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    Yes I still watch reruns of Frasier. It’s returning too. So looking forward to that. I said this when the show ended. But what I miss about Tbbt ending. Is not necessarily the show. But the community and the fandom within the show.
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    I miss TBBT as well. I do disagree about the greatness of the show in the later years. I watch even the episodes I didn't care for at all. I'm talking about the ones with wayyy to much shamy. I enjoy getting my TBBT fix.
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    I saw very little of Roseanne when it was on years ago before cable. When we had three channels,TV companies used to buy American programmes to fill up space. In the late seventies and early eighties, Soap or WKRP in Cincinnati had the Midlands ITV 10.30 pm slot on Friday nights. My father and I used to watch them together when he came for the weekend. I think Roseanne was on TV when England went up from three channels to four. I caught it only once or twice. That's why I don't notice the difference in the new series without her. I saw her in the first few episodes of the new series last year before they chucked her out and morphed the series into The Conners. We have a channel now, E4, that shows US sitcoms all day. We don't get The Conners though. It didn't take me long to accept the TBBT actors as other characters. I'm finding the habit of downloading TV programmes from upload sites in the early hours too strong to break easily. It's what I do. In the past I've downloaded House, Medium, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Medium, Lily Hammer, Royal Pains, Frasier, Nurse Jackie, TBBT and YS. When there was only YS left I sought out The Conners. Only Frasier and TBBT have established themselves under my skin and taken a grip on my life. YS might do so. I miss having a programme to talk about now TBBT has gone. The whole reason I ever went on the internet twenty or so years ago was so I could make contact with anyone who'd been in a studio audience who could tell me what they'd seen. Frasier was my obsession then. I was delighted to find there were such things as chats, mailing lists and forums where not only did audience members write up their experiences, but hundreds of fans talked about what they called the 'show'. (Oh the vocabulary there was to learn !) It was then I understood how some people could live their whole lives on the computer. When I got the hang of the internet and Frasier ended, I thought I should do for American viewers what they'd done for me and so I set up Inspector Lynley groups and got my own tracker to upload episodes on that hadn't yet been shown over there. After that was over I fell for TBBT and eight or nine years later came across people talking about it on this forum. It's hard to let go of the activities associated with it, but most of all I miss the TBBT characters and their comings and goings. I have to watch at least one episode a day. I find myself wondering what they're doing now and giving myself a shock when I remember I'm never going to know.
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    For me, even the lousey episodes are better than what is usually on tv,
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    From deadline.com ‘The Flight Attendant’: Bebe Neuwirth Set To Recur In HBO Max Series
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    Season 1-7 were the prime years. Usually the space I watch.
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    Wow, she still has the best facial expressions!
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    I do miss BBT but the show wasn't great anymore So many episodes in the last one - two seasons I don't even care to re watch. But I especially miss JP I can only find tidbits of what actors that are working with him post. He's such a shy guy. I believe the show he's doing with Mayim he's only producing but not starring in (Bummer) Hopefully he will though once in a while.
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    These are some very good questions indeed. As good as the last two episodes were, they did leave some lingering questions.
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    The last I heard, Kelsey Grammer was hoping to get a company to make more Frasier. I'm pleased to hear it's happening. I haven't heard any more about Mayim and Jim's Carla yet. I must watch Miranda to get the idea. I've only seen half an episode. The community of fans around TBBT I felt made it all the more enjoyable : knowing that millions of others were watching the same thing and were willing to join in talking about the story and discussing it and the characters in detail made it so much more than eight hours of fun a year. I ask myself how many others watch the last episode of S12 and imagine what they're talking about in 4A at the end and wonder what they're going to do that evening, and what they'll talk about when they get home. Will Amy take ownership of Penny's pregnancy,having planned for years for it to co-incide with her own ? How is Leonard's new job going ? Is Raj about to announce he proposed to a woman he met in Stockholm and she's on her way to meet them all ? Are Shamy going to wear their medals for every group meal from now on, or is a photographer from a magazine coming ? The writers said they wanted to leave us imagining their lives continuing as before. They sure did that. If I had three wishes, the first would be for an animator and the best TBBT writers to carry on the stories. They could stop the characters aging at a certain point, so that there'd be no complaints about they were changing.
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    Kaley Cuoco's Young Sheldon Role Confirmed: The Inside Story Behind That Big Bang Theory Easter Egg From TV Line
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