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    The problem with Sheldon's calculation is that he mentions a Bell Curve, (it looks like a bell) and uses the left side to the top, as a total of 193 men. Sheldon talks about the bell curve rising on the left (the rising part of the curve) The problem, as chucky said, is that her dating pattern was not a bell curve. From 17 to 25 is eight years (or 96 months). She was with Kurt for four years (48 months) Mike for four months (show time), Leonard for nine months, and she mentioned she hadn't had sex in six months in the Barbarian episode. Also, she dated Zack on and off for about six months. Total all that up and you get 73 months out of those 96 where she was either committed or abstinent. Those times were do not make a smoothly rising Bell Curve, hence Sheldon's math is wrong.
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    Good episode. Loved her reaction to Stumpy being peed on.
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    Sorry, I disagree. Beverly's abusive treatment of Leonard was by choice and no other reason. You can see that in how she treated Sheldon. She always treated him with niceness but her son was treated with disdane. She could have treated her son better, but, chose not to show him any motherly love or affection. Again, it was her choice! Amy's mother's treatment of Amy and her husband speaks for itself. In my opinion both women's treatment of their family are undefendable.
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    Yeah the math bothered me more then Penny is promiscuous.
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    I'm not sure Beverly's behavior rose to the level of abuse, although possibly some form of neglect. Beverly merely didn't give Lenard the validation he desired. Amy's mom supposedly locked her in closets and forbid her from having friends or engaging in social activities. Beverly was certainly cold and clinical, but her parenting created far less damage in her offspring. Of course, this assumes Amy's stories over the years were truthful.
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    I disagree. Young Amy would be a sad series. We saw what Amy's life would have been like had she not met Sheldon and the gang, in 'The Cooper Extraction'. An entire show of birthday cupcakes with the protagonists tears in the icing would be the best we could get. Amy's life was tragic before she starts hanging out with Sheldon, which I believe is why she puts up with so much from him. As difficult as Sheldon might be, he's 1000 times better than what she had before. In Amy's eyes, he's the neurotic, but handsome, white knight that rescued her from a life of misery. That's why, when he says or does something loving and sweet, she effectively worships him. She's never had it so good, and can't believe she can.
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