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    Before the reality of the end settles in in the next few weeks I just wanted to say Thank You to all the members of this forum. You have made my favorite show even more enjoyable with all your observations and debates. As an earlier poster noted, The fun of those late nights, early mornings waiting for taping reports and the kindness of all of those whose shared their taping reports and visits to the set will be missed terribly. You were all so generous and amazing to share those special details with those of us unable to travel to them ourselves. I so appreciate your tireless efforts even when you were waiting all day in line and then writing reports for us even at the expense of sleep. Thank you also to the “keepers” of this forum. Your dedication does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Good health and love to all. Let’s enjoy the end whatever it may bring. ❤️
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    That may be, but the more time and lines a character has, the better chance of the character getting at least some good lines.
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    I think like the Central Perk Cafe set from Friends, 4A will be one part of the interactive WB MUSEUM at the end of the tour. I got to play Joey in a scene from Friends while there in 2017. I can imagine turning up in a few years and sitting in Sheldons spot re-enacting Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock on the couch or standing behind the island with a big coffee mug in my hand. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I adore this post! We are quite odd aren’t we??
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    I’m sitting on a couch cushion right now with a pillow in the small of my back! “Twins!”
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    He has mentioned in an interrview that he would like the striped pillow
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    I say cushion for something I sit on, I say pillow for something that supports my head or back. So when I go to sleep I put my head on a pillow, when I sit on a couch I might put a pillow in the small of my back. My sofa in my front room has three cushions that I can sit on.
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    I have a thought that in the final episode Sheldon and Amy win their Nobel prize. Returning home Leonard and Penny find that the elevator is being fixed, but then discover that this is because the building is being sold meaning that they and shamy will have to move out of their apartments. Leonard has been in a quandary about his job, this turn of events convinces him to quit and for him and Penny to make plans to move away. Howard meets his father. Not sure about Raj. Just my thoughts! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Tony nominations will be announced on Tuesday April 30th. Hoping for some good news for The Boys in the Band.
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    I totally agree, one of the best moments this whole season! SO SWEET!!! I love that the writers kept him Sheldon with the 'Quiet--I'm singing.' Very cute Yeah, I didn't get that either but overlooked it-- because it was pretty funny
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    From metro.co.uk The Big Bang Theory fans crown Leonard and Penny the show’s best couple
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    I don’t know. Don’t think it’s part of the initial taping of the finale. Of course they are pretaping. Then shooting in front of a live audience. Could be a twist? They are shooting to surprise the audience? Penny gets pregnant. Who knows TBC.
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    I agree. I think he was good with Stuart, too. I think Kunal is a great guy, like him much more than his character but Raj can be very funny at times.
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    She said she's getting some pictures of robots from the boys' apartment (Now her and Leonard's place)
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    well now he'll have time to prepare a play and kick ass for a Tony. "the award is coming" lol
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    ☺️ It's hope even at only one percent of hope! Personally, I won't let them take all my hope away, even if it's unrealistic hope!
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    I agree It looks like one of those bonus features in the season dvd Much like the "Electromagnetism" of season 6
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    No one said they would be impressed just suprised Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Kwipke's facial expression signals to me a distinct sense of hilarity. 😁
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    I doubt the no kids thing is ever going to come up again and I'm not sure I want it to, they might make it even worse.
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    Beverly and Leonard are on far better terms then we’ve seen since S2. She also approves of his wife. I’m not sure Beverly should be giving parental advice to anyone.
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    IDK, but I think that Beverly's presence also may include her parting some advice to Lenny on their baby conundrum
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    She can take whatever roles she wants, regardless of their success or failure. She doesn't need to accept only the ones that will enhance her reputation or bring her fame and fortune. If she likes a crap part she can afford to play it. OTOH she can turn down anything that doesn't appeal. She also has the option of quitting while she's winning if she fancies that. Elisabeth Sladen ( aka Sarah Jane Smith ) left Doctor Who to get married and be a housewife and then did almost entirely radio and audio work while she raised her daughter. No sooner did she go back to TV ( Tears were pouring down my face at School Reunion - there had been no advance publicity and it was a surprise when she appeared ) than she got her own series in which she starred until she died. Mayim Bialik became a scientist and Elvis Presley was called up. Kaley Cuoco can compete as a rider and do whatever else she fancies for as long as she fancies. She'll have fans waiting for her.
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    I don't think it's for the finale. It looks like it might be something extra. They are sitting in the audience section and the cameras are pointed up at them.
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    There are actually two pillows. In an interview Jim explained that there is a rehearsal pillow which is a flat fabric, which feels smooth when you run your hand over it. It looks exactly like the real one. For tape nights there is the original pillow which is a ribbed fabric, it has a bumpy texture.
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    The writers failed to utilize the humor with him enough!
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    The furniture can all be used again. Jim says he wants the striped cushion from his spot and I think they could afford to give him that. I can see Mayim wanting Amy's crocheted throw or the monkey ornament. I think Melissa should get Tammy-Jo and Simon the Stephen Hawking model. The Amy/Penny portrait can go to the museum with Howard's astronaut photographs.
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    I don't know, he's complained about it being too hot and too many people there. I don'y think Anu wants to go back either except for the wedding!
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    True, only the writers know about him!
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    Mainwaring (pronounced as Mannering from Dad's Army)
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    We could help remind them how good he was
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    I thought he had his lunch in the cafeteria with the others.
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    Can somebody please, before the series ends, tell me what's wrong with hanging around in the kitchen ? Millions of people have the kitchen as the hub of their home. Just because Lenny don't have theirs walled off and the only other place to sit and talk is across a space of sitting room with the middle of it left as a corridor to the bathroom and bedrooms, it doesn't to me invite ridicule. Nobody complains about the Howardette kitchen.
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    Considering the next highest couple, Shamy, was at 24 percent, that's definitely a landslide victory! And Happy!!!!!!!
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    I wonder if tptb at tbbt are suprised by this Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    But Leonard had no problem with what his friend Amy was telling him. That's the point.
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    I don’t find him to be the best looking, it he is very talented and also very well spoken.
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    It looked good in the play That long hair was so fitting when he played the bongos 'episode- One of the best
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    In length almost but not in style - thank goodness, cause I think S5 was the worst styled Sheldon hair. Current one is nice, though needs more scenes where it's fluffed (like whenever we have a bed scene we should have fluffy hair cause the perfectly styled hair always looks so out of place).
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    I guess with "Sheldon hair" you mean the short style from the early seasons and thankfully that's been long gone for quite a few seasons already. I mean, he went from short hair to this weird long-ish hair in S5 and eventually they got him a better balanced combed-to-the-side style in later seasons.
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