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    Quite right. The implication to the viewer before 1203 was always that they would be a family some day. Penny even said 'let's look for houses near good schools' when she was being sarcastic, as if accepting that would be a consequence of marrying Leonard, which she didn't want to do at the time. Years later she didn't contradict Sheldon when he whinged that Lenny'd soon be wanting a bigger place to live. She agreed they'd make good parents when they were home after celebrating Halley being on the way. She may have looked slightly hesitant when it was hinted at but there was never anything in the script suggesting she intended to be child-free forever. It wasn't until Leonard mentioned an actual time line that she shied at the fence. To my mind that reaction was temporary. Women who genuinely are serious about that do something about it. They don't leave the whole responsibility for birth control to their husbands.
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    I think they read this forum so the things they write are similar to things discussed here. I do agree about the problematic message that came from not explaining this but it's more complicated than that because of the way the whole no kids thing came about. To sum up, the problem for me is not the pregnancy itself, which I'm happy about.
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    TBH I am prob going to miss the community around the show, more then the show it self. It really has brought people from all walks of life. Not one person I have ever meet has ever not at least watched one episode of TBBT. I Think that is its legacy, its Diversity.
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    Also there had to be some implication with the Zack/Marissa situation. She said it was okay for Leonard to donate if he wanted but in her heart she didn't want him to father a baby for someone else....only with her. And the seduction scene sort of confirmed this. Maybe that is when she started thinking that having a baby with Leonard wasn't out of the realm of possibility.
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    Actually the issue has come up before, there wasn't a thourough discussion but no indication of reservations on her part. One of my problems with 12X03 is that they presented it as if the issue has never ever come up before when there was even an agreement between them that they wanted kids in season 9. If we're left to speculate, I don't know, maybe ironically she started having those thoughts when she was starting to feel ready to have kids. Maybe she was starting to really see it happening, and that brough up fears, insecuirites and the like and made her "run away" from it. We do know around the time they broke up in season 3 Penny could actually see herself marrying Leonard some day. Something about that overwhelmed her, Wil Wheaton pushed some, Leonard's insecurities made him push some more, and she "ran away". So maybe she was actually much more ready and willing to have children than she seemed, and so maybe after finding out she was pregnant, and confessing her feelings to Leonard and getting support from him, it didn't take her that long to be happy about it as she seemed to be in the finale (wrapping her head around it notwithstanding, it is a big thing, to come to grasp with that there's a baby growing inside her and she's going to be a mother in a few months).
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    Just thought thatthe things they mentioned were similkar to your comments. If I misunderstood sorry
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    I always felt they took this playing around with Lenny, giving them all these difficult situations to deal with, almost too far. You notice the huge difference between Lenny’s breakup, which lasted for years, and the fluffy little breakups Shamy and Howardette had, also how they both got together quickly while Lenny took several episodes to even date again, and even then the first time they have sex they have another conflict again. The whole not wanting a baby thing just proved to me that the writers and show runner had gotten ridiculous in their treatment of Lenny, gone way too far, because Lenny had hinted at kids in their future throughout the series, so her suddenly not wanting them made absolutely no sense. I sometimes think that when the writers didn’t know what to write about in the show, their go to idea was to screw with Lenny.
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    Mork & Mindy (Nanu nanu)
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    I was thinking of Independence Day...
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    I'm gonna suggest a possible answer to Miss Kitka's question, if it makes sense anyway. When someone posts an answer to a thread, that thread automatically goes to the top of the forum. I'm assuming now, that most of us clicks 'next unread topic' when they've finished posting. Now, when there are a few of us posting at the same time, most of the threads will get multiple posts, and others not get any because as soon as one person posts, that thread automatically becomes the next unread topic for everyone else in the forum. These top few threads then become "Hot Topics". So my theory is that 'Boy's Names' has been a "Hot Topic" more frequently than 'Girls Names' simply because it happened to be at the top of the forum more often during a busy posting session (for want of a better term) than the 'Girls Names'.
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    I have to admit I had to skip ahead to Kaley talking. I love her honesty and sweetness so much. What a girl!! Love you Kaley. Minor confession: She's got me addicted to 'Hope for Paws' YouTube videos. Yes, I am that soft.
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    Yeah, no more writers to spoil everything!
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    What's done is done, it's all over now, all we can do is make up our own speculations and discuss them
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    Another good speculation. TPTB should have helped us out a little more on this.
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    I was choosing a new password for my PC, and, for a laugh, I chose "mypenis", but Windows said it was too short.
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    A lot of needless speculation because the writers wasted so much screen time on the Shamy Nobel arc. There was no need for those two scientists to be in so many episodes!
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    He must have met her an awful lot of times - every episode, I think. Cripes, I almost forgot: Ironside
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    New chapter up 25. Help - Stephen POV - Stephen deals with a disappointing realization.
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    I agree. The no-kids idea was Penny's response when she was put on the spot. They had obviously done little talking about it before 1203, since there wasn't even a reference to their having discussed it properly at any stage. At two months pregnant she was still getting her own head around it so wanted to keep it private between themselves until she was ready, which is not unusual anyway.The cat was only out of the bag when her 'morning'( yeah, right ) sickness got the better of her. All discussions on the issue between Penny and Leonard themselves took place off screen. It looks as though it was written to be left to the viewers' imagination and speculation.
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    I really could see that happening!
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    This reminds me of losing a close relative and now you have to clean out their stuff and move on.
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    I can see your point. Glad you explained it, as I didn't read the article in question.
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    Hmm I don't really see how it relates to my opinions on the subject, mainly because they seem to ignore what was before 12X03. Since the no lids decision was IMO OOC, out of the blue and against what was shown previously, in my mind I fill in the blank with the explanation that it's not that Penny genuinely didn't want kids but that she made that declaration out of anxieties, insecurities and so. They also claim the pregnancy was fan service, which it was not because it was planned by the writers and the no kids thing was actually written in order to make the ending a surprise (my feelings about that strategy do not belong in this thread).
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    I keep thinking of a Very Brady Christmas, and wonder if a Very Sheldon Saturnalia is in the works. I hope for a small resurrection.
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    It really moved me....this was a very important developement in leonards life.....monumental actually.I thank the writers or whoever made the decision to fix this cold relationship between leonard and his mother. Leonard needed this desperately.....and we all needed it desperately for him!!!! loved it....got teary.....but very very happy!!! well done to all involved in this storyline!!!!xxxx
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    Ever finding out I was adopted, I've always wondered who my birth parents really were. This explains sooo much ! Thank you TONY for the Link.
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    Oooh, now Mike can fantasise about someone else 😄 Miss Kitka is unbanned.
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    This ^. This is what irks the crap out of me about Sheldon. How many freaking times does he have to be told or “learn a lesson” about his behavior? It stopped being funny a loooong time ago (if it ever really was). I recently started binge watching from the beginning and the difference of Sheldon in the beginning to now is astronomical! It actually made me start to cringe whenever he did or said something childish or selfish in the later seasons that he should’ve already learned (multiple times) and you start to see and realize the writers are just going for a quick laugh and yeah, I’m sure upon first watch, I did laugh but now it makes me cringe and want to reach out and slap the shit out of him. I still love Shamy and they are still my favorite but the writers claim of Sheldon’s “growth” is bs. They just went for the laugh. I think he was more mature (and likeable) in the earlier seasons.
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    So much for all the years of b.s. we've been fed about Sheldon's "growth". He still the same egotistical, selfish, clueless, obnoxious ass he was from day one. His lack of empathy for Leonard is horrifying. Poor Amy, but bless her for getting him out of Leonard's hair. She has her work cut out for her.
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    🙋‍♀️ _________________________ Wow. Finally an episode in this season (except the Halloween one) I really loved. Not the comedy in it though, bit the drama. These things were long overdue. I get people who won't like the episode, it was more dramatic than light comedic, I think that's because the writers waited with all those things to the last moment and so they were crammed together. I LOVED LOVED LOVED that they finally dealt with Leonard's issues with his mother in a more deep and serious way. The things he said in this episode, about always having the hope of getting his mother's approval reignited when interacting with her, always trying to win this approval, even though he knows he is unlikely to get it, it all reminded me of some posts I made, I think in season 11, maybe the novel episode?, about his repetition compulsion. Repetition compulsion in a nutshell, a veryvl simplified nutshell, means a person repeatedly brings him/herself into situations where a traumatic experience is repeated. Leonard repeatedly got (gets) himself into situations where he wouldn't get approval and recognition from his mother and others, instead getting degraded. This can be seen as playing a role in his relationship with Sheldon (their real friendship, good times, shared interests etc. notwithstanding). Many talk about how whimpy Leonard is, what a loser he is. It's easy to see it that way when focusing on whay we see on the show, the show does focus on that and it's easy to forget about the context. But taking this character in context, IMO, shows how resilient, strong, he really is. This character is a person who has been emotionally abused by his mother, while his father was mostly absent (thus enabling it). Many people like that would be far less functional. Yet he had managed to grow, function, live his life and then expend his life, "opening to the world" with the help of Penny (as Johnny says, to Leonard Penny represented a way to get out to 'the world out there'). And here we saw that strength full-blown when Leonard was able to accept his tragedy and move on. He also decided not to dwell on it when he realised it just won't help, in fact saying his list probably would've made Beverly counter-attack with criticism and detached, analytical behavior (her defenses). Leonard's strength (which is despite, and not because of Beverly), IMO, is what made possible for Beverly to get to a place where she finally, finally could recognize her failures (and at that perhaps a sort of inability). Johnny was fantastic IMO. Like Leonard, I find him incredibly underrated. He was awesome. Top performance. Christine Baranski was amazing as well, first by making me want to slap Beverly in the face several times and then with Beverly's moment of truth and vulnerability, with she managed to pull off genuinely with so little time (in a longer show this scene would've gotten several additional minutes). As you can see above, just the few seconds of the hug from the promo made me see the unusual affection shown there. I teared up in that Leonard and Beverly scene and in some previous Leonard parts. Penny had some good zingers, although I gotta say her awkward smile when Leonard realized Beverly came for research distracted me. The episode also showed well how Penny has trouble dealing with intense emotions. I'm not saying that as a complaint about her, that's the character. They also showed Amy's way of coping - intellectualising, using Biology, and Sheldon's avoiding connection with his friend's complex hurt feelings and staying in his own world. Raj - great call there. My problems were the unbelievable pace (Anu goes to a convention and right there starts a new job?) and the lack of the others' responses (Lenny, Shamy). It is very true that Raj was desperately chasing something that didn't appear to be there, just so he could have a marriage and a family. His saying it may be his last chance at that did hit home though, being single myself while many friends are getting married and everybody at work have children (I'm years younger than they are). Loved Howard making the grand romantic gesture to help his dear, dear friend. And Bernadetre yelling at him to go (can't remember the line right now) was funny. Stuart and Denise plot was nice and it was time.
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