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    I think the 'socially challenged, beautiful mind, quirk filled, condescending, elitist, intellectual snob' characterisation couldn't have lasted for ever with no improvement. Perhaps it does in real life but in fiction it wouldn't have made for a very popular story as the years went on. What's poignant in a little boy, and tolerable in a twenty-something scarcely-grown man, is not in the least interesting in a forty-year-old. I just wish, as they made him more aware of his shortcomings, they'd made him a bit nicer, even if it was only to Amy.
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    Spot on! I will always feel that TBBT was changed, irrevocably and for the worse, when it was decided to evolve Sheldon from his original persona into something radically different. Once he stopped being the 'socially challenged, beautiful mind, quirk filled, condescending, elitist, intellectual snob' on his way to 'normalcy' he became all too often just plain annoying. He still took shots at Penny, but they came across as mean spirited and cheap.
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    Plus, to me, that was when Penny was wanting to help Sheldon more than her husband. I know at least 3 or 4 times Penny said when Sheldon talked about being bullied she wanted to hug him and make him feel better and when Leonard started to talk about him being bullied, she told him he probably deserved it or he had it coming. The writers thought it was funny, but I did not laugh in the least.
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    I disagree 12/23 and 12/24 were good. I do agree that season 12 as a whole was a disappointment. Most of the episodes of Season 12, for me, were a pain to watch.
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    In the first two seasons there were no certain couples, that's right, but the foundation for a certain couple - Leonard & Penny - was already laid in the pilot.
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    I believe Leonard is responsible as well. He never made Sheldon do anything, he just did everything for him.
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    "I just wish, as they made him more aware of his shortcomings, they'd made him a bit nicer, even if it was only to Amy." That might have worked out and been okay. If only he had shown some consistency in his 'progression'. Instead, he alternated between being his old 'socially challenged, beautiful mind, quirk filled, condescending, elitist, intellectual snob' self; a person on the way to emotional and behavioral maturity; and an overgrown toddler. The tolerance he received from his friends and loved ones in earlier seasons became irrational and inexplicable in later years. This is how he went from being my favorite TBBT character to one that had to be endured.
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    @HeWolf It didn't take me that long to agree with you. 😀
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    Didn't say it was reported anywhere Just my opinion!
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    Maybe, maybe not. No way to know unless Jim comes out and specifically says why he did it. Until then, it's speculation. Really, it doesn't matter. What's done is done and that's it!
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    Funny, I didn't see any forced couples in the early seasons. There were foundations for certain couples, but I didn't see any of that being forced. Neither did the actors, at least from their comments about the progression being natural. Now, if you didn't like the couples that came out of how it was written, then, yeah, I can see how someone might think there was an agenda.
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    I never read anywhere that Jim quit because the show wasn't an ensemble. Sheldon was the breakout character from the start.. I did read that Jim was tired of playing Sheldon for so long and didn't think the show had any creative ideas left . I agree, he is very humble but they all want to move on. Jim just got Emmy nominations for his Netflix show, so I think he wants to look forward to other things.
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    Sheldon and Penny were great to me when they were adversarial. I did not like Penny except for that aspect of the character...the way she sparred with Sheldon. When she thought he was weird and he thought she was dumb they were at their best. Once they became good friends they were not funny at all and it hurt the show. I will always believe that.
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    I believe there is an early interview which states that it took about 4 episodes for the writers to cement the characters. There has been a lot of speculation about the changes. Particularly Sheldon, as he is the seminal character. Once they realised where they could direct him. the show was shaped. Sheldon was and is, the breakout star. Jim as Sheldon was a special event. It doesn't happen often. Observe the beauty of sheldon before the b*****t and the glory and raw honesty of Sheldon and Penny. Hell they are perfect... I could die...
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    From variety.com Kaley Cuoco to Produce CBS Comedy Starring Santina Muha, Lindsey Kraft From deadline.com Comedy ‘Pretty’ Starring Lindsey Kraft & Santina Muha From Kaley Cuoco’s Yes, Norman Prods. In Works At CBS
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    Happy 71st Birthday to Kathy Bates...
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