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  1. Wow, this was kind of sucky Do not like the way Kaley was treated And that man should put on some clothes
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  2. So I've heard... I don't actually really watch Doctor Who per say because I don't. But I've seen a couple of the newer episodes and, have used Wikipedia in my time, so I'm sort of/half aware that one of the Doctor Who ladies was from Croydon, I think. So I googled Sarah Jane Croydon based on the above knowledge on a fluke really, and sure enough, it was her. Croydon, my Hill Valley... Has a clock tower... Yeah.
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  3. Katie Price is getting engaged again... She's now got more rings than Sonic the Hedgehog.
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  4. Maybe the guy selling the Colt Peacemaker was guilty of false advertisement? It's not impossible. Didn't you hear? It runs on steam. ... and magnets, apparently. Problems: 1) Hill Valley's a fixed point on an ever moving planet orbiting an ever moving star; So I fail to believe that any time travelling DeLorean or borrowed locomotive wouldn't arrive in space occupied by nothing in a vacuum having left space that was occupied by Hill Valley at the departure time if it just travels through time and parking lots or sky ways or rai
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