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    Looking forward to it, I believe in October.
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    It did to me at first, but I eventually learned a bit of it. I did spend two years there. I confess I did learn more German, than Icelandic. Unfortunately, at this point most of everything I learned is gone now. Well, except for Canadian, I can still speak that. 😜
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    ALL of you have done a simply WONDERFUL job at keeping the this area BEAUTIFUL, and the rest of KINK OF THE HILL, not to say ALL of THE LAND OF GAMES going, without ME (LOL) ! You ALL saved my life & my SANITY more than you will EVER know !!! I am going to leave MISS KITKA my E Mail address just in case any one of my true friends ever want to get a hold of me. I love you guys, and "I'LL BE BACK", Mike
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    My stomach is rumbling in my pants.
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    Amazon has them. 😁 https://www.amazon.com/Little-House-Volumes-Set/dp/0064400409 I got my set 30+ years ago though. And yes I've read them. I live about 35 miles from where Laura was born and Little House in the Big Woods was set. The town of Pepin, WI has erected a log cabin in her honor near where Pa Ingall's land was. I was in my mid-teens through early twenties when the series originally aired, our family watched it religiously. It followed the books pretty loosely actually, being set after the family returned from their brief Homesteading on Indian land in Kansas Territory; which is where Little House On the Prairie really took place. On the Banks of Plum Creek took place in Walnut Grove, MN, which is where the TV series is set. The family actually only lived there a few years; while the series had Laura grow to adulthood, meet, and marry Almanzo there. In reality that took place in De Smet, Dakota Territory, where By the Shores of Silver Lake and the last four books are set. Probably more than anyone wanted to know but like Amy I'm pretty fond of the books. BTW there's another tentative connection to TBBT besides Amy. Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura in the series, is Sara Gilbert's half sister.
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