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    I haven’t watched much TV since Big Bang Theory officially ended. I watch most of my TV online now anyway. But TBBT was one of the only shows I still watched on TV. Being a traditionalist. TV ain’t the same anymore. I can always rely on those Tbbt re runs on Netflix haha. YS I haven’t gotten around to watching. Connors too.
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    From Variety Swoosie Kurtz Joins Mayim Bialik Fox Comedy Series Swoosie Kurtz has signed on to the multi-cam comedy “Call Me Kat,” formerly “Carla,” at Fox opposite Mayim Bialik. The project is based on the BBC original “Miranda” created by Miranda Hart and received a series commitment at Fox back in September. It follows Carla (Bialik), a 39-year-old woman who struggles every day against society and her mother (Kurtz) to prove that you cannot have everything you want — and still be happy. Which is why she spent the money her parents set aside for her wedding to open a Cat Café in Louisville, KY. Kurtz’s character is named Sheila. Sheila grew up in Louisville and subscribes to very traditional gender roles. She views her daughter Kat’s unmarried status as her own personal failure. A charming narcissist, Sheila has used her sex appeal to date an endless array of men since Kat’s father died. <full article in the link>
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    They are in every city. Depending on the size of the city, there are multiple stores. Totally agree!
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    I just watched the last episonde of The Big Bang Theory and it's amazing! I cried so hard it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! The Big Bang may be the the number 1 comedy but it's far more than that! It's the most pure, beautiful and heartwarming love story anyone has ever known, it's about the most simple and true way anyone can love and it's about how the smallest things can have such a huge impact on peoples lives and make them turn out amazing it's not just a tv show it's a life lesson and the best story I have ever known. Thank you so much, because that, is the explanation for how the universe works. It did start with The Big Bang...
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    The Conners, not so much. YS, everything related to George Sr. As I've said, I don't watch the show. I base my opinion on what friends say and the commercials.
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    I guess we're spoiled here in the States as we can get comics of just about every single character. Not that I read comics anymore.
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    Thanks. I've never heard of Harvey comics. The comics of my childhood contained many stories and features in any one edition. There were none devoted to a single character, apart from the American ones we could occasionally get but with some difficulty - Superboy, Superman, Batman etc.
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    Missed this one from Holland Taylor from the "Hollywood" set back in January...
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    She definitely looks happy.
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