right now despite the awfulness of this all.
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    From Deadline Hollywood Deadline’s fourth annual The Contenders Emmys, our television awards-season extravaganza, is now underway at a new location, the Paramount Theatre at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. A total of 21 networks and studios are showcasing 38 of their top contending shows in the event, which officially kicks off Emmy season. It is happening live all day in front of an invitation-only audience of TV Academy members and key voters from the top show business guilds. Melissa, Kunal and director Mark Cendrowski represented TBBT at their session today. A picture of Melissa from the event photo gallery...
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    The stars all go through different emotions at differnet times coming up to the end of a show like this. Nothing takes away what he has done, can't imagine anyone else playing the part as well as him
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    Making The Big Bang Theory TV Set in Far Cry 5! Awesome trial for a new adventure game. 🙂
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    With all due respect, I could honestly care less. I don't believe all that equals happiness. I feel any kitchen island can be a happy place , as long as you have the right mind set and firm with who you are.
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    If it's allowed, I would like to add some additional information from the press release. I think (not only on my interest) this reference also could be interesting. CHEAT TWEET: Supportive wife Penny encourages Leonard to stand up for himself when he wants to be the principal investigator on a new physics study on @BigBangTheory #TheFinalEpisodes Thursday 4/25 8pm #CBS http://bit.ly/2K6LO8L
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    Agree with your post but especially the bold part. I too love the actors but can’t stand the characters they are playing on this show! They seem like a couple of dim whitted “scientists” who stumbled into their careers, forget about stumbling into proving this theory of Shamy’s. If they end up getting the Nobel (and we all know this arc will go on to the end), I for one will be so pissed! I’d rather Shamy get it but if they don’t, I sure as hell don’t want these FRAUDS to get it!
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    Yeah. But not only the chemistry, also the… 🙂
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    Is it only me who finds this super asymmetry story super boring.... and such a long unfunny plot in the last season feels like a complete downer....
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