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    Jim and Todd at about 17 seconds in...
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    Tbbt Mark Cendrowski talks about the possibilities of more Tbbt spinoffs down the line. Basic excerpts; ‘I think the idea of letting things percolate a little, and you don’t want to cash in.’ That doesn’t mean that won’t happen and, in a couple of years, maybe it’s a character or a couple of characters that catch up within a couple of years. Who knows if it will happen. I wouldn’t be a betting man on that, and I don’t know one way or the other. Maybe 5 years down the track might be talk of bringing a couple of characters back. I don’t know Watch this space https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/03/big-bang-theory-director-teases-future-spin-offs-plenty-explore-10674950/
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    I remember Wells Fargo ! I don't know how old the series was when it hit our telly. We got one in 1957. A second channel had been recently introduced and for a few years we had a lot of bought-in American programmes. Annie Oakley was the first one I remember. I loved that ! Later we had Boots and Saddles, Gun Law (aka 'Gunsmoke') Wagon Train, Cheyenne, Bonanza and Maverick. My father liked those. There was something called The Roaring Twenties but I can't remember when that was on. It could have been after I'd left school, as could The Beverly Hillbillies. We had a BBC sitcom series called 'Till Death Us Do Part' which ran for 33 years under different names. It was bought by an American company, remade in a milder, gentler form as 'All In the Family' and resold to us. Just before I left home, Star Trek began splitting its infinitives all over the universe and BBC ( or ITV ?) Star Trek is the only American series that I've heard of that the TBBT crowd refer to. I saw hardly any episodes of that. I have made a few attempts to watch Star Wars but I've not made it through any episodes yet. I can't figure out whether it's supposed to be a comedy or what.
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    Roger Moore. I love Roger Moore. Giving it more thought I also really mourned the end of The Man from UNCLE. Ah, faces come back to me now from Death Valley Days...Ronald Reagan, Rory Calhoun, Stother Martin, Robert Taylor, and don't forget 20 Mule Team Borax!
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    Tonight would have probably been the first taping night for season 13.
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    And The Rebel (Nick Adams) Tales of Wells Fargo (Dale Robertson)
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    I am with the both of you This will probably date me even older but my favorite shows were mostly the westerns: Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, Paladin:Have Gun, Will Travel and my favorite Josh Randall: Dead or Alive I have a 10 pack dvd of this show of the whole series
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    I was watching Barney Miller last night. The one where the cop priest came to talk to Barney about his separation from Liz. I loved that show. I also watch The Saint and That 70's Show reruns regularly.
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    Jim filming exteriors for TBITB Source
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    Yeah, I loved Jonathon Frid as Barnabas Collins. Also loved Barney Miller and All in the Family. These next three shows will definitely date my age, Emergency, Adam-12 and Dragnet.
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    Raj went thru a lot of women, I guess in the end Cinnamon is his longest lasting relationship. They've been together for 6 years!
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    I will say until my dying day that they wasted a HUGE opportunity with Yvette the vet.
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    Agreed, Emily didn't work out because Raj bragged about being with Penny which caused Emily to be jealous and hate Penny. Which caused Penny to hate Emily! Quickdraws can't be trusted!
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    I think it should've been either Lucy or someone else better suited for him than Anu. I didn't like him with Isabella, I just didn't feel it.
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    I was impressed. So many item addressed and explained. But the news that Penny was pregnant with baby Hofstadter was perfect for me. Penny still wrapping her head around her pregnancy, but happy about it. Your issues with the episode is yours, but definitely not mine!
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    I agree with Anu being a waste of time and that disappointed me. But I couldn't stand Emily. She was dropped because she was creepy and didn't connect with any of the other characters. They at least showed Anu trying to enjoy doing things with the gang.
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    I just want to thanks all for this series. I watched all episodes. It make me and my wife laugh for 12 years and i cry cried in the last episode. LOVE FROM ANGOLA!!!💗 WISH YOU BEST!!!😍
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    My take on the finale was that it was unexpectedly well done. They really did try to cover all the bases, except maybe for Raj, but it left us fans still wanting more and possibly somewhere down the road a reboot, a reunion, or a tv movie to see how these characters progressed. I did thoroughly enjoy watching. Raj: Poor Raj did not really get a proper send-off. You are left to imagine what is next for him. The Anu plot now seems so wasted and without basis. Don't know why they dropped her, just like Emily with no basis or reasoning. Howard/Bernadette: It was nice to see their actual children and the story showed their parental concern. But one question; why didn't they ask Bernadette's parents in the first place to babysit......guess they just wanted to get Stuart some final screen time. Amy/Sheldon: After the season long arc they finally win the Nobel prize. Sheldon did become unbearable as predicted but surprising that in his genius he did not take into account all the changes that would effect his life. It took Amy to give him a shot across the bow to make him realize that the Nobel is just that a prize and that family and friends will always be there. I particularly liked his heartfelt speech and the way he acknowledged his friends....one by one, even submitting to name Howard as astronaut Howard Wolowitz Penny/Leonard: For all the speculation of the baby issue, I think they handled it well. They might have explained why Penny did not want to have children....most probably her committment issues, insecurity, or just doubting herself as a mother. It may have been sweeter to see Penny actually tell leonard that she is pregnant and to see his reaction, also when she told her parents would have been a nice scene but I guess time would not allow for that and so we get that Leonard already knows and looks so proud and happy with his wife. Believe their ending is just what Kaley said in an interview...a new beginning. Who knows if this will lead to a spin-off. The stories seem to be there. But all things considered it really was an emotional and touching end to a 12 year journey.
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    According to Leonard, he's a semi-pro.
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