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    Hey, guys! I wanted to share some (of the roughly 50!) photos from my trip to the exhibit on August 8. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
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    Did you read some where that this is true? Or is it guessing? Jim is doing just fine now--nominated for a Peoples Choice award, still does his Intel commercials, Just finished filming a movie, is suppose to star in a new series by Ryan Murphy, is suppose to star in Michael Ausiello's book/movie, is the voice in YS and his show, 'Special' is doing great along with other prospects in the works from his production company and by the way, he is not performing right now in theatre, he has too much else going on
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    Happy 90th Birthday to Bob Newhart!
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    In my opinion, that is why he would make that decision. Lenny wasn't getting better story lines. Just continuing to support Shamy. It was a waste of the remaining cast to work a whole week for 2 mins screen time. She persuaded him once, but probably not the second time.
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    Kaley would talked him into one more signing up. After that, he was done. Just my opinion.
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    I've always believed in my heart that if Jim hadn't ended it Johnny would have. I totally agree. This can't have a long run as I see it. Are they really going to continue it with Sheldon at college, going through the same things he went through in high school but with taller kids? I don't see it working long term.
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    I'm envious. 😅 I want to relax by the sea too. 😃🌊☀️
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    Jim is not doing theatre right now. He is filming for Ryan Murphy's movie and he got Emmy nominations for his Netflix show (Special) he produced. Maybe he will focus on acting and/or production. His broadway play did win a Tony award recently so hopefully Jim will continue theatre too in future (and have some chance of winning one himself someday).
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    You do not know that so we are not wrong As far as I'm concerned, their careers have already been injured
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    Posted July 25, 2018 New sequel: Hofstadter Acres Leonard decides to quit physics and buy some farm land in Nebraska (near Penny's family) and make a go of it. Penny's brother becomes a (court appointed for community service) farm hand who keeps calling Leonard his dad.
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    Although I kinda agree. The Lenny in me would love to see a Lenny spin off. Howardette could be in it as well.
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    From Deadline Hollywood E! People’s Choice Awards Finalists Announced; Voting Open Through Oct. 18 Fan voting in 43 categories begins today and continues through Friday, October 18 at 11:59pm ET. E! announced the voting commencement today. The broader nominations took place last month, and now voters can select from the lists of eight finalist nominees in categories covering movies, TV, music, podcasts, social media and assorted other genres. THE SHOW OF 2019 Game of Thrones WWE Raw Stranger Things The Walking Dead The Big Bang Theory Riverdale This Is Us Grey’s Anatomy THE COMEDY SHOW OF 2019 The Big Bang Theory Saturday Night Live Modern Family The Good Place Grown-ish Veep Orange Is the New Black Schitt’s Creek THE MALE TV STAR OF 2019 Kit Harington Game of Thrones Cole Sprouse Riverdale Norman Reedus The Walking Dead Finn Wolfhard Stranger Things Jim Parsons The Big Bang Theory Milo Ventimiglia This Is Us Sterling K. Brown This Is Us KJ Apa Riverdale THE COMEDY TV STAR OF 2019 Leslie Jones Saturday Night Live Kristen Bell The Good Place Julia Louis-Dreyfus Veep Tiffany Haddish The Last O.G. Tracee Ellis Ross Black-ish Jameela Jamil The Good Place Yara Shahidi Grown-ish Jim Parsons The Big Bang Theory The E! People’s Choice Awards will be broadcast live from Barker Hanger in Santa Monica on Sunday, November 10 at 9p ET/PT
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    Well interesting. Metro ran a poll asking people if The Big Bang Theory had a spin-off. Who would you like it to be Centred around. Results Leonard and Penny 41% Raj 21% Sheldon and Amy 14% Howard and Bernadette 14% Stuart 8% Will Wheaton 2% Not saying I want it to happen. But a Leonard and Penny spin-off prob has the most credibility. Two of the main characters. Theirs a built in audience of course. Their are probably a lot of unanswered questions as well about Penny’s pregnancy. I guess if we were looking at a premise. Its 5 years in the future and LP are starting their new life moving to Nebraska. And maybe Penny family including Katy Seagal and Actor names escaping me who played Wyatt. We’ll be part of the show. Look just experimenting lol. https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/04/big-bang-theory-character-get-spin-off-10686817/
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    True, they had 12 years waiting and preparing for that eventuality.
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    I've never been in showbiz but I can see how there are many areas of it which involve being part of a team in which all depend on one another. They surely are always prepared for the fact that the time is going to come when one of them will be the first to say he or she can't carry on. Over a lifetime of working it must be something they get used to. It's a precarious profession. They can't be making their career decisions based all the time on what other people might want. Also, it's only natural that over the years they'll talk about it : Chuck Lorre went as far as announcing to the public what he'd do when any of the main cast decided to move on.
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    My thoughts on this topic: Saying that Johnny would have ended things if Jim hadn't I think is problematical. Johnny would have continued if Kaley wanted to, not because of some affection for her but because he knew leaving would break up Penny and Leonard in some way and he did not want their story to end like that. And if he had to be persuaded to re-sign their last contract it was probably due to him wanting better storylines for Penny and Leonard. I think Kaley is doing the best out of all of them. She certainly seems in demand after BBT ended and her production company is taking off and she has done many photoshoots, endorsements, and commercials. Johnny and now Mayim have production companies as well but I have not heard of anything on the horizon for them. Jim is doing well in NY theater, however Melissa, Simon and Kunal have not heard any news on them as yet.
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    Chuck Lorre is responsible as it was his show ,his decision. But had Jim, Johnny and Kaley had agreed one more time, the show would still be on. Jim made his decision before Johnny had a chance. I don't think Kaley would have made that decision. But, that's all in the past.
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    I was referring to Shell saying they were hurt. He shouldn't get blamed. But his decision did spur Chuck Lorre's reaction. Who knows, if he didn't do it, Johnny might have made that decision instead. I've read somewhere he had to be talked into the last deal.
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    I agree, but (JP did just finish filming a movie and I heard he is to star in a new series by Ryan Murphy so he is working, too.) It just irritates me when people at times act entitled -- like JP should have checked with them first before he made this huge choice in his life that effects it immensely. In the end it was Chuck Lorres choice though. JP didn't actually say the show is now over--CL did--I don't see why JP should get the blame.
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    Lenny would of course be visiting them or Skyping them. Howardette are the most likely couple to be moved to a new place and be given a big change of scenario. That is, unless Leonard takes up farming when Wyatt has an accident or something. We could see him doing experiments on soil samples I suppose and designing new milking machinery, perhaps.
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    Been there and done that here in Pensacola. It's nice and relaxing.
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    Interesting indeed. The ptb have stumped up for another two years' worth of episodes of YS so that should be enough to give it a chance to establish itself. I don't know what 'The Unicorn' is. YS isn't exactly in the same genre as TBBT so it's not going to attract an audience that is solely looking for laughs. It's far more serious and is somewhat dark in places. If it draws the sort of viewers who like that sort of thing, and keeps enough of them, then those responsible for continuing series will no doubt continue making YS as long as the cast are willing. The only other spinoff I've ever thought would be similar enough but different enough to stand on its own is something based on Howardette and their work.
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    YOUNG SHELDON Season 3 of the Big Bang Theory prequel series picks up a short time after Dr. Sturgis’ nervous breakdown. “We learn he is in a psychiatric facility receiving treatment,” and “Connie has had limited interactions [with him],” showrunner Steve Molaro tells TVLine. What happened to Sturgis “makes Mary hyper-sensitive to Sheldon’s well-being,” and she finds it “difficult to tell what is typical Sheldon behavior and what is extra-odd for him.” Then, in a later episode, Sheldon, who continues to be disappointed by the education he’s receiving in high school, “attempts to become his own teacher, possibly in the confines of a secret broom closet.” Meanwhile, older brother Georgie “is finally going to start tapping into his natural sales abilities, at first by trying to be an old-school, door-to-door salesman.” BONUS SPOILER!: “We will witness Sheldon’s deep love of Lord of the Rings come to be,” Molaro teases. RETURN DATE: Thursday, Sept. 26 at 8/7c (CBS) Source: https://tvline.com/gallery/fall-tv-2019-season-premiere-spoilers/young-sheldon-fall-tv-preview-2019/
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    I have to admit I would have an issue with that. As I agree with most you've written I believe JP was not responsible for what Lorre planned to do if one of the main three left. JP turned down a lot of money by not continuing--that says how much he wanted out. Why can't he look out for his own well-being--why is he responsible for everyone elses', too? As far as I'm concerned, he did everyone a favor if one was to point fingers. To continue the show would only hurt everyone's careers in the long run
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    I was going to tell you a joke about time travel, but you didn't like it.
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