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    There was some speculation that Jim made this decision without consulting any of his castmates. But, I got the impression that Jim Parsons is a very humble individual and I believe he was thinking about his castmates and the direction of the show when he made that decision to not sign a new contract. I think he believed the show was becoming more about his Sheldon character than the ensemble it was originally meant to be. Which these past last seasons bear that out. So, Jim decided to pull the plug. I give him much credit for that. This is JMO and me thinking out loud.
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    Eagerly waiting for "The Flight Attendant". 😃
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    Sheldon and Penny were great to me when they were adversarial. I did not like Penny except for that aspect of the character...the way she sparred with Sheldon. When she thought he was weird and he thought she was dumb they were at their best. Once they became good friends they were not funny at all and it hurt the show. I will always believe that.
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    Johnny and Alaina were at a wedding yesterday. Alaina posted a short clip on her IG stories, showing photo strips with Johnny and her in it.
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    In the first two seasons there were no certain couples, that's right, but the foundation for a certain couple - Leonard & Penny - was already laid in the pilot.
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    She is going to be pretty busy. I count 4 projects now: Harley Quinn, The Flight Attendant, Sick Girl, and now this comedy. Her producer wings are taking off!
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    Nice to see that things are really happening for Kaley at the moment.
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    There was an interview with him, back a couple of months (that I can't find right now). He was thinking about after season 12, I would guess due to negotiations starting, when he realized that he might not want to do another season. It was a new thought to him, and if that idea came up, he felt he had his answer to if he wanted to do another one, and it was no, he didn't. I'll try to find the article or interview, but that was the gist of it. ETA: Ahhhhhh, here it is.
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    Funny, I didn't see any forced couples in the early seasons. There were foundations for certain couples, but I didn't see any of that being forced. Neither did the actors, at least from their comments about the progression being natural. Now, if you didn't like the couples that came out of how it was written, then, yeah, I can see how someone might think there was an agenda.
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    I never read anywhere that Jim quit because the show wasn't an ensemble. Sheldon was the breakout character from the start.. I did read that Jim was tired of playing Sheldon for so long and didn't think the show had any creative ideas left . I agree, he is very humble but they all want to move on. Jim just got Emmy nominations for his Netflix show, so I think he wants to look forward to other things.
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    I wonder if that's the bike, her mom was worried she'd lose her virginity on. 😀
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    I couldn't pick any from this season. appreciate the work put but the early seasons are so raw and they have no forced agenda (i.e certain couples) and you can't buy that kind of freedom.
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    Possibly, but I don't think that was the reason.
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    Well it’s been a while since I’ve been in here. Had to catch up on some reading...😉. I hope one day we get to find out the whole story behind Jim saying no. I heard he was getting sick and tired of dressing like a kid when he himself was well in his 40’s (and his character was even fast approaching the big 4 0).
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    YES! Didn't anyone at least acknowledge it COULD be coming to an end? In the absence of signed contracts I sure as heck would have, especially since it had been stated they needed all of the big three to go on,. I still suspect if Jim hadn't ended it Johnny might have. I know Johnny and Alaina Meyer announced in May they were having a baby boy in September. He might have already had an idea that his life was going in a different direction even if she wasn't yet pregnant at the time.
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    I never really understood (but I guess there must have been a reason) as to why contacts for future seasons weren’t finalised before the commencement of writing for the current season. Otherwise it seems to me like trying to make chicken soup without having first got the chicken. Ending up with a disappointing and probably inedible soup. Have a great weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It sort of makes you think the well was dry, the seam mined out, the tank was empty. They may have been running on fumes. Season 13 and 14 is unknowable but in this analysis the signs are not good. Also, and it could be just me, but is there some moral greyness around the conclusion, where in fact the coyote did get to eat the roadrunner. Sheldon, for all the harm he caused to others, still got to the top of the greasy pole. Is there a lesson in that? Trample on others, relentlessly and indefatigably until you get to the top? That’s been a through line. Never give up, regardless of cost to those around you. More commonly, there is a comeuppance for that behaviour at the end of the story. Not this time. Or on balance, is it obvious it’s not behaviour to emulate? Edit: Another view is that the great man needed support to do his great works and overcome his failings, for some greater good. Maybe that too. I think they cut the character a lot of slack as they aimed for the long run. I also think they made the right choice to let the show end. They likely should have gone earlier, when they still had something new to say. But that’s not the business model for these things.
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    Quite ! I can't believe the apparent lack of preparedness. "Shock horror, what a surprise, the last season contracted-for is the last season after all, whatever shall we write now ? " In past possibly-last seasons they'd plodded on for a few weeks during the uncertainty while they were waiting to hear whether there was going to be another contract, promising us they could wrap the whole thing up in one episode if need be. This time they were aware of their position for once really early on. At worst in August they could have thought up alternative plots in advance for if the series was or wasn't renewed. But they didn't. Since they were determined to give us that awful episode three regardless, they had months in which to explore Penny's attitude and use Zack for something else other than that episode-wasting, time-consuming rubbish about sperm donation, which wasn't even funny apart from one line, 'Or Penny if it's a girl'.
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    From variety.com Kaley Cuoco to Produce CBS Comedy Starring Santina Muha, Lindsey Kraft From deadline.com Comedy ‘Pretty’ Starring Lindsey Kraft & Santina Muha From Kaley Cuoco’s Yes, Norman Prods. In Works At CBS
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    Good points. It was counter to comedic tropes for the comedic irritant to get what they wanted. In this case the coyote got to eat the roadrunner, in a manner of speaking. Was the elevation deserved? I’m unsure. And how do people feel about an amateur physicist being included in the honours. I’m just not wrapped up enough in those characters to be thrilled for that either. I prefer your scenario. Still it’s been undeniably a commercial success. Kudos for that. It’s a tough business.
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