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    It's very common. I hate watching recordings of plays I've been in. My daughter hates it too. When you're watching yourself, you start thinking about why you made that acting choice and not another acting choice, or something you thought looked great, while you were doing it, actually really looks bad. Some, like Kaley, in addition to how they appear, hate how her voice sounds. For that reason, she doesn't watch herself However, she's having to get over not hearing and not watching herself. As the executive producer, on The Flight Attendant, she's in the editing bay, when they are editing the show. So she has to watch and listen to herself. Other actors that have made the transition to producers have also had to learn to get over it.
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    I share Howard's disappointment. I too, would like to see Bernadette wearing that French Maids outfit.
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    Nope. I heard this morning that another movie, will start shooting in June, in the UK. The two actors (Chris Pratt is one of them) will fly to the UK, and then be put into a two week quarantine, and will have to pass a Covid test before they start. But, there is no word on when they will start shooting in the US. SAG is going to determine when they feel it's safe for the actors. EQUITY is doing the same thing for stage actors.
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