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    I get that in December. Should be interesting knowing my family.
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    From Hollywood Reporter Johnny Galecki Reteaming With CBS for Comedy 'Bait and Tackle' Johnny Galecki is returning to CBS. The Big Bang Theory grad is redeveloping the multicamera comedy Bait and Tackle for the network after the project narrowly missed a pilot order last season. The new take revolves around an eclectic group of friends who run a bait and tackle shop in their small hometown of Bainbridge, Georgia. The potential series follows them as they search for love, purpose and happiness in the type of town you can't wait to leave, but nobody does — because as Florida Georgia Line says, "You'll miss it too much." Mike Hobert (Undateable, American Housewife) and Adrian Wenner will co-write the script, taking over for Linda Figueiredo (Last Man Standing). Brian Kelley of the country music duo Florida Georgia Line — and a friend of Galecki's — will executive produce via his CuzBro Productions banner. The company's co-founder and president of production Stephen Snedden and partner and president of development Justin Halliwell will co-exec produce. CuzBro was co-founded by Kelley and his cousin, actor Snedden. Bait and Tackle is being produced by Warner Bros. TV, where Galecki's Alcide Bava banner has been under an overall deal that stemmed from the actor-producer's time on Big Bang Theory. Alcide Bava's Holly Brown will exec produce, while Cory Wood is credited as a producer. Galecki has focused on development since The Big Bang Theory wrapped in May. He exec produced CBS' Living Biblically and the feature The Master Cleanse. Galecki also has the esports comedy The Squad in development at NBC this season, among other projects.
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