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    Agree 6 was the high point. That’s where I went first when BBT appeared on Netflix. But I am a huge fan of the first 3 seasons. Couldn’t have lasted forever as that style but 1-3 contained a lot of the iconic classic moments of the show Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’m watching it all over again on Netflix but just picking a choosing my favourite episodes indiscriminately. Enjoying that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Season 6 was arguably the most perfect season. They found the perfect balance between the science and the relationships. And pacing was perfect.
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    Maybe it is me but does anyone else think there has been a strange absence of Alaina Marie Avery Meyer in Johnny’s pictures since the baby reveal? I know he said before that he wants to keep the whole baby thing private, so does that seem like the reason for the lack of pictures of them two? Also, if you look at Alaina Marie Avery Meyer’s Instagram, since the baby reveal, there are no pictures of her and Johnny.
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    Agreed, 1 - 3 and 6 were good. Whereas, IMHO, 8 was bad and die hard TBBT fans could enjoy 11.
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    You know after watching the first few seasons over and over and knowing they were dating, it sometimes seems that Kaley is not entirely acting around Johnny, those touches, smiles and cheek kisses just seem too real for them to be just acting. Then there is the pool photo shoot they did, when you watch it, it is hard to not think that there is something going on with those two.
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    I can watch all of season six every week, but not the first three or the last few.
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    Im watching Season 3 currently. The Vengence Formulation legit top 5 episode from the series or any sitcom ever. The Foam/Helium stuff is iconic.
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    I can remember almost everything Beatles related. Well, as much as my 63 year old brain can remember. When they became popular, I was more into Country Music. My sister was the Beatles freak, espcially Ringo!
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    When I do that, I'm surprised by how many episodes there are that I don't choose.
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    You're so right! Considering that, I like to dedicate my weirdest bobble head to you. 😉 We could also finally pursue some completely crazy ideas. There should be enough time for some creativity now. (One of my absolute favorite sayings of Penny!) 😀 (on a side note: hottest day since "anno somewhere along the way" here in Germania (41°C!). Maybe that's why my mind is running away from me. Or do I really have sunstroke? Who knows.)
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    It is weird. I feel like my connection to the BBT universe is getting weaker, and it's even weirder that it's hapenning so fast. The show ended less than 3 months ago! I used to check the forum every morning, like a newspaper, and then some times during the day or at night. Now I only check it every once in a while. Also, because RL is...busy and complicated right now, I don't get to writing my fanfic. I miss writing my characters and my versions of the BBT characters. I also don't get to read other fanfics as much. I also miss communicating with you guys, it used to be a regular thing, and now it's barely happening. So... weird. I hope everybody is doing well.
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    Thanks! It's just a cheerful and encouraging wave to all the remaining ones here. Btw, nothing beats your hilarious chef. 😁
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    "The Boys in the Band" is filming in LA... You can link to more pictures HERE
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    Simon Helberg attends Pasadena Playhouse presents Playhouse Celebrity Game Night: Speed Charades at Pasadena Playhouse on June 10, 2019 in Pasadena, California. gettyimages
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    Rugged Rock Star!❤️❤️❤️
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    Link to the podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-three-questions-with-andy-richter/id1468533126
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    Tripper and I have been discussing that. We don't feel the pressure to get the "After the Show" sections up (since there won't be a new season), and Tripper's been working on some other things. We're also discussing changing the Young Sheldon part to be more similar to the current TBBT structure. (separate years, etc).
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    The Television Academy made an adjustment today. "Special" now has four Emmy nominations. Best Short Form Drama. Two separate nominations for Best Actress in a Short Form Drama and (announced today) a Best Actor Nomination for Ryan in a Short Form Drama.
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    You're so right @chucky. Here's some more pics. 1st is of flames shooting out of the roof. 2nd and 3rd are of a teacher's classroom downstairs. 4th is/was the Testing Room (also downstairs) where all the exams and records for State Testing are/ were kept. I spent many many hours in that room. I have heard that due to concerns about stability, it will be torn down. The 7th grade team that was based in that building is being moved to another part of campus and is considering renaming themselves The Phoenixes.
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    Lightning struck a building at a school that I worked at for 12 years. The sad thing is it destroyed one of the original buildings... over 100 years old. Hoping the link to the pics work.
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