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    I'm going with hokie on this. Enjoying sex with multiple partners does not make one a whore, or ho (whichever term you want to use.) And there is definitely a double standard in how society still views a woman who does this, as compared to a man. And Penny wasn't Kurt's (not Kirk's) mistress, unless you are using the term in a non-standard way. She was his girlfriend and they lived together. To our knowledge, she didn't cheat on him, either.
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    The terms ho, whore and slut really, really bother me. The term rake when I’ve heard it does not contain as rash a connotation as these terms used for women. Why is it that a woman who enjoys physical relations gets tagged with these very ugly names? We are well into the 21st century, however enlightenment is lagging in many areas.... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Yes, I as well think that's exactly what they do .
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    It is a bit ridiculous. I know I’m a participant, but I’m of the mind that they ALL are living happily ever after! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Never understood the need for the competition myself. As pointless as that relationship test episode. Let the characters live on as we want them to without digging in the heels on who’s better. But that’s me and my happy thoughts! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    But you said, and here's the exact words your used: "Well, gotta say, I ain't no ho so don't agree" If it goes for you, then why say I ain't no ho? There's a contradiction between your two statements. Does it go for you, and your previous post, implying those who have a lot of sex, was in error, or are your repudiating your previous comment, by changing it to saying it only goes for you. It's got to be one or the other, which is it?
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    The proper definition of Whore, is a prostitute. Informally, and derogatorily, it can be used to mean someone who has a lot of, supposedly, improper sex (out of wedlock, as or with an adulterer). I'm not sure what this has to do with anything, if those involved in the act are consenting. The act of consenting indicates that the person at least thought of these (even if they didn't.). My complaint about the whole things wasn't that this person wanted commitment, or that person did, or this other person objected because of religion. I was questioning applying a derogatory term (ho), to people who didn't follow what another person deemed moral.
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    If they are unattached, consenting adults, what's marriage have to do with it?
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    Good to see one more Lenny/Shamy smackdown before we turn out the lights. Good memories. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    See. I think this is the key word. Lenny is very relatable to me, in my personal life. Sheldon isn’t and I saw him as the “odd” one, which has been done a lot on TV(Niles Crane is perhaps the best and closest example) Gotta agree with the funny scenes early in the show, with Penny and Sheldon. That’s lost a lot of the edge in latter seasons.
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    Discussion about topics, not directly related to season 12, have been moved to the Chit Chat thread.
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    That is fine and is perfectly acceptable, as is any preference or opinion. I just don’t like the connotations that certain labels attach. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Isn't 'ho' just an American shortening of 'whore' ? In my version of the English language a whore is not necessarily paid, it's just any woman like Penny used to be and never denied it, plus those women Leonard brought home, including Priya. The word for a man like that - Howard, Raj, and Leonard, for example, is rake, but it's most unfairly not used as often as it should be. Double standards. The word for someone who's paid is prostitute, which Penny wasn't, really, although she joked about free drinks and meals and so on. She was Kirk's mistress for six years but we don't know much about her life at that time. Six out of the seven of them are all married and faithful now, so their pasts whatever they were are behind them. Other people's sex lives are nobody else's business, true, unless we're seeing them in a sitcom. I don't have friends like that in real life - so far as I know.
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    Not arguing there, (except to say quality AND quantity).
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    I was trying to point out that Leonard and Penny weren't given any dialogue in the final scene, but they didn't need any, they both were looking lovingly at each other. The private thing was to point out that in each of the couple's final private scenes, they weren't the happiest with each other. Well, Howard and Bernadette were right next to each other, and they didn't kiss and so were Shamy and they didn't kiss either. Obviously the writers wanted to show how much more Lenny loved each other than the other couples. See, interpretation can be very biased. Interesting. You concentrate on Amy saying I love you, but ignore all the times she pointed out what she wasn't getting what she wasted from the relationship, or was upset about Sheldon's behavior, yet you say Penny saying I love you doesn't mean anything? Isn't that a bit of a double standard? Or, is it just you like Shamy and look for the good in them, like I look for the good in Lenny? As have I, and yet I don't feel Shamy. Well, the examples you present, and the rebuttals I provide are basically lists. Look, if you just don't like them, that's fine, I can't refute that. But, keep providing examples, and I can refute those, or provide counter examples as long as you want to keep going.
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    And , for me, that was just perfect!!!!
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    Yep, the last kiss of the show is a Lenny kiss. (from TBBT's official YT channel)
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    First off, I said Private, you really didn’t expect them to fight in public. And in that scene, the look at each other and smile and in the last scene of the show Leonard and Penny are kissing while he’s rubbing her belly. They are the only couple to kiss. You miss the point. Lenny’s break up had nothing to do with Leonard, it was because of Penny’s own issues, and her worry (egged on by Wil) about hurting Leonard even more if she strung him along. Shamy’s breakup was because Amy couldn’t deal with Sheldon anymore, and she wanted some time to think about things. If you don’t pay attention when they are on, don’t you think you may be getting a slanted view of them? Do you really want to do a list, for each of the couples, comparing the times one or the other disrespected their partner? How about when Amy went to the extreme of putting rubber cement in her nose, just to get some attention from Sheldon? Or how about when Amy did get tired of being disrespected and broke up with Sheldon, but then went back to him? The two, recognizing their anniversary, and being romantic are two different episodes. They were talking about the anniversary of their first date, and which first date. Should it be the date where Penny thought the others were coming, but it was just Leonard, after all he thought it was a date. Or, the one at the end of season one, or the one after Leonard gets back from the expedition at the beginning of season three? Could it possibly be The date to dinner, after his flashback in season five, or the date to the shooting range? You see his problem. After all. Penny doesn’t count the kiss after the costume party as their first kiss, but Leonard does, so which should be celebrated as their first kiss?
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    Cool, thanks for clearing that up.
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    Johnny is a guest on LIVE! with Kelly and Ryan this Thursday, August 15th! 😊
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    I can agree with you to an extent. Having multiple sex partners for two consenting adults is not a problem for me. But, what gets me is the way they emphasized Penny's promiscousness and that she would jump into bed with someone she hardly knows after just one date. To me you need to have some kind of relationship with your partner before engaging in sex. I think this way both partners would be much more comfortable in the act. However, I know in this day and age some women and men consider a one-night stand as comfortable. Just to highlight my point the scene where Penny tells the girls and Raj on playing hooky from school and being in a motel with a 34 yr old guy named Luther when she was supposedly a teenage minor. Just disgraceful dialogue.
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    Didn't Amy and Sheldon have sex before they were married? Why aren't you calling her(them) out for that?
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    A thread for those things you've often wondered about. I'll start. I wonder if anyone has ever been allergic, to anti-allergy medicine.
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    Context ! ie intent, emotion, family, moral or religious viewpoints, level of commitment, values, likely response to failed contraception etc
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    Raj told Lucy he had 'psychologically diagnosable conditions' - or similar words. I'd like to know what caused his mutism and the anxiety that made him say stupid things in new social situations. We know he went to a high school 'for well-born boys' where he had somehow got away with not learning Hindi (some people are not good linguists. In Wales many schoolchildren just can't pick up Welsh and in England some native speakers of 'community' languages have a lot of difficulty learning English at school ) and yet as an adult he made friends with a competent polyglot. He and his friends dressed as superheroes and patrolled the town when they were not as young as they should have been. That's not much and his own versions of his youth could be as inaccurate as Sheldon's. I'd love a 'Young Raj' series to see what his life was like. He was obviously not the only highly-educable child in the family and there were few if any financial restrictions on what he could do, so his secondary psycho-social issues must have been very different from Sheldon's.
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    Raj had Selective Mutism, they did say that. Did he have other diagnoses as a child? We have zero details, there's no Young Raj show and we weren't given much detail about his childhood on TBBT. He doesn't have ASD though and I dare say I'm 98% sure he didn't as a child.
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    Well that's fine, but I'm not quite sure that someone else's sex life, is any business it is of yours, to the point that you call them a paid sex worker.
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    So, people who like a lot of sex, are a ho? How are giving counter examples and refutations to your examples ripping you apart?
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    Even when it's bad, sex, like pizza, is still pretty good. 😋
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    I'm fine with other people liking other couples. As a Shamy fan I do support them though I see awful posts written about them even now, all the time. I say one thing about Lenny, about how I feel about their relationship and am ripped apart
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    Post of the long, long, long (permanent) hiatus! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    That's a good explanation and a good question. I knew what the man was talking about, though. He ran a special school and had a doctorate but it would have been in what you'd think of as early days. The acceptance that there could be a range of autism that was wider than hitherto thought was relatively new then. It looks as though the terminology has changed a lot in the last few years. Perhaps that's the difference. The vocabulary seems more pinned down which to me must be better. That part of the diagnosis about hindering functioning or causing distress wasn't specified in my working lifetime and to me it seems very helpful. Young Sheldon says, 'I'm having a hard time adjusting to Earth'. So far as he's concerned at the age of nine, the world makes life difficult for him to understand. It somehow isn't as it's supposed to be and he doesn't know why, nor why other people are OK with it. At that point he's distressed. He copes by supposing he's the one who's right and everything or everyone that counteracts or contradicts his view is wrong. When he's in his thirties we see him begin to realise not all the issues/faults are external and he acknowledges that. He tells Penny and Leonard about his difficulties. Amy doesn't need telling. Sometimes Sheldon wants to get control and learn what is and isn't acceptable and sometimes he doesn't care. He was never written as a person with much generosity of spirit, even as a child. I'd be intetested to know what Raj's diagnoses were when he was growing up.
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    Hhhh And you know the difference between this and them showing Lenny love each other more than the others, how? Do you have inside information on this? Doesn’t make the m the unhappiest either. And again, the other couples were right next to sack other, and yet they didn’t kiss. Some dude toy sitting right next to each other isn’t the only requirement, there’s got to be something more. Mmm One inconclusive data point doesn’t prove anything. Is that three hours of sex? Or two hours and 59 minutes of trying to figure out what to do, before one minute of sex? They didn’t specify, so anything is possible. As for the nine minutes, there’s also “you’re a genius, and the broken bed. Not to mention “Shatner’s Painting”. If sex with Leonard was so bad, why does she keep dragging him off to have sex? If it’s so bad, she must really love him to keep going back I don’t know, I could see how the writers were emphasizing how unhappy Amy was, as they were getting ready to go to the ceremony. Then they re-emphasized how unhappy she was by having her Sheldon not kiss. It’s fine, but I’ll continue to refute what I think are errors in your examples.
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    No one sees the “interior” of the Penny/Leonard relationship often enough. Certainly not their friends. What we see when they are alone is mutual adoration and love. When they were apart in seasons 3 & 4 and partly 5 there was a yearning on each part.Leonard’s was stifled by the Priya relationship; Penny’s by her inability to share her innermost heart with anyone, except for perhaps Leonard and well, him being the subject of her heavy heart, that wasn’t an option. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't think the pilot is really a good indication of where the characters were starting in episode 2, not to mention and even worse indication to where the characters were after returning from the writers strike. Penny was more of a ditz and no where near the alcoholic, slut they made her out to be in later years. Whereas I loved them, because their path mimics my wife and I's path. Along with my wife and I being very close to being clones of Leonard and Penny. With Itchy brain Leonard was being really stubborn. He could have called that off at any point. He just refused to. He played right into Sheldon's hands. Actually, that reply should have been to me, those are my words, not chucky's. Stubborn? So it was bad that he was trying to live up to the promise he made to Sheldon to wear the sweater until the situation could be resolved? Sheldon was just malicious, willfully giving Leonard more ideas to resolve it, knowing it had already been resolved. This actually had nothing to do with being on the spectrum or his eidetic memory. Sheldon was simply being a selfish asshole about the whole thing, and by using the phrase playing into Sheldon's hands, you know he was being intentionally mean. Either he is on the spectrum or he isn't. The writers and creators specifically state he isn't, along with specifically stating he has an eidetic memory.
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    And Amy's last comment toward Sheldon in private was her telling him, she was annoyed, at times, with his wearisome behavior. Just like she did when she wanted to take some time away from him, back in season nine. We know she'll break up with him, if he's bothersome enough. Well, yeah. She had every right to get annoyed with him. If he thought it was only going to take her five minutes to get ready, then he deserved her reaction. I made a similar mistake with my wife, back when she was pregnant, and she reacted just the same as Penny did. That was over 35 years ago. So it appears that Penny and Leonard are good for another 35 years, at least. One of the big differences that no one seems to notice is that Amy is reacting to Sheldon's behaviors. Penny isn't reacting to Leonard's behaviors, she's reacting to her problems with commitment and expectations. Define break up. See, I don't feel not dating again, after one date, isn't breaking up, that's why I asked for your definition. On screen, they only showed one. There was the bowling alley (and even that was Penny breaking up with him, because she didn't want to hurt him, by stringing him along, help along by Wil's story), and that was it. As far as what you are referencing, she never said specifically said she wanted to break up with him. When Bernadette asked her, she said: Bernadette: Are you gonna break up with him? Penny: No. Maybe. I don’t know. Bernadette: I had no idea you were unhappy. Penny: That’s the thing, I’m not. I’m not unhappy at all. It’s just, I don’t know, "No, Maybe, I don't know", is hardly wanting to break up with him. From her comment to Sheldon, (I have a lot to figure out, and until I do, you are not to say a word to Leonard), it's more her doubts, than anything else. After all, if she was definitely breaking up with him, it wouldn't much matter if Sheldon told Leonard. However, if she is unsure or doesn't know, she wouldn't want Leonard to find out. Now, Amy tells Sheldon that Penny was thinking of breaking up with him, but we never hear Penny say that, as a matter of fact, she specifically say she loves him. She said, later in the episode that she had to tell Leonard something. What, we never found out. Did she want to tell him it was over? Did she want to tell him her doubts? (did she want to tell him about the helicopter landing on the roof?). What we do know is that the very next episode, she was upset with Alex's flirting with him. She told Alex a lot of people can't work with him, then drug him off to bed. And two episodes later, we find a large part of her problem was her wonky definition of love, and once she put effort into the relationship, her doubts went away. None of that sounds like she definitely wanted to break up with him.
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    They broke up how many times? There was an episode when Penny couldn't even decide if she loved him and wanted to break up with him. She was wondering why it didn't feel like love....the one when Sheldon asked her not to hurt him
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    I just don't see it. I could see Penny leaving him....
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    Runs in the family
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    There were many times Sheldon referred to them as friends. Agreed. She did not always treat Leonard well. She often worried more about Sheldon than she did Leonard.
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