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    It really was a good awards show--so entertaining James C did a great job
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    3 pictures - Jim, Laurie and Todd
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    (2 pictures)
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    From Variety 2018-2019 TV Season Delayed Viewing Ratings: ‘This Is Us,’ ‘Big Bang Theory,’ ‘Masked Singer’ in Three-Way Tie The final Live+7 numbers for the 2018-2019 TV season are in. Discounting any football content, which once again dwarfed all other programming on TV, there was a three-way tie for the biggest series of the year in the key 18-49 demographic. One of those shows is “The Big Bang Theory,” which ended it 12-season run and was boosted by a massive ratings push in the last two or three episodes, another is “This Is Us,” whose third season consistently topped the ratings charts throughout the year, and finally the third series is “The Masked Singer.” The music competition series on Fox came out of nowhere and ended level with its scripted rivals on an average Live+7 rating of 3.8. “This Is Us” was the largest grower of the three, gaining an average of 90% in delayed per episode as opposed to 65% for “Big Bang” and 46% for “Masked Singer.” In terms of total viewership, “The Big Bang Theory” comfortably came out on top with just over 18 million total viewers per episode on Live+7, followed by its CBS counterpart “NCIS” with 15.9 milliton total viewers and its spinoff series “Young Sheldon” with 14.7 million total viewers. <ratings charts in the link>
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    That's the Law of Supply and Demand. If there's no demand then you don't need a supply.
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    I remember when my cousin was thinking about his retirement and said of his scientist son, ' After this next degree he can jolly well finish ! I've spent enough money,he's getting a job !' Said son did get a job and is now a Detective Chief Inspector of police. Graduates and post-graduates in some disciplines can rise through the ranks very quickly.
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    One of my daughter's friends stayed a college student until he was 33. We called him a professional student. Anyone of any age can be a student. Another friend of one of my kids graduated with a major in something that was impossible to get a job in and went back and started another major. I personally had a friend who majored in Mythology and Folklore (why I'll never know) and had to go back to school when they couldn't get a job.
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    She doesn't strike me as being in her early 20s. Lauren is far from that, they wouldn't have hired her if they wanted a very young woman. Who knows, maybe Denise studied something and then decided she's unhappy and wants to go into art. Or she didn't have the money earlier in her life and had to work to get it.
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    YYYAAAAAAYY!!!!!! so happy for them!!!
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    awwww todd looks great!
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    Yes The Tony's are on Sunday night in NYC He's not presenting, but TBITB is nominated for Best Revival of a Play. so I imagine he will be there.
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    First of Die, that was a great list. As for Yvette, I believe they intended her to be recurring for Raj. However, back in 2014, Molaro, did several interviews, after that episode aired, and when asked, hinted that they didn't think the character was a good fit for the show, which puzzled me. They are the writers, why write a character that wasn't a good fit for the show, which got me thinking (which is dangerous). One thing TPTB were very protective of, was the chemistry of the cast. If they thought an actor was a good fit, and they saw that during the week, they tended to bring them back, even if they were supposed to be a one shot. Melissa and Mayim both were supposed to be one-shots, and they ended up as main cast. Zack was supposed to be a one shot, and he ended up recurring. Melissa was asked the Friday after the table read if she was available for more shows, and they offered Mayim main cast, when she thought her arc had run it course. I bring those up, because I got the impression that it was possibly the actress who maybe didn't mesh with the rest of the cast. This is speculation on my part, but from the interviews, that's what I got. This is not to say she was a bad actress or there was something wrong with her, or she was a diva, none of that. It could simply be TPTB didn't like the interaction or chemistry between her and the cast, and wanting to protect that cast chemistry, simply pulled the plug on her character. Or, they could have decided the character wasn't a good fit, either way, the result was the same. We probably will never know for sure. Emily was introduced the second episode after the appearance of Yvette, about three weeks production time. Now there's a case of bending over backwards to make sure she was available, when they wanted her. Which, in the end, didn't matter as that character also ended up disappearing.
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    4-24 had a very disappointing moment, but as an overall episode it wasn’t that bad. Speckerman was just terrible throughout. The women stealing from a goodwill type donation area? That’s really low.
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    I don't think their is one definite worst ever. More a group of them. Top 5 imo. 1. The Speckerman Reccurance; The concept of being bullied is a big theme in this show. But the underlying B Plot of Penny being a bully, and making up for it was weak. 2. The Griffin Equivalency; The peoples magazine episode, was Raj at his worst. 3. The Romance Recalibration; The whole episode was the writers trolling the audience surley. Whole episode was ridiculous. From Leonard on the couch being a messy slob. To Sheldon writing up a Relationship Agreement, that was never referenced ever again. 4. 8x24; The whole Leonard cheating on Penny, just to counter the Shamy break up. Therefore putting Leonard under a bus. Yeah 5. The Plimpton Solution: The double standard of being a nerd so its okay for them to have casual hook ups. Yet Penny is a slut because she has slept with more then ten men. Yeah. Particulary seeing Lenny just broke up. And Leonard was just looking for a quick lay.
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    The Speckerman Recurrence. The one episode I will never watch again.
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    These are really bad photos( I'll take better ones soon) of TBBT Set I created in 1'/12" scale for our County Fair - My goal was to try and make everything by hand- and I managed to make all but three items - can you spot them??? Everything else I made by hand- constructed in foam board, fabric, paper, balsa wood, polymer clay, and various things that resemble small things- Like I made the DNA sculpture out of beads on pipe cleaners and wire - mounted on wood. The most difficult items were Batman, Bat girl, Robin and the Green Lantern on Window shelf- they were originally O Gauge size civil war soldiers I carved the extra stuff off ( like guns and hats ) and painted them and added capes - I had to wear jewelers magnifiers glasses to see what I was doing. I thought I would go blind!. Anyway I thought I would share it here - with fellow TBBT fans. Oh- the size of the Diorama is 23" x 13" x 10"high.
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    I just realized that I haven't posted this drawing of mine in the fan art thread. It's a Lenny tribute to Star Wars and the late Carrie Fisher. Penny as Leia and Leonard as Han Solo. Hope you enjoy.
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    Congrats for the PCAs award!! I added jim lol Enjoy!
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    I do every month a giveaway contest between my patrons ( https://www.patreon.com/rgbcn ) December's winner asked me for a harry potter shamy kiss. This is the colored version of it. The original will be traveling soon to the winner's home Enjoy it!
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    The Big Bang Theory returns today Enjoy
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    Happy Birthday Kaley Cuoco
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    Thank you! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #29 #30 #31 #32 #33 #34
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    As I promised @luminous ! Lenny! I hope you like it! :D
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    Dancing (Prom night) Enjoy!
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    Today a drawing based on @chasingballoons fanfiction "The cohabitation resolution" Enjoy!
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    Hey! I did a commission of a Kaley Cuoco's Portrait I have the client's permission to share on my accounts I hope you will enjoy it! Enjoy tonight's episode!!
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    Shamy and Lenny :D Have a great weekend!!
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    Shamy \\ Amelia and Cooper
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    Hey! I'm back! With more Shamy feelings! Love all @luminous drawings ahhhh Enjoy! "Amy Farrah Fowler… Will you share this toothbrush holder with me?" "I would love to" I love also @Shamyartzzs and @miss.sh.c drawings of the hug!! :D
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    Party with Bert! Yeah Amy! You are the popular girl!! *Amy still processing the information* Enjoy!
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    Some Shamy feelings for today, maybe another style, but this was inspired by a spanish song called "I'll wait" good night!
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    more sketches! Have a nice day!
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    Mayim will be today on Star Talk http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/startalk/ Science girls! Because I love them so much! You rock girls!
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    “I guess sometimes I'm silly” Shamy feelings... I love the original scene frame... so I did my own version Enjoy!
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    MORE FUN WITH FLAGS HAHAHA with a proposal lol based on @BigBangEnthusiast fanfic https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12109866/1/The-Vexillogical-Vacation Enjoy!
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    This is amazing!! Fun with Flags! ♡
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    #15 Naughty carrot alternative #16 Penny episode 200 dress #17 #18
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    More drawings to store #7 Penny portrait #8 Lenny honeymoon in San Francisco (without Sheldon ;-) ) #9 Valentine's day 2016 #10 Leonard putting the heart shaped locket on Penny (related to Episode #200)
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    #3 #4 Lime Kiss #5 Penny after realizing she said "I love you" to Leonard for the first time #6 "The cat's alive" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Info: Wanted to put one picture per post, but the system merged them.
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    I will ask her, if I get the permission to share it. Edit: After getting 5 Miss' permission (I hope I interpreted it correctly) here's the line: "I see you sitting upright against a column in a ruined building with your hands tied above your head and your face turned away with your eyes closed." (from "End's Beginning" by 5Mississippis @ fanfiction.net) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- drawing #2 Lenny and their parents. (please note: the appearance of Penny's mom Susan is under reserve, since we don't know her appearance in the show yet)
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