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    I have to vent. This dispute between DirecTV and Nexstar has been going on for a week now. DirecTV customers can't get any local channels owned by Nexstar. Both companies are pointing fingers at each other as to who's at fault. From what I understand, Nexstar raised their prices and DirecTV won't agree to the new price. Nexstar says that DirecTV wouldn't agree to a temporary extension and pulled the plug on the channel and is telling people to call DirecTV. The Nexstar Facebook page pulled the ability to message them, post on their page, or leave a reaction to any of their posts. The Nexstar webpage doesn't even give you an option to email them. When you call them, they send your call to DirecTV. DirecTV's Facebook page and webpage still allows you to interact with them. If Nexstar is the victim, as they are claiming to be, why pull the ability to interact with them? For me, it affects the NBC affiliate and another station paired with it. The NBC affiliate is my source for news. I can watch local news online, but because the online stream is location based and my local station doesn't have an agreement with DirecTV, I can't watch national news. I missed the Macy's Firework show as well. I'm disappointed that the stations are in lockstep with their parent company, which IMHO is in the wrong. They don't seem to care that their viewers, who they say that they are on their side, are being affected. Both of them need to think about their customers affected by this and come to an agreement!
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    "I got a new pet?" "What kind?" "A skunk." "What? Where do you keep that?" "In my bedroom." "But what about the smell?" "Well, the animal just has to get used to it."
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    This changeable weather in London is driving me up the wall. Whatever I wear when I leave the house turns out wrong. I'm either too hot, cold or soaking wet. [emoji1784] Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    How do you organise a space party?? You Planet Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Of all the mutants, Magneto was the hardest to deal with, because he was bi-polar.
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    Happy International Kissing Day 2019.
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    Take pictures, post them here, I wanna see.
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    Press Preview Day for the rebuilt BBT sets that will now be part of the WB Studio Tour...
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    Happy Taping Day, one and all! The third episode already... Wow! I hope we get some spoilers or a taping report!
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    From TV Line Fall TV Spoilers 2018: Scoop on 40 Returning Favorites
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    Season 09 Episode 16 – The Positive Negative Reaction Leonard: Me, too. So, you ever think about it? Penny: Babies? Well, I’m not in a rush but someday, yeah, sure. What about you? Leonard: I think we’d make amazing parents. Season 11 Episode 11 – The Celebration Reverberation Leonard: Should we think about what's next? Like buying a house or having a baby? Penny: Look, I want to do all those things someday, but there's a bunch of stuff I want to do first.
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    Thats the shamy plot basically they think its the start of a scavenger hunt and go all over trying to find their real gift lol ill post more info soon im just packing to fly out tomorrow
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    Happy Taping Day, everyone! Let's all hope that there is a taping report or spoilers by tomorrow morning!
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    I know you're referring to Leonard and Penny (I'm all for those "smart and beautiful" babies), but it has me wondering if we'll see a glimpse of Halley and Michael in the final episode(s). I'm also curious to see what they do with Raj. I'm not really sure that he has to end up with someone. Personally, I'd like to see Lucy or Emily back, although others would probably like to see Yvette the vet return. If they develop a new love interest for him, I hope that it doesn't feel rushed. I would love some new developments for Penny, i.e., a return to acting, a PR position, further backstory, the return/introduction of family members, etc. I'm hoping for episodes featuring our favorite recurring cast members, perhaps another dinner scene or two at the Cheesecake Factory, and the elevator fixed by the series' end.
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    I know I haven't been on this forum for a while, but I feel the need to chime in my opinion. First I firmly believe that any actor has a right to do whatever they feel is best for their own career and future so JP's deciding to call it quits is his prerogative. That being said, I don't think it was fair to turn a ensemble into a pretty much "one man show" where if he left, TPTB would feel there was NO show. That is pretty disrespectful to the other 6 stars of the show who have been there from the beginning or at least the majority of the seasons. And it seems kind of weird (if true) that some of the cast was not notified sooner. It's like saying "well now that JP is out, we don't think you could carry a show even though we made the whole show about his character". That's how I see it....
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    I think all parties have handled the situation rather poorly. If the reports are correct, the other actors were unaware of Jim's intentions and many of them, if not all, were willing to continue with the show (I know it's not the common impression on this board, but that's what all the articles about the matter say), he should have spoken with them earlier and not let them discover the whole situation in a meeting with the boss. But the way the meeting itself was handled and the fact it is now public knowledge is also something I would have done very differently. Ending the show rather than writing a character off is a creative decision, Jim had all the rights to quit and he shouldn't be held responsible for the end of TBBT. Anyway, we don't know how much of what said in those articles is accurate and, in any case, in a few days other news will be out there and all this will be forgotten by the general public. Let's hope in a great final season and wish all the actors well for their future.
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    I also want a birthday party for Penny, planned by Leonard, of course. Also, I'm a sucker for holiday episodes, so a Halloween, Thanksgiving, and/or Christmas episode would be awesome!
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    Melissa also shared the same photo as Kaley and Mayim:
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    They're a couple. They'll never be over arguments. Every couple on this show has arguments all the time. Shamy had 2 in this ep alone (on their honeymoon, no less). Couples fight! Writers need stuff to write about. They're all always going to have fights. And make up. And do cute stuff and funny stuff and annoying stuff...
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    Twitter feud is with neil degrasse tyson (sorry if thats spelt wrong)
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    I for one am a proud fan who still enjoys the show after 11 seasons. The show still me happy, still makes smile and still makes me laugh. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the characters grow from nerds into fuctional adults with working and loving relationships. Still my favorite tv show by far. I take it for what it is. A wonderful slice of happiness to my TV schedule.
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    Same here! Of course it doesn't matter if we get a detailed taping report or just a little spoiler. Any information is welcome and is never taken for granted. I think I can say on behalf of the forum community, that we are grateful for every tiny little bit of information someone likes to share with us.
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    Kaley also posted a picture of herself and the script on her IG stories. 😉
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    First table read of season 12 today. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzhIfN4UQv8
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