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    You're so right! Considering that, I like to dedicate my weirdest bobble head to you. πŸ˜‰ We could also finally pursue some completely crazy ideas. There should be enough time for some creativity now. (One of my absolute favorite sayings of Penny!) πŸ˜€ (on a side note: hottest day since "anno somewhere along the way" here in Germania (41Β°C!). Maybe that's why my mind is running away from me. Or do I really have sunstroke? Who knows.)
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    It is weird. I feel like my connection to the BBT universe is getting weaker, and it's even weirder that it's hapenning so fast. The show ended less than 3 months ago! I used to check the forum every morning, like a newspaper, and then some times during the day or at night. Now I only check it every once in a while. Also, because RL is...busy and complicated right now, I don't get to writing my fanfic. I miss writing my characters and my versions of the BBT characters. I also don't get to read other fanfics as much. I also miss communicating with you guys, it used to be a regular thing, and now it's barely happening. So... weird. I hope everybody is doing well.
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    Thanks! It's just a cheerful and encouraging wave to all the remaining ones here. Btw, nothing beats your hilarious chef. 😁
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    "The Boys in the Band" is filming in LA... You can link to more pictures HERE
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    I also had to hear that from some of my friends when I spent my time too long here in the forum again. Now I'm trying to go the other way around back into the so-called "real life". πŸ˜• But honestly I can't really let go yet. So...let’s see.. πŸ™‚
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    From E! News YouTube channel
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    From tvinsider.com See DC's 'Harley Quinn' Cast in Our TCA Summer 2019 Portrait Studio (PHOTOS)
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    From extratv's YouTube channel
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    From Women's Health magazine Kaley Cuoco Shows Off Toned Abs In Black And White Gym Selfie On Instagram
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    From Fernando Rivera, he was the store clerk when Sheldon couldn't decide which gaming system to buy. 2 pictures
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    I found this interesting as I do often watch Kim's Convenience (Canadian Sitcom). https://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/simu-liu-shang-chi-marvel-casting-1.5219238
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    Simon Helberg attends Pasadena Playhouse presents Playhouse Celebrity Game Night: Speed Charades at Pasadena Playhouse on June 10, 2019 in Pasadena, California. gettyimages
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    Rugged Rock Star!❀️❀️❀️
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    A little sad over here. Things are slowing down to a drip, drip, drip of posts. On top of that, at the beginning of May I stopped receiving email notices of most posts on the Forum, leading me to visit once or twice a day instead of the "oh yay! a post by @bfm" or "maybe its a gif from @veejay". "Ahhh! @luminous is giving us something from Instagram!" when the notifications hit my inbox with extreme regularity. I miss you all. I hope I find things are well with you. I still see an episode of TBBT most days. They and you are always on my mind!
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    Retired CreativeGenius said, Our Technology will kill us off. If you run into an alien can you ask for the Denominator of the Square Root of 2? Well, the other day, I was going to go on the extinction rebellion climate protest march, but it was raining, so I stayed in. [emoji23] If I meet any aliens i dont know if they will be able to solve it. Lol. Maybe they could let me know how the Earth travels 1000 miles per hour and we dont feel the movement. Power of gravity I guess, but they could have a different take on it. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    I've had to do that. But I didn't have the kind of relationship with my relatives that Howard had with his mother. His constant fat jokes and her screaming were often over the top. I think it was a huge mistake to have Bernadette change to be shrill and authoritative like Howard's mother. She was not like that at first. I think she and Howard had a good relationship most of the time but when they tried to play her as replacing his mother I didn't think it was funny. Has anyone thought about what threads would be kept if we got a new section for post TBBT life? I assume there would be a thread about what the actors are doing next, and that weather, chit chat, and science in the news would stay and we'd have some kind of aftermath discussion page. Have the administrators decided if they are going to do that?
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    This changeable weather in London is driving me up the wall. Whatever I wear when I leave the house turns out wrong. I'm either too hot, cold or soaking wet. [emoji1784] Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Happy Canada Day to you and all Canadians!!!!!!!!!
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    Well, I liked it. It's a lot better than I thought it would be. It was fun. And Wiki isn't giving it a very good synopsis. There is much more to it than they are saying. Check out some other reviews before you decide. They don't give enough credit to the two Beatles fans who keep appearing at his concerts and interviews. He is afraid they are angry with him and want to ruin him. They add to his guilt and that adds some tension, as does the manager, who is an interesting villain desperate to make a fortune off of the singer. It's #3 after last weekend and the singing is honestly what surprised me. He's pretty good.
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    You're so right @chucky. Here's some more pics. 1st is of flames shooting out of the roof. 2nd and 3rd are of a teacher's classroom downstairs. 4th is/was the Testing Room (also downstairs) where all the exams and records for State Testing are/ were kept. I spent many many hours in that room. I have heard that due to concerns about stability, it will be torn down. The 7th grade team that was based in that building is being moved to another part of campus and is considering renaming themselves The Phoenixes.
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