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    Right now it just seems like the summer break, in the fall is when it is going to be real when there are no new episodes.
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    I like the idea of an after the show discussion thread. Where you can discuss past seasons and episodes. Might be a way to keep the forum active.
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    That's what Johnny kept saying in interviews.
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    Brilliant example! But I must confess, that I'm more suitable as an illuminator than a great calculator. Like Penny, my weak spot is... 🙂
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    I know you read a couple of others...😜
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    Usually you can see what the ships are before you enter the story. I avoid Shenny stories, but there are people who like them so to each their own.
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    I enjoy reading the fan-fiction stories when they are believable and well written. Some are so good it makes you wonder why the show writers did not think of them. But also some are so out of character they are ridiculous. There are so many Shenny stories that could never happen but I guess that is what fan-fiction is about. However, being a Lenny fan I just could not really get into them with any focus.
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    I gave two suggestions in my original post. I also like veejay's suggestions. And we still have the science in the news and chit chat pages. Fanfic is fine if it stands alone, like the fanfic forum here, where it can easily be avoided if one wishes. That does not seem be the case if a season 13 section was added if I'm reading it right. To be honest, I just have, over the years, come to hate fanfic. (And this is coming from someone who used to write it for other shows, granted, a long time ago, but I did.) It costs nothing, it's worth nothing and like fan art, people get all bent out of shape if you make the smallest criticism of it. Some of my worst arguments I've had with other fans have been about fanfic. It's not like the way we used to criticize the writers of the show here. If you aren't happy with the way a fanfic is going you are hurting the feelings of a friend. And it eventually stops. Most of the Buffy and Harry Potter boards I was on, for example, have disappeared or all but. Even some of the classic Doctor Who ones have gone down. If you guys want to do a fanfic type season 13 forum, I wish you the best of luck, but it just doesn't interest me personally. I prefer the fanfic forum stands the way it was originally put up. To me twelve is the last season and should remain so, page wise. I never said you couldn't keep the fan fiction forum. But I didn't think that was what was being proposed now. As I said above, a season 13 forum was mentioned here, just for fanfic. I just didn't think you needed a special area for it. This summed it up for me well:
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    For me, not so much. Shenny is what I hate. They're usually ridiculous. I don't read unless the description doesn't say shenny. Usually I can tell by a sentence or two, then I stop reading!!
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    That's why people should get beta readers @joyceraye
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    Johnny is in Paris 🇫🇷
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    So very true, especially about shenny. Those stories I didn't recognize any of the characters as they need to change them to make their stories work!
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    Yeah, I got confused once, maybe twice... I vote for this. Nothing like digging up the dead horse, beating it again and reburying it for a later beating. I still feel strongly about Leonard being pantsed in front of his mum by Penny. And that they didn’t even try with the pillows. Someone should make a list of the horses. But Penny and Raj was fine for Penny, bad for Raj. Just saying... I read Elliptical Threads, which was so good. Then I read some story about Penny waking up with Sheldon and then sneaking back to Leonard. I was scarred forever*. By both really. Too far from the nominal reality of the show for me. Despite the skills exercised by the writers. So I stopped. Also I wonder about playing with someone else’s IP. It’s an accepted form of homage, I guess. No one gets hurt. Except for *see above.
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    I like fanfiction, but there was a previous attempt to do a forum fanfiction where each person continues what has been written before and it didn't last long.
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    While I don’t believe there will be a season 13( too easy for confusion) forum, there could possibly be an after the show section( Tripper and I haven’t discussed anything yet). However, that kind of thing(a plot for each episode) could be in one topic, with discussion and plots, or two, one for each, enabling those that want to avoid it, to avoid it.
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    I’m up for squibbling, when the mood takes me. For instance, we could re-litigate the data corruption by electric can opener. I wasn’t here for that one, but I think it was totally justified.
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    Well said. I can also imagine that various aspects of the now complete series development could be alternatively or even re-evaluated from today's personal perspective. In view of the mostly positive experiences here in this forum, it would certainly be an inspiration for us fans to continue some threads of conversation, no matter in which direction or preference. I myself still find it difficult to give up the end of a now long period of joint refreshing squibblings with a wide range of people from all over the world. 🙂
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    Great analysis of their relationship!
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    43952 Thank you, Lady, I do read the other forums, I just seldom post there.
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    Sox has Pizza in my pants.....
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    Season 7 Thanksgiving episode, and Season 9 last episode, and season 10 1st episode. At the opening of the 1st episode of season 10, Penny declares, Who would have thought my SECOND marriage would be to Leonard. Yet in season 7, a Thanksgiving episode, we all discover Penny and Zak were married by a fake Elvis (They could never afford a real one). I know it was annulled, but still they were married. This would make Penny's 2nd marriage to Leonard Penny's 3rd, and we were never invited to any of them, and Leonard never had even 1 bachelor party.
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    I think Raj and Missy would play it for what it's worth at getting Sheldon's goat!
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    It matters not how many times we've seen Cinnamon, she was still around and Raj's longest running relationship. ☺️
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    I brought that up in a post as the reason Emily/Raj couldn't work and the reason for the hatred between Penny and Emily!
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