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    Happy 64th Birthday to Bill Nye
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    The Season 12 finale aired in Germany today...
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    I think Sheldon also brings the group together in a way, if it wasn't for him I don't think Leonard, Raj and Howard would be as close as they were in the show. Sheldon causes arguments but when he does we see that the group bonds yet again. I think it also emphasise how much they have changed as a group as well, as in the show we know that Sheldon is a focus point but we then see how he slowly starts to help the group with his eidetic memory and his smarts. This is shown in The Bitcoin Entanglement as even though they didn't get the bitcoin they did have to rely on Sheldon's eidetic memory.
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    So we're under fire again... Early morning today IDF killed a leader of one of the major terror orgnizations in Gaza. They targeted him specifically, waiting until "non-involved" (e.g., children, non-terrorist citizens) left his house and then shot and killed him and his wife. He was responsible for many shootings lately (the towns and cities close to Gaza are often under fire, when I say we're under fire it's when there's more shootings and they target further areas). So now there's a lot of shootings, over 180 since this morning. Most of them towards the southern areas, mostly the people close to Gaza, but there have been further shootings, e.g., close to Tel-Aviv. The IDF is not responding massively at this point, wanting to get things to calm down. Hopefully things will turn back to normal (or better than this, because "normal" for the people near Gaza is frequent shootings...) as soon as possible... I live closer to Tel-Aviv so it's not that bad, definitely wayy better than in the south, but I do work in a southern city. A rocket actually hit an area I was close to just yesterday... Today they cancelled school and closed work places in a big part of the country, we'll have to see what happens tomorrow...
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    Agree. Emily got along well with the group and challenged Raj from his confort zone. Raj needs just to think better what he is doing for his life and start doing something to change it.
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