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    You mean like much of the last five years?
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    This! I'm sad the show is ending tomorrow, but I'm also looking forward to the finale, since my gut feeling tells me I will be happy and moved. And not just as a fan of TBBT, but also as an ardent Lenny shipper. And no clickbait article from a dubious website like screenrant, whose only purpose is to rant (hence the name of the site) and spread negativity will change that. 🙂
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    Round 3 of Melissa's favorite pics over the years (6 pictures)
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    I knew he would do that. He'll be back on Broadway where he wants to be as quickly as possible. And has been pointed out, he already had a home there. Well, yeah, that's a given. Different fans want different things. There is no way everyone will be perfectly happy.
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    With 15-20 million fans (I guessing the Finale Episode will get between 20-30 million), you are not gonna make everyone happy. There are going to be people on Friday who either will love the finale or be totally disappointed with it an and I am sure The Producers, Writers and cast are fully aware of that. You can't make everyone happy all the time and everyone wants something different.
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    A sequel regardless of what it is would ultimately disappoint. The show works best as an ensemble.
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    Well I hope your gut feeling is right and you will be happy and moved , I just wish I could feel the same but I don't On another note , to all those who write TBBT Fanfiction I hope you all continue to do so as we need to keep the spirit of the show alive.
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    This says it all... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    My DVR is going to be busy tomorrow: 7-9 AM. Johnny and Kaley on CBS This Morning 10-11 AM Johnny on Live with Kelly and Ryan 6:30 PM Entertainment Tonight TBBT special 7-8 PM. Local TBBT episodes( not recording, but watching) 8-9 PM Final two episodes  9-9:30 PM. Young Sheldon. Interested in seeing how they fit the others, as kids, into that show. 9:30-10:00 PM. Johnny and Kaley in the Retrospective 11:35 PM -1 AM. Colbert, with the Cast.
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    A Lenny sequel would be nice, as long as Shamy is not involved! Besides, they'd have their own ensemble.
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    Johnny and Kaley will also be on CBS This Morning, on Thursday. This is at the west 57th Broadcast Center, in Studio 57. This facility also houses Studio 44, if that rings a bell.😉
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    In some weird way I feel indifferent about the show ending, opposed to if it ended around 6 seasons ago. They have lowered the quality of the show gradually each season to the point I am releived it is ending lol. I don't mean that in a passive agressive way. I have watched this show since I was 19. SO I well miss the characters most of all. But the fact the show is not as strong as it was, I feel more bittersweet about saying good bye to the show. Almost like I have been prepared for it for a long time.
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    https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/big-bang-theory-series-finale-chuck-lorre-interview-1203216212/ Interesting quote from Lorre in this article: Lorre points to the emotional journey of Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper, a genius theoretical physicist who was beyond neurotic around most other people, particularly women as an example: “He couldn’t touch people when we started the show. Now he’s a married man with a Nobel Prize and a group of friends he loves and he loves them in return.”
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    I am going to miss him so much. He looks great in that suit 😍
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    I thought the same thing. I especially liked his thoughts about Leonard carrying around the engagement ring "for God knows how long." I was so touched by that. And of course his memory of Penny's "I love you." Johnny is so invested in Leonard and I think he really likes him. ❤️
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    So that's why this season was Super Asymmetric! 😎
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    Probably to wait and see how the two years panned out--with ratings and all...
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    From usatoday.com 'The Big Bang Theory' co-creator Chuck Lorre, right, handles the slate marking the final taped scene of the 12-season CBS comedy as actor Johnny Galecki watches. Michael Yarish, CBS Chuck Lorre on ending 'The Big Bang Theory': 'I'm grief-stricken ... and grateful'
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    Wonderful attitude, rarely see it these days, nice! 👍 I'm looking forward to the finale as well.
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    I can understand your attitude and point of view very well. With regard to the article I've linked to, I consider the author's view to be rather neutral and plausible. The headline may seem a bit provocative out of commercial reasons, well... 😉
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    They're on the Colbert show on Thursday, that's why they flew to NY
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    It looks like Lenny night on TBS tonight. Although the first one is tough to take: 3-19 Wheaton Recurrence 4-15 Benefactor Factor 6-08 43 Peculiarity 7-23 Gorilla Dissolution 8-22 Graduation Transmission
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    There's no way EVERY fan could get what they want. They all want different things. Oh, Johnny, trust me...somebody will.
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    The BBT cast at the CBS Upfronts gettyimages.com
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    TBH I would not mind seeing a reunion show/episode in about a year or so. Just to see where they all ended up after the finale.
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    Yes i especially liked his explanation of the ILY scene. I think they both felt an extra special connection, maybe because of their history together but also because of their great love, respect, and admiration for each other.......alas what might have been
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    I just read the screenrant article and I have to agree with them Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
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    From Entertainment Tonight's official YouTube channel Kaley Cuoco's 'Big Bang Theory' Journey: From Getting Cast as Penny to Saying Goodbye
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    Disappointment - it says the surprise guest will be a 'star'. Oh no. I've only ever once known who the guest stars were without asking on the forum or looking them up beforehand. Since it's a mystery, I'll only know by the gasps it's anyone special and with the chances being high I'll have no idea who it is, I'll lose track of the story. Bother ! At least I'm warned.
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    Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary to Jim and Todd...
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    One can only hope but after watching this season I think hope is all we are going to get.
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    PS I know it's very unlikely, but I'm totally on board for a spin-off of " The Hofstadters!" With the Walowitzes as neighbors.
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    Well, that was not a good episode quite boring in fact, it was good to have Siebert and Kripke in but that didn't help the episode. Lenny showed they are truly the best friends anyone could ask for, but it leaves me wondering would anyone go out of there way to help them as they do others?. I was disappointed we didn't get to see the TCF and maybe who this other woman was, oh well.
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    The episode didn't give any indication of what Sheldon said Amy about the transaction (as you call it) either. He took upon himself to contact all the possible Zachs on the phone book, there's no evidence Amy agreed with him about the contents of the phone calls, even if it's clear from the whole episode that she AND Sheldon saw the whole situation in a completely different way most people would have and didn't give any moral\judgimental connotation to it, it was simple biology, for both of them. BTW, she didn't chicken out at all, it's just that the sexual attraction disappeared when she realized how dumb he was.
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    I'm not sure that this would necessarily help. Didn't Molaro also say that he's most like Leonard or something?? So that premise of "bring in the bigger Leonard (fan) to write the show" seems a bit flawed here. The current direction and what each of us doesn't like about it is probably a bit more complex anyway. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that no one in the writing room is like "Let's wreck Lenny!!! *evil laughter* *moustache twirl*" They are trying to write a good show but what they do with Lenny just doesn't click with what most of us want (most likely because we still don't know what the heck is going on with that rough marriage patch thing...). Their first litmus test for those stories and how funny they are is the live audience and what's interesting is that people who go to the tapings note how much the audience seems to like something that we'd rip apart in a heated discussion later. So there's a certain disconnect between the direct feedback and us as more serious fans. And there's another disconnect to what the reviewers sometimes write. Like I remember 9x21 was pretty hated in the forum but then I saw reviews praising it as TBBT finally going back to old form and such things which...?????? Uhm okay...
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    I'm not sure who to blame personally about this. I'd agree that they had more better moments in earlier seasons that made them more believable and engaging as a couple but those seasons also had some ugly moments and later seasons had some sweet moments as well. So I find it hard to pin it on the showrunner or individual people. Especially since the episodes are written by a collective of writers and many things I find grating are often little lines that aren't necessarily part of the big plot. I think part of the issue is that Lenny as a couple are rooted in stereotypes about how hot girls always pick the assholes instead of the nice guys and putting a bit of a spin on it. So you have Penny as the hot girl who often ends up with assholes but eventually sees the light in nice little Leonard from next door. So far so good. But at this point this whole idea about nice guys has some cultural baggage as well (Wiki has a whole article about this if you're interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nice_guy ) and Leonard taps both positive and negative aspects of the concept. I'm not sure how aware the writers are of these unfortunate implications that come with the territory but them being mostly a bunch of guys I can imagine this baggage creeps into their writing without second thoughts. But who knows... If it is intentionally I'm similarly at a loss as to what this all is about. It certainly doesn't help that we haven't gotten many interviews this season. A few words from Molaro might have given us a bit of perspective here. Johnny Galecki said Lenny are kinda in a rough patch which is fair enough I guess. But to what end? There's no rhyme nor reason to this rough patch yet except our own speculations because the show refuses to let the characters sit down and solve their issues. The closest they have come was with the RA which then has never been mentioned again and clearly also did zilch to help the situation. Back then Penny was mad that Leonard didn't take an interest in her life and now months later he still doesn't apparently. So where is this going then? IF this is intentionally leading to some sort of plot development my guess would be something will blow up towards the end of the season that forces the couple to re-examine their relationship. I'd be surprised if there'd be a divorce but a temporal separation with one of them going away over the summer to find themselves or get a clear head or whatever could be in the cards. And it could do some good things for Lenny. If the writers pull their shit together and dedicate the first half of S11 to Lenny the way they did with Shamy in S9/10 it could even be great. If it isn't intentional the show will just continue to slog on with those two like it did in the last two years so I hope that's not it.
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    Yeah, that's the same vibe I got as well. The book shopping scene that was cut would have emphasised that, imo, cause as long as they're doing stuff that he likes he's fine apparently? Admittedly this leads me to a point where I'm really frustrated with how Leonard is portrayed and Lenny as a whole. I have sympathy for him for being left out and P&R excluding him is not nice. BUT. When he complaints about everything that Raj and Penny do it's clear that he could have been involved with Penny's life and interests more if he wanted to. It's said she took him to a party at work and introduced him to her colleagues and he doesn't even remember being there, yet alone any details about what's going on at Penny's workplace because it's too much like a soap opera and who cares about that, amirite? Likewise he seems to have a weird disdain for all things "girly" for no reason as if taking care of ones looks and health is somehow super terrible?? With the way he's focussed on Penny's looks* you'd think he'd be more appreciative! Point being: He could have gotten more involved in Penny's life and what she's up do but he decidedly goes against that and it seems like the marginal interest he takes here is only because things don't revolve around his interests anymore. *Leonard focussing so much on Penny's looks has been an old pet peeve of mine. He never compliments her as a person - it's only about how pretty and hot she is. Nothing wrong with a man finding his woman attractive but it's grating when it's seemingly the only thing. Even in that recent episode when Penny got that physics principle almost right he said something about how that makes her hotter and only that. Not even a "You're hot and smart - I'm a lucky guy!" or whatever. The only thing that seems to be important is how attractive she is which I think does both characters a huge disservice. As @serena_1995 said in the other thread: It makes it look like the only thing they have in common is the sex (and even that hasn't been much of a plot point). I've been wanting for ages for the writers to find some common ground with Lenny so that we maybe can ditch the "What are these two even talking about?" vibe of the couple. Episodes like this one makes me think about that episode when they went to the cinema as friends and Leonard said he only did things for/with her to get sex. Ughhh! For all that people say Penny needs to grow up I think Leonard has some growing up to do as well. Lenny could be so much better than this. *sigh*
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    I imagine a line (from VO Sheldon like "I'll bet my (2019) friends were listening to the Nobel awards too." Cut to each one doing EVERYTHING BUT listening. I'm 99.99999% sure it's not Big Bang Babies (Muppet Babies) where they're all together by chance and not remember in the future.
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    I am reading it completely differently. That the over-sensitive, no personality what so ever, whiner that is Leonard will get everything he wants . They look blissfully happy in the pictures. Shamy, not so much.
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