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    Oh my word! This is beginning g to sound like jr. high school! “He’s better friends with her than you are”. Yikes. They are all friendly with each other to varying degrees. Johnny and Kaley were in a relationship. Now they’re not. Luckily for us as fans of TBBT, they share a deep friendship. Jim and Mayim respect each other immensely and appear to be good friends. Johnny appeared on Mayim’s television show when they were both teens and have a connection there. Jim and Kaley have a nice friendship as well. Melissa and Bill Prady share aspects of their religion on Instagram with each other at holiday times. We are lucky that as co-workers they all get along. I believe this lends to the longevity of the series. Let’s all embrace that as the days dwindle down....
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    The fact these two have a good chemistry with each other can also be seen, eg, in some bloopers (IMO). 🙂
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    Yes that was a brilliantly written and acted relationship - and all the more powerful, altho' there was no sexual element, for being between a man and woman - most of the great adverserial partnerships in comedy are 2 men. With all the conflicts, by season 3 at the latest I felt they had come to love each other (in a non-erotic way, I repeat), and the frequent conflicts made their occasional displays of affection (as in the Adhesive Duck Deficiency or the ep where Penny gave Sheldon the napkin his fravourite actor had used) quite touching. It was in fact Peny who first brought out any human feelings in Sheldon.
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    They definitely all seem quite close knit. I don’t know if anybody else could confirm this, but the two tapings I attended, I noticed that Jim and Kaley were very close between takes... they would seek each other out and be laughing quite a lot - they hugged a lot and she would go over to him whilst he was reading his flash cards. Mayim seemed to gravitate towards Simon, Melissa and Kunal whereas Johnny was talking to the crew and Bill Prady quite a lot. As I say, this was only what I noticed on two tapings and generally speaking, they al seemed very friendly with each other during takes. Would be interested to know what regular attendees noted [emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    To be clear, I never felt or said they had any sexual tension between them--people can still have good chemistry w/o the attraction for another. They did have love for another, Penny had voiced that throughout the show--she may have said she loved Sheldon before she told Leonard, even-- but their love was a brotherly-sisterly one. And, yes, I agree Penny's relationship with Sheldon was definitely an eye opener for him--it began his growth.
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    Prob one of my fav dialogue of them. Penny: What are we going to do??? Leonard: We? Oh know you've had your chance to be WE, for a year and a half now. Right now your you. And Your Screweeeeeedd.
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    Why would the final revolve around Penny’s birthday? The timeline usually follows ours and her birthday is Dec. 2nd. Yes....me too. When it first showed up, I kept smacking my iPad.
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    Adversarial is funny. The Panty Pinata is one of my favorite episodes.
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    But the thing is this isn't the Lenny section and I never said Sheldon and Penny were sexually attracted to each other so I believe the post Did have merit and can not be disregarded because there is no sexual intentions with Sheldon and Penny No matter what they have good chemistry.
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    Yes - to be clear, I never thought that you thought there was any sexual element to S & P - I think we're fully in agreement on that. It occurs to me to wonder if the reason some people expected the S & P relationship to develop into a sexual one was because that's something of a convention in films - antagonistic pairs of young man and woman either start off married (eg Woman of the year) or end up together (eg It happened one night). Yes, my examples are pretty old, and I don't know if it still holds - anyone else think so?
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    Hero, Heroine why does there need to be one? I think they have all done some very courageous things and gone out of their way to help others. But heroes? No, I save the hero label for those that have in my eyes gone well above and beyond, people who have saved lives perhaps even at the risk of their own.
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    Well, as usual lately, we disagree. Kaley is a marvelous actress.
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    Same way the 200th episode shoulden't of revolved around Sheldons Birthday. But it did. As for SP Ugh. In any case I agree they were better as Adversarial's. I Think since they became Friends, you have lost alot of the comedy. And one of the best episodes was Panty Pinata. Johnny was brilliant in that episode too though. Way he just played mediator was hillarous. But I Think this particular topic has been beaten to death over the past 12 years.
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    The kind of chemistry you are talking about is the same kind of chemistry Abbot and Costello had, or Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, it is about that they play well off each other. What people are mostly referring to in this forum is the chemistry between Leonard and Penny as a couple (they also play well off each other, too), that couple chemistry does not exist between Sheldon and Penny, it never did, the actors even have confirmed that. I sometimes even question the chemistry between Amy and Sheldon because I don’t think putting Sheldon in a male/female relationship was a good idea and his character, as written, is just as disrespectful to women as he is to his friends. I really think one of the big mistakes in the show was to define Sheldon’s sexuality, he should have remained unattached with little interludes with women like he had with Martha and Nowinski through the show. I liked the Amy character and I think she may have worked with Raj better than Sheldon in the long run, Sheldon has always been the odd man out and he should have remained that way till the end, not Raj, doing it with Raj is just sad.
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    Also on "The Talk" show she replied to a game question about Johnny "Well, we dated so we know each other pretty well. He is one of the closest people I have ever worked with and is one of my closest friends" We do things together, go in on things together and he has been a big support for me all these years. Kaley's own words. Don't think we need to say more.
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    I don't claim Jim and Kaley aren't good friends, I'm just pointing out that by the evidence, Kaley is closest with Johnny. I'll let Kaley tell it in her own words.
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    But it does indicate they had to have talked about it together. I haven't seen any indication that Jim and Kaley have gone out as friends, other than having something to do with TBBT, something like the Fallout 4 launch Johnny and Kaley attended, for example. Then there was the case of Kaley repeatedly walking into Johnny's dressing room, while he was in the shower, something that occurred after they broke up.
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    Johnny and Kaley were not SELECTED to go talk to the audience. They came up with doing that themselves.
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    Good point. I would have thought that he had one for TBBT as well. His Leonard portrayal for 12 years should have given him one. Leonard is an iconic character on an iconic show.
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    The only thing we have to go on is kaleys IG account johnny shows up their occasionally when there's no bbt stuff going on but I haven't seen any of jim without bbt things going on Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    let's hope it has another season. from what im seeing, netflix isn't promoting the show as much as they should. in fact almost nothing of promotion
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    Yes, totally agree: you've nailed something I've tried to express in the past. They also should never have tried to make Amy into a romantic heroine. Perhaps that change of character is impossible to pull off, and it certainly doesn't work here. When the writers play to MB's strengths - as in 1217 Scheming Amy - it can be very funny. But only KC should be the leading lady.
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    That is a perfect resume of how I feel. They ruined a lot for me when she and Sheldon became friends and they quit that wicked banter. And while Kaley is a perfectly adequate sitcom actress, I don't see greatness there. Success, of course, obviously, but not greatness.
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    I take what @Zephon75, @luminous, @Mario D. and @3ku11 have written and put it on my list. Love all the choices.
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    So much so that back in the day some ppl would ship them in real life (yeah, that... yikes) - ironically all the while Jim is gay and Kaley was in a relationship with Johnny. lol
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    They do seem like they are great friends in real life...Jim and Mayim as well. Workplace goals...
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    Morningside College is Liberal arts college in Sioux City, Iowa
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    I love Kaley as a person--big heart, immense love for animals and love the fact she adopts rescues and supports the cause, seems to have a good sense of humor--nice person. The best Penny I felt was when she was paired with Sheldon--their stories were hysterical, timing superb, best banter, good chemistry...As for Lenny I think they're cute and like them..but I don't think their acting is anything wonderful and I can't say I get wicked excited over their scenes. I do feel sorry for Leonard at times, just can't say I feel there is a strong bond between them. JMO
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    I think pretty much all the evidence is that Johnny and Kayley are closest to each other. Jim has said the person he will miss the most is Simon and that is because of the stuff they talk about all day. I am sure that Kayley and Jim are good friends, but I really doubt they have much in common.
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    There are pictures of Jim, Todd, Kaley and Karl out together in NYC. In an interview for TV Guide for photo shoot in 2010. They were still together then.
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    Lol your point is their basis of talking to the audience? Seeing they dated for nearly 3 years. And the various evidence of them spending time together outside the show. Therefore they share a level of intimacy, ill say they are good friends.
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    Jim is gay so their relationship was never gonna be anything more than that anyway.
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    Your opinion and mine are so far apart!
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    Well, considering Kaley and Johnny were in a relationship the first couple of years speaks volumes to their friendship. Kaley and Jim are friends, but that's that. Besides, how many times did Jim join Kaley at the end of each taping to speak to the audience? None! Enough said!
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    You both have the definition right. Hero (or heroine ) is a homonym. It can mean either someone who does something outstandingly courageous for the greater good, or a leading fictional character. Dickens' David Copperfield begins ' Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life .....' and then goes on to write about his birth, childhood, marriage and work. He does a few nice things, the greatest of which is to produce a daughter to make his great aunt happy. I suppose anyone who can control Sheldon is heroic up to a point. In another meaning, there's such a thing as heroic surgery.
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    To me, any actor or actress is a good one if I can believe I'm watching and listening to the character and not someone playing a part. I suppose when it comes to TV, radio or film rather than the stage, a lot of the work is in the editing. All the regular TBBT actors I find believable : it's as though I'm really watching something happening in their lives. I'll miss them when they're gone. From my angle, that makes them whatever adjective on the good to great scale anyone cares to apply. It's possible the credit should go to the writers and directors who set the level of difficulty of the parts to be played. When there's an odd guest who looks as though he or she is acting, such as Penny's brother or Sheldon's Meemaw it is jarring to me. The responsibility for making them fit in or not possibly lies in the script,direction or editing, I wouldn't know.
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    And she does have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!
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    I got to watch about four of them--they're wonderful! Ryan is so sweet--just adorable. Love the cast they chose Well made I heard the book is good, too
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    Just watched Special. I am an addict. I really hope we get to see more episodes. I wonder when the next season is going to come out if there is one. I just loved it. Everything about it. Wonder if the book is as good. I may need to purchase it...
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    True Penny and Leonard's chemistry is wonderful to watch and their history and friendship off screen brings that on screen. Sheldon and Penny best scenes were adversarial. When Sheldon's condescenion was at its height and Penny's exasperation at the limit. (The Panty Pinata comes to mind)
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    So i was thinking of all the dialogue throughout the years on the show and trying to decide which were my favorites ,and here are my probable favourite per season. S1: Ep6 the conversation on the couch in 4A when Penny kisses Leonard for the first time. S2: Ep23 after shutting the door Penny says " It means i wish you weren't going". S3: Ep23 the conversation on the roof with Zack about the laser. S4: Ep11 The conversation between the guys and Zack in 4A . S5 E19 The conversation between Leonard & Penny were she pretends to be upset that she won't see Leonard the whole weekend. S6 Ep8 This season has so many , but i decided on the first time Penny says i love you to Leonard. S7 Ep23 The proposal conversation. S8 Ep8 The conversation on the roof during the fake prom. S9 Ep1 There wedding vows. S10 Ep7 The guys and girls talking in different languages S11 Ep9 The conversation at Zacks in the video and after watching the video. S12 Ep6 The conversation after their Halloween party . These are just off the top of my head, if i gave it some more thought some might be different. So what are you guys favourite dialogue per season?
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    I'm a huge Lenny fan, but I think Sheldon and Amy have a different sort of relationship and depth. And to Amy's inner life, that is a work in progress. She spent her early life as an outsider and with certain parental issues (as many of the others in the cast, btw) that stunted her growth socially. I've spent a lot of time trumpeting Leonard and Penny over all others (and still feel that way), but there is much to see in the others that is below the surface. There is much "there" in all of the couples: Leonard and Penny, Sheldon and Amy, Howard and Bernadette, Stuart and Denise. Even Raj and Anu.... As much as it will destroy me at not having new L & P stories, I will also miss all of the other characters....#IAmReallyNotTakingThisEndingWell...
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    Johnny with the costume crew.
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    im happu Special seems to have great reviews so far. happy for them and this means more support and respects for the prod company in the bussiness
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    None of the rest of the cast have one. Chuck has one, but it is for his body of work, not just for TBBT.
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    Exactly! You have to be good to get one of those!
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    I'm multitasking right now. Writing a new chapter for my Lenny fan fic and looking at the forum.
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