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    This film is so much anticipated I hope it is as good as its hype. But Kaley seems to be putting her heart and soul into it I think she will surprise many people on how good a dramatic actress she has become.
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    Young Penny could be a bit slutty. She dressed that way as well. Married Penny was more reserved and refined.
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    Always enjoy The Cup of Cuoco Episodes.
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    To add how about this query: In S1 E16 The Peanut Reaction Penny kisses Leonard passionately for his birthday. But wasn't she still dating this guy Mike? So is this considered cheating? However, when Leonard kissed Mandy on his North Sea expedition many people thought that he cheated on Penny. Is there a double standard here or just another continuity error
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    As I've said numerous times, the writers either couldn't remember what they previously wrote or just didn't care. Both are sad.
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    That's a lot of doggie kissing. Maybe Dumps is a Karl substitute.
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    I don't know either. He's probably just an attention hound trying to stir up trouble.
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