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    I think you are thinking of The Collaboration Fluctuation Season 10 Episode 19 Sheldon actually picks up a spoon if that's the one.
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    Anyone miss the show? Now it has nearly been a year since the series ended. Not neccessarily maybe the last few seasons lol. But more the community, and fandom within the show. This place is like a ghost town these days. Which is natural with a show no longer on TV.
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    I enjoy looking on the forum everyday as well. Sharing ideas and upcoming events of the cast. Speaking of reruns, I happen to watch S6 E18 when the boys go to middle school to recruit young femaies into science and the girls give dating advice to Raj. I still am appalled every time I hear the lines from Penny about how she played hooky and ended up in a motel with "a 34 year old guy named Luther" Just disgraceful how the writers would think this was funny as Penny had to be a teenager at the time in high school.
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    Beverly was more a mental and uncaring abuse. That can be just as harsh as Amy's mom's style of abuse.
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    I miss the new episodes. We still have reruns and with Direct TV, I have some of my favorite episodes recorded. I'm still here sharing my pearls of wisdom. 😉
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    Picture was taken on the set of "Hollywood"
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