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    Happy Birthday, Jim!
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    None of them! That's the whole appeal of the show. The unpopular nerd wins the popular girl story has been a theme in dozens of movies and shows throughout time. Penny would never go for Leonard IRL. People enjoy it because it’s a fantasy. Penny could have found an attractive AND nice man easily over all those years. There are actually plenty of them out there. Contrary to what we see on Big Bang. They are missing onscreen for a reason. Penny also managed to quickly lose all her normal friends and start friendships with Bernadette and Amy. Neither of which she would hang out with IRL. The other relationships on the show are just built round Penny and Leonard for convenience and to give longevity to the franchise. The whole point was only really to match up Penny and Leonard and the rest were extras. They made a lot of people happy doing it so I guess it doesn’t matter in the long run.
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    Link to the podcast: https://themakedown.com/episodes/kaley-cuoco/
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    Very glad to see that Kaley has not have shown any symptoms of the coronavirus since her last travels were to Rome, Italy and New York, now considered two hotbeds of COVID-19. Hoping that she stays healthy and safe God Bless
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    Interesting, very interesting indeed. Amy and Sheldon wouldn't have met without the threat of the dirty sock!
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    . While Leonard fell in 'lust' with Penny right away, them living near each other, gave both of them time to get to know each other and become friends, and then get romantically involved. Something like this happens quite a bit in real life. Amy and Sheldon, now, for real life, that is going to depend on if there is someone like Penny around for them. Amy started off as a counterpart to Sheldon, behavior wise. Neither one of them care for physicality in the relationship. Then, Amy came out of her shell, due to Amy's friendship with Penny and Bernadette. Without those two, I'm not sure there would have been a large enough change in Amy, to force the changes in Sheldon to the point where he would involve himself with coitus and get married. So, without someone similar to Penny and Bernadette in the show, for her, I'm not sure they would have gotten together in real life. I don't think Howard and Bernadette would have gotten together in real life. Howard was pretty creepy when they met, and Bernadette seemed rather ditzy when she first started on the show. I know they had her says she acted dumb, to sooth Howard's ego, but why would someone like Bernadette even put up with it? She is great looking, smart, educated and is making quite a living for herself . I'm not sure she would have put up Howard's antics in real life and if she did make it to getting married, I'm not sure how long it would have lasted with the way Howard was as a husband the first couple of years after they got married. Of course, if things happened something like they did on the show, in real life, then all of them make some kind of sense. What do you think of this Stephen, and I'd be interested in your take on it?
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    She definitely loves her animals.
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    From US Weekly official YouTube channel
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    Happy 85th Birthday to Judd Hirsch
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    Making jokes about their time in bed and sexual encounters is much more funny and interesting than the cutting remarks they made to each other in the previous couple seasons. It also reminds me of them before they got married when it was more obvious that they loved each other. Penny has always been portrayed as a "Big Old 5", so shouldn't she be that way with her husband? This episode and the one with the body paint are the ones that really seem in character for the two of them and I hope we get some more little references sprinkled in future episodes about how they enjoy themselves. I think in the future we all would love a scene or even a reference about them going to the dirty store and I still think them getting caught bare assed under a blanket (just showing bare shoulders and clothes scattered around them so no real nudity) on the couch by a just walking in Sheldon and Amy would funny and be a good way for them to have a privacy discussion with Sheldon, and Amy. This is the kind of funny stuff they should be writing about them, capitalizing on Penny's being very sexually active and Leonard adoring doing it with her, I think scenes with themes like his lab encounter with her are not too much to ask. I can't help think that if Leonard ever got the department head's job it would be so funny if he showed Penny his new office and she locked the door then swept everything off his desk then said, "I never did the boss on his desk." Anyway the bottom line is I want more of this kind of Leonard and Penny, this seems more in character of them then what we have been getting since they have been married.
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    lol Actually I'm really thinking about doing something along these lines.
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    Last year I made a Lenny drawing in a fantasy/medieval setting. In this drawing Leonard reminded me a little bit of Jon Snow.
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    "Aye, I know she's a beauty, Jon, but she's your faukin' aunt, Bro." (Sorry about the SW costume. Poetic license.)
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    Any Lenny GOT fans out there? Well, Leonard and Penny are going to be Jon and Dani for Halloween (in my head).
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    Wishful thinking. But I'm so happy she is being supportive.
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    Penny is supportive of Leonard throughout Episode 2 and comforts Leonard. It feels good to be able to breathe again. Thanks, Luminous!Holding his hand and doing it with him.
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    I'm multitasking right now. Writing a new chapter for my Lenny fan fic and looking at the forum.
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    Hehe Writing Lenny fanfics is my preventive measure at the moment for not getting LTD in the first place. There are far too little Lenny fanfics out there. This is not acceptable.
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    Looking through all the Lenny pictures on my computer, I thought it would be great to see our favorite couple fashionably dressed for some kind of special event in season 11.
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    That's funny! A new thought experiment.
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    For me some coffee too, please
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