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    Jessica Radloff has a cameo in the finale or, better, in 12.23, judging by these pics and Amy/Mayim's hair...I must say, I didn't see that coming at all, LOL!
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    You mean like much of the last five years?
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    This! I'm sad the show is ending tomorrow, but I'm also looking forward to the finale, since my gut feeling tells me I will be happy and moved. And not just as a fan of TBBT, but also as an ardent Lenny shipper. And no clickbait article from a dubious website like screenrant, whose only purpose is to rant (hence the name of the site) and spread negativity will change that. 🙂
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    I've seen up to episode 21 The plagiarism thing, and I can't imagine what's still to come could change how I feel about the current state of the show - angry, sad and baffled. Angry that the programme makers seem to have deliberately crashed the quality of the show by treating Amy as the heroine. Some people have complained that it's become the Sheldon Show, but I think foregrounding Amy is the problem. Just consider how inherently ridiculous it was to make that character part of Sheldon's Nobel bid. If S was to be in for a Nobel, obviously Leonard should have been his co-nominee. It could have worked well with Penny being supportive and Amy being a pain. Apart from that, Amy's emotional "life" is just not interesting, because MB can't do that sort of thing. She could be very funny but she can't do loveable. Some very successful sitcoms have no characters one particularly cares about, but TBBT had Lenny. Sad that we don't get the emotional resolution that Penny and Leonard need and deserve. They went far beyond comedy to give us a truly touching relationship, that A & S couldn't. And angry that the wonderful comic and romantic actress KC has been sidelined while lesser talents take the spotlight. Baffled that the programme makers destroyed a great show. Without Penny/KC they'd have had just another ho-hum funny-nerd sitcom worth a couple of seasons. But even such a show would have been better than what we've got now, focussed on the empty character of Amy, who has lost everthing that made her funny. And Sheldon has also been stripped of his once-hilarious peculiarities to dwindle into a husband. As an example of the deterioration, consider 2 scenes where Sheldon sang Soft Kitty. When he sang it to Penny who was spaced out on painkillers after S took her to get her dislocated shoulder fixed, it was quite hilarious and also rather touching. When he sang it Amy after her outburst, it was just mawkish and very boring. The only redemming feature was that Amy looked like a cat being fondled against its will, and I don't suppose that was intentional. There are other storylines that could be cut to make wroom for Lenny's resolution, of course - does anyone really care what happens to Raj?
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    Round 3 of Melissa's favorite pics over the years (6 pictures)
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    Why The Big Bang Theory Finale Could Be A Disappointment screenrant.com "The Big Bang Theory finale is days away, but is it possible the ending will satisfy the show's massive fanbase? Going into the final two episodes, the show has little set up for any of the primary characters outside of Sheldon and Amy..."
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    Very nice of them to give her a cameo
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    From glamour.com 5 Surprising Things to Expect From the Big Bang Theory Series Finale
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    Exactly. Shows ending their tenth season generally start to tank, in the ratings. CBS was protecting themselves from that, only to discover that the ratings stayed high, and they could have given them another three year extension. I would have like to see one more year, to feed my need for symmetry. They got a one year renewal, after season one. A two year after season 2, and a three year after season four and seven. The two year, after season 10, if followed by a one year for a 13th season, would have followed this pattern for renewals, after the first season: 1 2 3 3 2 1 Yes, I have a history of OCD. Here's to putting your M & Ms in piles of the same color. 😝
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    I knew he would do that. He'll be back on Broadway where he wants to be as quickly as possible. And has been pointed out, he already had a home there. Well, yeah, that's a given. Different fans want different things. There is no way everyone will be perfectly happy.
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    We still coming to this forum when the show ends? Naturally as traffic dies down. But be cool to keep this site as almost a Shrine to the show.
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    Yeah I reckon it’s called screenrant for a reason. They seem to go the less positive slant lately, which is understandable since that’s the vibe from many hardcore fans here. ( caveat- I haven’t read article - not interested in negative stuff. I want to finish the journey feeling happy and positive. That’s generally been my stance the last 6 years on this forum) I don’t think there’s nothing set up for the other characters. It’s more that they’ve over set up the Nobel story. Really didn’t need an entire season on it with so many episodes on just the battle between them and the other two experimental physicists. That was major overkill along with other aspects. Lenny have not had the same saturation coverage as Shamy but we still have career possibilities for both of them explored beforehand that can be resolved plus of course that OTHER issue. Even the underlying multi season arc of will they go outside their comfort zone is a chance to be explored without having to pull it out of nowhere. I personally also am interested in whether they can finally surgically remove themselves from their conjoined twins across the hall and gain some independence. It’s not Nobel prize stuff but it’s the story of Lenny that has simmered from the beginning. Will it happen? Howardette are less obvious. Bernie has her new drug thing with Penny. Does that go anywhere? Howard doesn’t seem to have much going on ATM unless the military comes back out of nowhere or NASA. As a couple, how does finally losing Stuart change their life? I don’t expect the Howard Dad thing to pop up out of nowhere. Raj has post Anu to address? Is she still around in the finale? Does he find happiness in himself? Does that change him and make him loveable? Career wise they’ve pushed the alien thing a bit? Does that lead to anything? Is the Planetarium gig his real dream or is he looking for more? I’m gonna just wait and see what happens. We’re in the End game now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I guess it depends on your expectations. Majority of the season has been invested in The Super Assymetry Plot. Barley any thing outside that. The Final Two episodes are going to have to make up for a hell alot of time.
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    So many photos of Johnny looking pensive and kaley looking at him as though there isn’t anyone else in the room. I hope they stay in touch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    With 15-20 million fans (I guessing the Finale Episode will get between 20-30 million), you are not gonna make everyone happy. There are going to be people on Friday who either will love the finale or be totally disappointed with it an and I am sure The Producers, Writers and cast are fully aware of that. You can't make everyone happy all the time and everyone wants something different.
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    A sequel regardless of what it is would ultimately disappoint. The show works best as an ensemble.
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    Well I hope your gut feeling is right and you will be happy and moved , I just wish I could feel the same but I don't On another note , to all those who write TBBT Fanfiction I hope you all continue to do so as we need to keep the spirit of the show alive.
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    Over the 12 seasons a lot of episodes have been described as Worst Episode Ever, but I think we have a clear winner with this one. Utterly ridiculous to focus on Amy's moral dilemma. She can be very funny but she has been given no inner life and when she's not funny she's boring. And she wasn't funny. I can hardly believe that with just 3 more eps to go they would focus on Amy.
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    This says it all... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    There’s more in Kaley’s Instagram Stories
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    As a southerner - more south than most - (hehe) I’m going to twirl my parasol and say nicely of Sheldon... “well, bless his heart”. And it’s now sci-fi. Enjoy the gala day.
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    My DVR is going to be busy tomorrow: 7-9 AM. Johnny and Kaley on CBS This Morning 10-11 AM Johnny on Live with Kelly and Ryan 6:30 PM Entertainment Tonight TBBT special 7-8 PM. Local TBBT episodes( not recording, but watching) 8-9 PM Final two episodes  9-9:30 PM. Young Sheldon. Interested in seeing how they fit the others, as kids, into that show. 9:30-10:00 PM. Johnny and Kaley in the Retrospective 11:35 PM -1 AM. Colbert, with the Cast.
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    Let's be honest if the secret that Lenny is keeping is in fact, a Shamy secret, well I think we as Lenny fans should be pissed at that.
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    I think the majority of the audience will be happy with the finale. I suspect Shamy shippers will too as they are likely to see Shamy either win the Nobel Prize. Or announce a pregnancy or both. Lenny shippers well i don't know. But i think there was an interview with a showrunner were they said Lenny fans wouldn't get what they imagined. So for Lenny fans it's a guess if we'll be happy, apathetic or pissed off.
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    I like his explanations. He truly thought of his character and what his character has been going through in deep ways.
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    A Lenny sequel would be nice, as long as Shamy is not involved! Besides, they'd have their own ensemble.
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    The unwanted personal info that Amy forced on Penny and Bernadette included her not being able to open her legs more that 22 degrees, which hasn't been a problem for Shamy, so I guess that's all the dead past.
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    Johnny and Kaley will also be on CBS This Morning, on Thursday. This is at the west 57th Broadcast Center, in Studio 57. This facility also houses Studio 44, if that rings a bell.😉
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    The way Kaley looks at Johnny. 😍
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    In some weird way I feel indifferent about the show ending, opposed to if it ended around 6 seasons ago. They have lowered the quality of the show gradually each season to the point I am releived it is ending lol. I don't mean that in a passive agressive way. I have watched this show since I was 19. SO I well miss the characters most of all. But the fact the show is not as strong as it was, I feel more bittersweet about saying good bye to the show. Almost like I have been prepared for it for a long time.
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    It is so weird that this is ending. I say 'this' because the weirder part for me is not that the show is ending (although that is weird, it's been on for sooo long but TV shows end), but the probable decline of the things I engage in that relate to the show. This forum has been kind of a newspaper for me for more than 2 years now, what will I read now while I eat my breakfast? I suppose there will be some activity for some time after the finale, but it will decline. I suppose there will also be less and less fanfictions. I'm planning to continue mine and there probably will be some continuing and new writers (the show will probably live on for years via syndication), but it will probably not be the same. It isn't the same already, I'm not sure about stories but fav and follow number seem to indicate just 2 years ago there were many more readers, I have the feeling this is true for stories as well. There are some great fanfics out there, some of them written by talented members in this forum. I will miss that. So right now it all just feels...weird.
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    From Variety ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ Stephen Colbert and More: 5 Things We Learned at CBS’ Upfront <snip> “The Big Bang Theory” cast is getting emotional over their show’s end: After a sizzle reel featuring highlights from the sitcom’s lengthy run, the cast and executive producer Chuck Lorre hit the stage — and struggled to hide their emotion. Lorre reminded the audience that “Big Bang” almost didn’t happen after a disappointing first pass. “Thirteen years ago we made a pilot, and around this time 13 years ago, [former CBS Entertainment president] Nina Tassler called me and said, ‘It’s not very good. Would you consider doing it again?’ To which I said, ‘Yes, thank you.’ And here we are. “We realize how lucky we are,” he added to the audience of media buyers. “All you guys, I guess you buy advertising. It’s mostly drugs, I noticed. Regardless, thank you.”
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    Yep, but it's been years since they cared what lenny fans think. I just dont, haven't trusted the writers in a long time and I wouldn't put it pass them especially the way the have had lenny chaperone shamy most of this season with the damn ridiculous asymmetry plot. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    I am going to miss him so much. He looks great in that suit 😍
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    Probably to wait and see how the two years panned out--with ratings and all...
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    If there was appetite for a 13th season, why were they only given a two-year contract to follow season ten ?
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    From usatoday.com 'The Big Bang Theory' co-creator Chuck Lorre, right, handles the slate marking the final taped scene of the 12-season CBS comedy as actor Johnny Galecki watches. Michael Yarish, CBS Chuck Lorre on ending 'The Big Bang Theory': 'I'm grief-stricken ... and grateful'
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    They're on the Colbert show on Thursday, that's why they flew to NY
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    It looks like Lenny night on TBS tonight. Although the first one is tough to take: 3-19 Wheaton Recurrence 4-15 Benefactor Factor 6-08 43 Peculiarity 7-23 Gorilla Dissolution 8-22 Graduation Transmission
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    There's no way EVERY fan could get what they want. They all want different things. Oh, Johnny, trust me...somebody will.
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    Johnny and Kaley during the handprint ceremony at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. gettyimages.com
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