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    From Mark Sweet, audience warm up, and overall nice guy.
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    During the course of Season 12 Jim has participated in about 99% of BBT related events. Interviews, photo shoots, press days, award shows, talk show appearances, etc.
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    Well, now I've learned some things about UK English haha Not an American but we are taught American English and almost everything I watch (in English) is American, so that's what I know. I am always puzzled by the use of "wallet" to describe a small purse though... In Hebrew the word for wallet is only used to describe the thing you put money and cards in. In most other cases there's just one word for both UK and US words (e.g. "Carit" means pillow/cushion, no other word for that).
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    This is probably what they were referring to earlier when they were talking about something special.
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    I was soooo excited to read about the "retrospective" that Johnny and Kaley will do after the final episode. I'll need an extra box of tissues.
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    At first I thought this might be a bonus feature for the season 12 dvd. Then, I am thinking maybe they want to send a special message to all the fans thanking them for their support. Something like Johnny and Kaley do with the audience after each taping.......IDK just a thought.
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    I seen many people on Big bang Theory Facebook Fan Groups oups everyday complaint or blame Jim for the show ending. I don't recall Ted Danson being crucified when he decided he didn't want to do Cheers anymore after 11 seasons or Jerry Seinfeld when he decided to end the show after 9 seasons. I think the only thing that could have been done differently was how the other cast found out (not at the table read that morning Jim told Producers he didn't want to do the show anymore) and the release of the announcement. We all know none of them were willing to do the show without the other. None of the cast blame anyone . Johnny was also ready too move on
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    They were around at the beginning, I can’t see anything but some combo of Kaley, Johnny and Jim hosting. I expect to see an overdose of Sheldon clips so he will not be left out. I expect it to be a lot of clips and a few minutes of dialogue. I I,imagine it is mostly a way to force TBBT fans to watch the YS finale. Anyway Jim is still playing Sheldon in YS so he isn’t even really leaving. I do think Jim is laying low a bit because his situation is a bit awkward. His actions set in motion the end of the show (I think we can agree on that much). And yet he (and much of the writing staff) have a very soft transition to another studio with many of the same relationships.
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    Last time I check so were the other five! It a ensemble cast and are each other equal. And maybe they didn't want too or were too busy
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    I think Jim and Mayim probably should've hosted the retrospective, considering they were the main characters
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    Truth ❤️ Oh. Boy. This was not my intention to start a blame game...I am so sorry I opened this can of crap. I just wanted a post from Jim from the set. That's it. I know it's time for the show to end, and I know that they all had the right to walk away whenever they felt the time was appropriate. I am sure they are all tired of playing the same characters. 12 years is a long time. I certainly don't blame anyone. I will be watching all of them in their next projects.
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    What is it that you want from him? An apology? That's not going to happen because I don't think that he feels like he has anything to apologize for. He didn't quit in a huff mid-season leaving everyone hanging. He made a decision based on what he wanted the next stage of his life to be about. He, just like the rest of us are entitled to choose the path our lives take and if we believe that we are choosing a path that is best for ourselves and the ones we love, then we don't owe anyone an apology for the choices we make.
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    How in sweet tarnation is that lacking? He doesn't owe anyone to stay. He has every right to do what he wants with his life IT WASN"T HIS DECISION THAT THE SERIES BE CANCELLED
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    I don't blame him really. I think he want to get away from Sheldon and it can't come soon enough
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    Kaley and Johnny were both crying at the table read last week. I’m just wondering whether it’s simply because it’s the last table read therefore emotions were running high, or also because of the actual Lenny storyline. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Motion pictures are shown in a theater. Those of us who work on stage, refer to it theatre.
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    We call it a Season in NZ too. We also call Dinner "Tea".
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    I adore this post! We are quite odd aren’t we??
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    I’m sitting on a couch cushion right now with a pillow in the small of my back! “Twins!”
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    I say cushion for something I sit on, I say pillow for something that supports my head or back. So when I go to sleep I put my head on a pillow, when I sit on a couch I might put a pillow in the small of my back. My sofa in my front room has three cushions that I can sit on.
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    If we have elevenses we call it 'elevenses' and is usually something like coffee and a few biscuits. If it's packed and taken away to eat at mid-morning break we call it 'lunch' especially at school,which our mums used to send us with to keep us going until 12.30 or 1 pm. I used to take a slice of cold buttered toast or Ryvita or a banana sandwich. Brunch, such as Sheldon hosted,is a meal.It's eaten late morning. We have that if we've missed breakfast and don't want to wait until lunchtime.
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    Go check the Lenny thread, the link is there. I don't put much faith in internet polls (as you can usually vote more than once). But the numbers were 51% for Lenny, 24% for Shamy, 18% for Howardette, 5% for Denise and Stuart, 2% for Raj and Anu. The online poll was from the Metro News site, in the UK. yes, one this week, one next week, and two the week after and were finished.
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    Agree with everything you state and yes, I can't wait to see what they do, too.
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    My question remains, what do you want from him?
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    I didn't say he owed anybody an apology and he doesn't but he shouldn't try to hide from his decision Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk No but you did Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    He never blamed anyone else. He can't help it if Chuck L decided that if one of the three left that was what his plans were. The show needs to end To me: he's the smartest one of the bunch to make this move.
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    For one--Chuck Lorre Jim would have been fine if they continued but Chuck didn't want to continue if any of the the original three stopped. The show has finished it's course... Obviously
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    I really can't find anyone else to blame Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Yep...I think so too. It makes me sad in a way. I wish he would post some sort of flash back picture or something, anything that shows some sort of feelings...but what are you going to do?
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    Looking forward to that. I think it should air before the finale tohugh
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    Thanx! I can look at it forever
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    I think elevenses is a drink and a light snack, so i suppose in America it could be what they call brunch, but i don't know as i have never had elevenses
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    Just hoping it's a loving, touching scene, as well as, it being the final table read! Yesssss!
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    There are actually two pillows. In an interview Jim explained that there is a rehearsal pillow which is a flat fabric, which feels smooth when you run your hand over it. It looks exactly like the real one. For tape nights there is the original pillow which is a ribbed fabric, it has a bumpy texture.
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    I agree. I think he was good with Stuart, too. I think Kunal is a great guy, like him much more than his character but Raj can be very funny at times.
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    IMO they may think there's no need to give an explanation. I agree they may avoid it because they've pissed many off so much already so they rather leave it With this show I don't really have any, maybe just a tiny glimmer of hope that there will at least be a cute Lenny moment in the finale.
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    No one said they would be impressed just suprised Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Before the reality of the end settles in in the next few weeks I just wanted to say Thank You to all the members of this forum. You have made my favorite show even more enjoyable with all your observations and debates. As an earlier poster noted, The fun of those late nights, early mornings waiting for taping reports and the kindness of all of those whose shared their taping reports and visits to the set will be missed terribly. You were all so generous and amazing to share those special details with those of us unable to travel to them ourselves. I so appreciate your tireless efforts even when you were waiting all day in line and then writing reports for us even at the expense of sleep. Thank you also to the “keepers” of this forum. Your dedication does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Good health and love to all. Let’s enjoy the end whatever it may bring. ❤️
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    The video on Haute Living's YouTube channel
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    Personally I think shamy are the most boring of any couple I've seen on television Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    Still happy the show is coming to an end. I think S12 is the worst season of the show, even beats Season hate and so one sided for a final season with no clue how to end a show with the BS the Power Not To Be have cooked up so far. Sympathy for the cast? They have milked it for years making millions on a now average sitcom. NOT... Loading Sarcasm.......... Error...... cannot connect to Sarcasm...... Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    The Conners: Will Johnny Galecki Go From Guest Star to Series Regular? Here's a link to Michael Ausiello's article: https://tvline.com/2019/02/12/the-conners-season-2-johnny-galecki-returning-david/
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    And there it is !!!!, another classic Penny eye roll.
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    But he knew it would be so stand up and take responsibility don't hide Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    I know that but if he's not willing to accept the fact that he is responsible for the show ending it shows to me he's lacking in some moral character Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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