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    more pictures... https://www.instagram.com/p/B86qOyhlHeo/
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    What would the guys have created with a 3D printer...? Sheldon I believe would of created new chess pieces for his new different chess games.
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    Either that or replicas of older trains that he liked!
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    A life-size Amy Farrah Fowler, to replace the cardboard cutout one, that stands in the corner of my bedroom.
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    I've got a pair of underpants, with dodgy fly buttons. I call them my nuclear reactor pants. One false move, and Chernobyl Fallout.
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    I guessed that this new house was on her new Big bay farm but that was totally wrong 😀 Cup of Cuoco is hilarious and it’s even more funny when Karl is attending
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    Agree with your comment. The article also stated that the property also has horse facilities, assume barns, stables, and riding ovals which I believe Kaley and Karl developed. Also they own this estate as a 50/50 proposition but Kaley has been unable to sell her previous home in Tarzana
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    The article from variety.com says: ...so, apparently, Kaley and Karl bought the house and renovated it to their specs. As a reminder, here's the picture of the house, Kaley posted last year. I would say, it looks exactly like the one pictured in the variety article.
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    Kaley and Karl's new house From variety.com Kaley Cuoco, Karl Cook Buy $12 Million Hidden Hills Estate
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    From deadline.com ‘The Flight Attendant’: Bebe Neuwirth Set To Recur In HBO Max Series
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