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    I've recently been considering Mrs. Fowler and the type of woman she was, but can't get a handle on her. We see her in 3 episodes, but hear of her in relation to Amy's childhood a lot more. Yet we also know that Amy is a bit unreliable in her discussions of her mother, due to the fact that she lied to both Sheldon and her mom to get out visiting her in Season 12. So, what do you all think is the deal with Mrs. Fowler? We know she prevented Amy from having any friends or a social life during her childhood, yet somehow expected her to date regularly once she'd grown up. We've been told that she locked Amy in a 'sin closet' for bad thoughts and behaviors, but that she wasn't shown to be particularly religious in the three episodes she did appear in, and neither does any of Amy's other family members in her mentionings of them. Seriously, I'm confused. What are your takes on Mrs. Fowler?
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    The one that really annoys me, is when people refer to Queen Elizabeth II as "Her Royal Highness".
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    A Cup Of Cuoco
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    Agreed, but then again like "YS", the writers would probably change things we know happened. For example, Amy being sent to "The Sin Closet".
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    Sorry, I disagree. Beverly's abusive treatment of Leonard was by choice and no other reason. You can see that in how she treated Sheldon. She always treated him with niceness but her son was treated with disdane. She could have treated her son better, but, chose not to show him any motherly love or affection. Again, it was her choice! Amy's mother's treatment of Amy and her husband speaks for itself. In my opinion both women's treatment of their family are undefendable.
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    Again, I don't necessarily see it as abuse so much as being out of sync with her son. He needed a more affectionate mother and that wasn't who Beverly was. Amy's mom sought to impose her will upon her daughter by any means necessarily and to keep her ignorant of the world in ways that brought harm to Amy, in order to maintain that absolute control. That is far worse. Beverly just didn't know how to parent Lenard right, and considering her methods had worked wonders for her other two kids, she had ever reason to believe that Lenard would flourish under her system in the end. As far as we know about Mrs. Fowler, Amy's obedience was the goal for Mrs. Fowler, not her child's healthy development. Yes, both had negative outcomes, but Lenard was hurt far less than Amy in the long run.
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    Beverly was more a mental and uncaring abuse. That can be just as harsh as Amy's mom's style of abuse.
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    I'm not sure Beverly's behavior rose to the level of abuse, although possibly some form of neglect. Beverly merely didn't give Lenard the validation he desired. Amy's mom supposedly locked her in closets and forbid her from having friends or engaging in social activities. Beverly was certainly cold and clinical, but her parenting created far less damage in her offspring. Of course, this assumes Amy's stories over the years were truthful.
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    Beverly was a witch from the east, Amy's mom was a plain ogre from the west.
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    A sort of Beverly lite?
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    I disagree. Young Amy would be a sad series. We saw what Amy's life would have been like had she not met Sheldon and the gang, in 'The Cooper Extraction'. An entire show of birthday cupcakes with the protagonists tears in the icing would be the best we could get. Amy's life was tragic before she starts hanging out with Sheldon, which I believe is why she puts up with so much from him. As difficult as Sheldon might be, he's 1000 times better than what she had before. In Amy's eyes, he's the neurotic, but handsome, white knight that rescued her from a life of misery. That's why, when he says or does something loving and sweet, she effectively worships him. She's never had it so good, and can't believe she can.
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    I don't think so.
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    Could be fun though.
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    I think we got a good look at Amy's mother's parenting and marriage reactions in the Wedding episode and Honeymoon episide. We don't need Amy's stories, although we do have some of those as well. I also do not see a Young Amy Series.
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    Personnally, I think that's a good discription of Amy's mother's parenting style and probably marraige style as well.
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    True. I almost forgot that, which casts more suspicion on Amy's upbringing. Was her mother just strict and overbearingly overprotective, or did it reach the level of psychological and emotional abuse?
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    Amy also lied to her mom, to stop her from pestering her about dating.
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    Thanks, I could not for the life of me remember where in California she was born.
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    Agreed. I find writers getting things wrong when there's no artistic or cost implication involved in getting them right, rather distracting, It interferes with my suspension of disbelief. Getting the details of the Nobel procedure wrong have annoyed members of this forum no-end. That's not to mention the way scientific research is presented. And then there's Sheldon - who says he skipped Kindergarten - writing 'DARk MAttER' and 'PRotOn DEcAy', like a three-year-old, which drives me crackers. Obviously he never caught up. (Strange that, since in Young Sheldon he seems to have got letters right by the age of nine.) Many people don't understand the niceties of the constitution of other countries or even get the name right. It's quite usual to call The Netherlands 'Holland' for instance, although Holland is the name of a region. Even Mary II in her journal used the term 'Holland' in the 1680s although if anybody should have known the right name, having lived there for twelve years as Princess of Orange taking great interest in its people, she should. Perhaps she was thinking of what her readers would call it. However, one would think highly-paid scriptwriters would expect a highly-educated character with a PhD not to mix up the UK and England. It's like a non-American person calling Mr Trump 'The President of Texas'. OTOH this little issue has started me thinking about Bernadette's background. On the few occasions she's mentioned her childhood she's not said where it took place. We know she was taking part in a beauty show in the US when she was nineteen, but not how long she'd lived there by then. If she had her early history lessons at school in central Europe, there's no reason she would have been taught, as we were, about The Pilgrim Fathers and other early settlers from the British Isles who were citizens of what was then only unofficially called The United Kingdom, nor the American War of Independence from what was by then officially The United Kingdom. She may know next to no history of the USA at all. In which case, having been immersed in science, she may never have heard of the UK. If so, I forgive her for thinking England has a Prime Minister. England, unlike the other three, doesn't even have its own Parliament, and hasn't had one for over four hundred years. There's no reason Bernadette should know that. She might not even know how American Churchill was.
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    Note for Bernadette - Winston Churchill wasn't the Prime Minister of England. He was the Prime Minister of The United Kingdom.
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    While I know this thread is going to die on the vine now that TBBT's final episode has aired, I wanted to share one last taping experience that could have only came to fruition last night. During our taping (the 4th to last episode were Leonard grew a pair and got the new job) there was some filming of fans going on and they interviewed a select few, one of the couples being my wife and I. They also had cameras filming the audience and other backstage aspects that were aired during the special "Unraveling the mystery: the big bang theory farewell". When they opened the special, during the first minute they had an audience shot and there we were, clear as day right up front! We slow-mo'd the DVR recording and found they got me giving my wife a kiss too! While these are not the best photos (as they are literally phone photos of our tv), we had to share because without this forum and everyone's posting and sharing of experiences we never would have had a chance to get tickets, see the show, or even get this awesome +1 added to our trip. So, thank you all. I hope your TBBT ride, whether it be on tv or in audience, was as great for you as it was for us! note: the picture with the "heart" on it was the one where I was kissing my wife! Thank you!!
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