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    Would they still be on top in S14? I don’t know. Would they have kept chasing the money? Very likely, unless the talent decided to go do something else, if they could. Which is what stopped them and why we won’t find out. Parsons pulled the plug. Probably wisely and with maybe some artistic sensibility. You, and I, were fatigued by the Shamy Show, but others weren’t. They could have limped on until cancellation. Look at Two and a Half Men. I had trouble coping with married Sheldon and Amy. It was just awful. It couldn’t be offset enough by other plots to make it tolerable. And of course, “tolerable” is what you want in your favourite entertainment. /s If even obsessed people like us weren’t swallowing the nonsense, then maybe they would have fallen off a cliff anyway. Edit: “fallen off a cliff” is a colloquialism that implies that performance has fallen dramatically. Say like when a product is completely replaced by another. The sales plummet. The sales graph shows a steep downward movement. Vertically. Like a cliff. This is not to say any literal physical harm befalls anyone. Not throwing anyone off a cliff.
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    Goodness only knows why they dreamed up that time-wasting ridiculous arc that led nowhere. Those minutes could have been better spent on exploring Penny's reasons for not wanting a family. All we got was Leonard's unreasonably angry ' Well now she does' on the plane.
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    It was a combination of both for me. I'll miss all the J&K interactions that came with them being a part of the show together as well as I'll miss new Lenny moments!
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    Obligated to watch, ancillary to watching Leonard and Penny. Sheldon and Amy were unavoidable. How’s that? Maybe that’s why I can’t be bothered yet to watch s12. There just isn’t enough non-Sheldon and Amy content to compensate. And the pay-off for the Leonard and Penny story apparently just sucks. A Zack goose chase, regretful Penny who didn’t communicate with Leonard about a pretty major life decision and then a limp, facile and unexplored story about a pregnancy that may as well have been a phantom? Add to that a weird fictional Nobel that is just made-up fantasy that exploits a real award for which real people actually sweat and innovate and have momentous insights and make actual contributions to human knowledge that potentially affect the human condition. Exploited for laughs and a season-ending high. Hmmm.
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    I actually got to the point where I skipped episodes or saw parts of episodes. I never thought it'd get so bad, but it did. If this went on another season or two, and perhaps with a Shamy pregnancy taking center stage, I might have quit watching entirely. 12 seasons and leaving on top is an unbelievable achievement, but would they still be on top in season 14, if they kept going the way they did?
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    Quite frankly, you will not be the only one!
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    I've been to two of his concerts, and both were great experiences.
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    I think I'm doing ok with TBBT ending, and then I read an article like this, and I'm all teary again. I'm not that ok. A piece of Leonard and Penny will always stay with me: the passion, the friendship, the laughter, the tears, the endurance, the commitment and the general all-around cuteness of the two of them together. And I'll always try to remember the lesson we learned from Leonard. Don't give up on love.❤️❤️
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    If you do not keep up payment to your exorcist, your home may be repossessed.
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    So true! Lenny has been an after thought for years. Shamy was their golden couple that the show needed to be successful in the writers opinions. If there was another season, we would have suffered through a shamy pregnancy with Lenny on the outside looking in. Thank god the Sheldon Cooper Show has ended!
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    I think they shouldn't have written it even if they had another season or two. It was not true to the characters and their story and it was, to me at least, painful to watch. Unnecessarily painful. More episodes wouldn't have changed that. Mind you, they didn't even make use of the episodes they had. The Zack plot was IMO just whacky and it did nothing to change the situation. The only "progress" happened off screen (and by that I don't mean the actual conception but the mental-emotional processes preceding and following it). As Holland said, the whole thing was in fact done because they planned to have Penny pregnant in the finale and wanted to add a surprise factor. I think if they took their time to think about it more thoroughly, including thinking about past and future episodes (again, not something they're used to because it's simply not their way of working), they may have realized all the problems it would make far outweigh that surprise factor.
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    Kaley will be a guest on David Spade's new show "Lights Out With David Spade" on Comedy Central this Wednesday. See also: "Lights Out with David Spade" Announces Panelist Line-Up for Premiere Week
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    Birthday greetings from Mayim. (2 pictures)
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    Happy 47th birthday to Wil!
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    Don’t worry, the second half of each of the seasons will be better.
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    From Fernando Rivera, he was the store clerk when Sheldon couldn't decide which gaming system to buy. 2 pictures
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    They're back to work on Young Sheldon...Season 3
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    Happy 11th Birthday to Iain...
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    After Ramona & Sheldon left, Penny pointed out that that was what they were supposed to prevent. Bernadette’s reply: “I threw my body at them. What else could I do?!” (or words to that effect) Was priceless and hilarious!
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    In The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem, she wouldn't let him stop doing science, even at home, on evenings and weekends. Prior to Amy, I thought Martha was perfect for Sheldon. Clever, beautiful and sexy. What's not to like?
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