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    I have my fingers crossed! In TV lore, they are together forever with their smart and beautiful child. It's definitely not imaginary!
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    You know it would be preferable to see them in a spin-off as Penny and Leonard. But I would not mind if they do a series say as a husband and wife detective team. Maybe even with a sci-fi theme as when Leonard wanted to write a book in an episode. It would certainly be within their on-screen chemistry and ability.
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    Have read that Jim and Mayim are collaborating on a tv project together. Maybe this is an omen that Kaley and Johnny will do something together as well. There sure have been plenty of rumors to that and many fans who would be delighted to see them together again.
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    Pretty quiet here lol... Finally got Dr. and Mrs. Hofstadter bendables on e-bay at a price I was willing to pay...together for ever...
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    A big faux pas not to have all seven of them (and Prady & Lorre) there. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Six week checkup after knee surgery went perfectly. I win.
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