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    It might not have sunk in that they weren't seeing one another until the time came for the first table read. I was imagining it would be for them like that first summer after leaving school. Intellectually you know your time with your classmates is over, but it doesn't fully register. Sometimes, what with the distractions of your new life, it might even be the second year when it hits home. I'd like to think they're all still friends and they keep in touch from time to time.
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    As I see it, Johnny said Jim or nothing--basically. You could call it a spin off but it would still just be TBBT without Jim. I don't think Johnny would go for it. And I think most people voted for a Lenny spin off because most people know it was JP who spoke up and said he no longer wanted to continue so-- why would he do a spin off? It's strange, but I did see an interview with JP and he mentioned they were still texting each other so they are still talking, maybe what Kaley meant was they have not seen each other.
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    Well, I guess we see it differently. I see no reason for Sheldon/Jim to be in a Lenny Show except in cameo appearances.
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    I didn't take it that way. I took it as the big three together again or nothing. This is not a normal summer though. I know they're busy but I thought they'd at least ask each how they are doing, what have they been doing, or tell Johnny that his baby reveal party was cute, or something. They know this time they are not getting back together in the fall, so it's not like a normal break. None of them are. And I don't think dealing with a newborn or chasing a toddler will make Johnny look better over the next couple of years. Those first few years can be frazzling.
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    Johnny and Kaley are professional actors, but don't you think at some point they might have felt that they were being pushed to secondary status as Sheldon/Shamy were given the majority of the storylines. I know this is a moot point, but if they were to continue without JP, would Johnny continue also with the rest of the cast? I believe he would have and not for any affection towards Kaley but not to disrupt the legacy of the show. Didn't Johnny and Kaley keep their romance a secret for that very reason and they did not want to entangle their lives with their characters. Although some will probably say with JP leaving doesn't that compromise TBBT legacy. I am sure it does but for a show to be successful it has to have viewers and ratings and I think it would have regardless who was in the cast or not. This is just some Sunday morning ramblings of a retired person.
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    Good for him. It should have ended, it did end and that's it. Lorre felt the show wasn't viable without any of the big three, and so do I, and from this, if it's true, so does Johnny. It's especially telling that the article says Kaley told People that she hadn't spoken to any of the rest of the cast since the show ended. Johnny did say on instagram that he was up for at least a couple of seasons on the Connors, so spinoffs aren't his problem, just this one apparently. But maybe it's just too soon.
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    I think what Kaley said in the interview is that it seems like a normal summer hiatus where they don't talk or see each other unless it is for something specific: press tour, endorsements, etc. Although, I believe Johnny and Kaley were together with her sister just last week for a fundraising event that Johnny sponsored.
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    I like Johnny and enjoy his acting, but I hope he doesn't waste his talents on that dramedy playing a sad loser surrounded by even sadder losers. The spirit of that ensemble was Roseanne. She shot her mouth off and got fired. That ship should have been allowed to sink with her.
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    Iain will be on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" on Thursday September 19th.
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    It'll have to be soon, 'cos Johnny ain't no spring chicken anymore. 😊
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    Yes It may be possible within 2-3 years depending on their projects they are involved in.
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    I believe that if he did revise his role as Leonard, it would have to be Lenny specific as he will not do a reboot of TBBT without Jim. But a Lenny spin off could be doable with possible cameos by Jim. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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    But, he was talking about doing TBBT without Jim. A Lenny spin off without Sheldon could be doable. The show would be about Lenny without Sheldon. Jim could do cameos from time to time like Laurie did.
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    But the bun wasn't in the oven then. Johnny's been in and out of serious relationships. Kaley did it before and who says she couldn't do it again. But this is all moot as Jim made the decision and Chuck ended the show. Your opinion is your opinion and my opinion is mine. There's no proving either opinion, other than Johnny gives an answer to that question in an interview. Personally, I don't believe that will happen!
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