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    The article can be found here.
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    Don't know if anyone else has seen the brief video of Johnny and Kaley hugging each other after their last scene together for the finale. They were both teary-eyed after the embrace and I can imagine what was said between them. Something like "will miss you and keep in touch" And I am sure they will. Also, there is a fine article dated May 15, 2019 called "Friendship Goals" about how they bonded after their break-up and how their friendship became stronger proving true friendship can overcome even the worst heartbreak.
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    Well Johnny and Kaleys connection post their break up was prob the single best thing that happened to the show. How many stories are their are about co stars who dated. But then coulden't stand being around each other. IT could of gone that way. But it is a testament to J and K as people they got through all the struggles of their break up. And at the end of it found a life long friendship.
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    According to the listings on Amazon, Season 12, as well as the complete series, will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on November 12, 2019! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
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    Thanks Tensor I am technologically challenged
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    True If they knew season 12 was to be the last they should have come up with more compelling and deeper storylines. Not just for Lenny but all the characters. Even Raj who was more a fill-in character than an actual primary one. To end his story without any real conclusion was just tragic. And yes, there was way too much of the Shamy/Nobel storyline.
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    For me the ending was fine. It's the season leading up to it that left something to be desired. I never cared if there was Lenny pregnant story line or of it was just a reveal in finale or even a flash forward. It just makes so much of the actual Lenny story for s12 a complete an utter waste. Whatever the motivation, it just rang false and just reinforced my belief that to some extent that s12 was being phoned in by TPTB. That's my problem with it all....
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    If you remember correctly, it was me all along who had expected just that...well, because I think I'm smart and ...maybe. 🙂 Hey…! 😁
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    Just pointing out, by their interviews, the writers actually planned for Penny to be pregnant at the finale all along, it wasn't just a bone thrown to fans. In fact, according to Holland, it was this tat made them decide to "write against it", i.e. 12X03. I won't go into my opinion about that strategy, but I wanted to point out the facts as revealed by TPTB.
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    I guess that makes us even. because 95% of the time I don't like Sheldon.
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    Sorta like how they tossed an unrealistic bone to the fan base that was waiting for a Nobel?
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    Happy 64th Birthday to Laurie Metcalf
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    They wasted the season on the Nobel nonsense and Anu. Just like Season 11 was wasted on Shamy's wedding planning.
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    I agree! I'm sure some were disappointed, but not me. I wasn't completely satisfied, but all in all not too bad!
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    So many photos of Johnny looking pensive and kaley looking at him as though there isn’t anyone else in the room. I hope they stay in touch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Audiences Unlimited is starting to post August taping dates for shows like "Mom" and "Man With A Plan" is breaking my heart a little. It's sad not to see TBBT dates out there.
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