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    Leonard never hooked up with Mandy. AFAIK hooking up means, having a one-night stand, i.e. having sex. What Leonard did, was drunkenly kissing Mandy. Bad enough, but still it wasn't a hook up. True, but Leonard couldn't tell Penny about the kiss, because the writers only invented this incident at the end of season 8 and then retroactively placed it between season 6 and 7. Really badly thought-out retconning, just for the sake of creating drama in a season finale.
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    No matter how many times someone says it, one kiss (drunk or sober) is NOT "hooking up".
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    From deadline.com 2019 Teen Choice Awards Winners List
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    Aren't you the one that used to complain about how badly she treated Leonard? That she shouldn't have gone out to get pizza for her husband and then eaten it with Sheldon just for one example? And weren't there a dozen or more "Penny settled" jokes over the years? Some fans can't forget things like that just because the writers pulled an unexplained, unexplored pregnancy out of their asses in the finale and say that now everything is perfect for Penny and Leonard.
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    It seems to me that the invention of reliable methods of controlling fertility have disrupted these traditional models. The effects are still shaking out. It’ll take awhile. There’s a lot of inertia. The cultures are still working through the new possibilities. TBBT is just a tiny part of the ongoing process. A nano-mirror of the new potentials This new technology has profound levelling implications. And the patriarchy (aided by adherence to tradition) will fight it all the way. It’s a long slow revolution. To me at least, “try before you buy” is sensible. Better to know than not to know? It looks to be the dominant norm in Oz now. And we all know people were doing that forever anyway, just with greater risks and greater consequences. Still, people have their own beliefs. It’ll be interesting to see where this is at in 2119. Assuming...
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    Exactly like the reason some fans can't forget all the jerky things Sheldon's done and said to Amy, and simply believe that everything is perfect for them. After all, Sheldon has supposedly been learning and getting better, but in the last episode, Amy leads with the crusher about simply tolerating him, at times. I won't even go into the various things each of the group has done to each other, yet still remain friends. While I have no doubt that things are not perfect for Shamy, I don't see them as anything but solid. The same with Lenny, and just to be an equal opportunity commenter, Howardette and the group interactions, also. The writing was more than inconsistent enough, (hail the almighty joke) that anyone could pull a lot of counter examples to just about anything anyone wants to say as either support or a refutation for a couple, or individuals.
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    Kaley is scheduled to appear at the German Comic-Con "Spring Edition" next year. germancomiccon.com https://www.instagram.com/p/B1EX0efHgE8/
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    That's the standard, classic world-wide view from time immemorial. My guess is most people on the planet if asked would say the same thing. It's obviously out of current fashion in a few pockets of the world where the cultural norm doesn't encourage it at present, especially in American sitcoms, but fashions come and go. ( Perhaps in a few years they'll revert to showing married couples in TV shows and films in single beds : ) ) Even Sheldon had a bit of a conscience about this : 'If my mother asks, we have bunk beds' and 'I don't think we're living in sin, but .......' Then when he was married he took it for granted that a sex life was going to be part of his present and future. And at episode S09E11 we'd known for seven months that Sheldon had a ring, not to mention they'd had discussions over the years about their future with children. 'Intentions were honourable' as the saying goes, or went. He wanted to hang on to Amy having only recently made up after a longish separation, sure, but on his own time line planned goodness-knows-when, it was probably around when he thought he'd be married. I've always thought his imagined marriage schedule was the reason he asked Amy about watching The Flash anyway. In California, if I understood the rules properly when I was reading them, if a couple have shared an address, living like a married couple for a number of weeks, they can be registered as such with no wedding or anything. They can even have the date hidden so if the neighbours check, nobody can find out how long a couple were 'brushing it'. Laws can be vague as to what a marriage is.
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    Everything is perfect now. They've seemed, to me, to have resolved their issues. At least most of them. Sure, I had concerns in the past. But, I believe that's pretty much behind them and are now truly happily married with a child on the way.
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    Why are we looking for "perfect" though? Does that even exist? Sometimes people do things that are not great for their spouses. One is allowed to point that out when it comes to a sitcom couple, and when they think there are issues with the writing. That doesn't mean they think the couple is in trouble. A marriage can be great, while having it's challenges.
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    From Deadline Hollywood Off-Net Spree: HBO Max Zeroes In On Mega Deal For ‘The Big Bang Theory’ & ‘Two And A Half Men’ As ‘Seinfeld’ Hits Marketplace With several big media companies gearing up for the launch of new streaming platforms, long-running broadcast comedy series are taking center stage as cornerstones of their offerings. NBCUniversal paid $500+ million for The Office, and HBO Max shelled out $425 million for Friends — both pulled away from Netflix. Additionally, Disney+ is taking over streaming rights to The Simpsons library which Disney-owned FX Networks had paid $100 million for in a multi-platform deal several years ago. The massive recent Office and Friendsdeals could soon be dwarfed by the first streaming pacts for two big Chuck Lorre hits, The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. WarnerMedia had been looking to secure Warner Bros. TV’s latest comedy blockbuster, The Big Bang Theory, in a deal, which industry observers had expected to cross the $1 billion mark. I now hear that HBO Max is in conversations for both Big Bang and 2.5 Men, with the package possibly fetching as much as $1.5 billion. <full article in the link>
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    For the upper class, marriage was a very iffy thing through the middle ages. In ancient times, you had harems and concubines. Think of all of Solomon's wives (700) along with his concubines (300). That's a rather loose definition of marriage, if you ask me. Yeah, you had to be married to have legitimate children, but mistresses were the norm. You also had Droit du seigneur whether the lord was married or not. Couples in California can register as a Domestic Partnership, this is not a marriage. Even civil unions require a ceremony, (however brief it may be), which domestic partnerships do not. They do not even have to have the same address, if they don't file a confidential domestic partnership (hide the date, or that they are even in a partnership). The couple does not have to wait a certain number of weeks, they could start dating, and go in and file. One of the big drawbacks it that, unlike marriage, it is not recognized at the federal level, so you are not eligible for any federal aid, based on your partner (things like social security or medicare).
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    Another well thought out plan by the writers! 😒 It's more than the kiss.
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    I don't care what others do or what their own beliefs are. I believe-- for myself-- in not having sex unless married
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    There were many times Sheldon referred to them as friends. Agreed. She did not always treat Leonard well. She often worried more about Sheldon than she did Leonard.
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    Johnny is a guest on LIVE! with Kelly and Ryan this Thursday, August 15th! 😊
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    But you said, and here's the exact words your used: "Well, gotta say, I ain't no ho so don't agree" If it goes for you, then why say I ain't no ho? There's a contradiction between your two statements. Does it go for you, and your previous post, implying those who have a lot of sex, was in error, or are your repudiating your previous comment, by changing it to saying it only goes for you. It's got to be one or the other, which is it?
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    Even when it's bad, sex, like pizza, is still pretty good. 😋
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    Yeah. That. And there’s the chafing.
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    Although, in the episode where Raj is considering breaking up with Emily and he asks Penny for advice she says "look at how many times I broke up with Leonard" and Leonard adds "I counted 4 times" But as you comment we only saw one on screen! I agree I have always believed in that scene (S6 E2) that she just wanted to tell him of her doubts and what she was feeling not specifically to break up with him. I think she knew deep down that if she did break up with Leonard there would be no going back and Leonard would have been so disillusioned that he may not have talked to her again.
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    No one sees the “interior” of the Penny/Leonard relationship often enough. Certainly not their friends. What we see when they are alone is mutual adoration and love. When they were apart in seasons 3 & 4 and partly 5 there was a yearning on each part.Leonard’s was stifled by the Priya relationship; Penny’s by her inability to share her innermost heart with anyone, except for perhaps Leonard and well, him being the subject of her heavy heart, that wasn’t an option. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't think the pilot is really a good indication of where the characters were starting in episode 2, not to mention and even worse indication to where the characters were after returning from the writers strike. Penny was more of a ditz and no where near the alcoholic, slut they made her out to be in later years. Whereas I loved them, because their path mimics my wife and I's path. Along with my wife and I being very close to being clones of Leonard and Penny. With Itchy brain Leonard was being really stubborn. He could have called that off at any point. He just refused to. He played right into Sheldon's hands. Actually, that reply should have been to me, those are my words, not chucky's. Stubborn? So it was bad that he was trying to live up to the promise he made to Sheldon to wear the sweater until the situation could be resolved? Sheldon was just malicious, willfully giving Leonard more ideas to resolve it, knowing it had already been resolved. This actually had nothing to do with being on the spectrum or his eidetic memory. Sheldon was simply being a selfish asshole about the whole thing, and by using the phrase playing into Sheldon's hands, you know he was being intentionally mean. Either he is on the spectrum or he isn't. The writers and creators specifically state he isn't, along with specifically stating he has an eidetic memory.
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    Not set in stone : the main men behind the series said they were leaving the final episode like any other, with the audience thinking about what was coming next. They said they wanted us to imagine the characters' lives going on. However, that doesn't mean anybody is going to undergo a vast personality change. They've all grown up before our eyes and they are who they are now. I agree with your disagreeing that Penny would leave Leonard. Leonard is not going to do anything bad enough to make Penny leave him and take the child(ren). Whatever else she might have been written to be over the twelve years, Penny's never been the sort of person who would break up her own child's family for no good reason and unless Leonard undergoes brain damage leading to a violent behaviour tendency, there's not going to be a good reason. A twenty-two-year-old flibbertigibbit leaving a long-term shack-up she's had enough of is not the same as a thirty-five-year-old mother deliberately rendering her offspring a broken home when there's nothing wrong with its father.
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    Yeah, you could just see how much Penny didn’t want to be there with Leonard, in the final. She was the one that told Leonard she gets tired of his antics sometimes, wasn’t she?
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    I know what you mean, but in one framing it’s unclear that he would have understood why he got the beating. He had that discussion with his mum about being beaten up by “the neighbour kids”. He thought they felt inferior and threatened by his intellect. His mum knew it wasn’t that, and we laughed when she said it. He just couldn’t perceive it. He’s not aware of the consequences of his actions. Which then raises the question of is it moral to use his difference for humour, when he is unaware of the joke. Or he’s just an arsehole and is aware. In which case he deserves some consequences. I do favour that view. They played it both ways. Which maybe was a ethically challenged artistic dodge for the sake of getting a long run. Artistic or not, probably still dodgy. All the way to the bank.
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    All we did was have lunch, a beer, and talk for about two hours. Thoroughly enjoyable. You mean like "What's a Hickey?" Or his failure to understand "Blow by blow?" Anyone who compares oral sex to a chicken pecking for corn, and then mimes the action would know what a hickey was, and would understand "Give it to me", or "Blow by blow." Things he claimed not to know about. The comment simply pointed out that the character of Sheldon wasn't so rare and unique on television. I used the crazy in a generic sense, so you not understanding my point on the is my fault. By crazy, I meant these characters were the odd one (which I also used). I simply saw Sheldon as the odd one, and there isn't anything unique about that. While his love, and knowledge, of trains could be indicative of being on the spectrum, the football information I don't think is, it's more due to his eidetic memory. I'm sorry to hear this Die, my condolences. But, here we run into the conflict the writers have with their not declaring him on the spectrum. Which is made worse by the claim of an eidetic memory. He's been told quite a few times that his behavior is not acceptable. If he's not on the spectrum, then his continued ill-mannered behavior, after being told the behavior is wrong, means he's doing it on purpose or just to be mean (see "Itchy Brain"). But, even if he is on the spectrum, he still has the eidetic memory, so he knows the behavior is wrong, yet he does it anyway. It's a sticky wicket in that corner the writers painted themselves into.
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    From hollywoodreporter.com
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    In this scene of the "43 Peculiarity" Leonard was trusting Penny with her friend even though he presumed he was hitting on her until Sheldon raised that metaphor you mentioned and got Leonard thinking and that is when he followed Penny's friend down the stairs. Do not know why he ever listened to what Sheldon had to say as it was never good advice........except for Shrodinger's Cat One particular scene that made me think about this was I believe in the "Gorilla Dissolution" when Raj and Sheldon are talking after Raj sees Emily with a date. Sheldon asks Raj if he had sex with Emily yet He says no but you haven't had sex with Amy either. Sheldon replies that in their relationship agreement Amy can't either. It just seemed to me that Sheldon knew alot more than he ever let on and manipulated many situations.
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    'Yeah, they kissed in the last scene So that means everything is 'perfect' LOL
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