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    Dang, both you and Batman75 are so spot on perfect on your assessments on the show. You're welcome. I enjoy reading your posts.
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    If I can share a few thoughts here about Penny’s character growth, not that the growth is nonexistent, there was growth. But there are a few things to add. There are things we cannot change for the sake of comedy that Big Bang Theory writers chose to use, like the fine line they use to dance around between giving each other a hard time and bullying each other. But I do wish they had taken some time to develop Penny a bit more, particularly with the issues that came up on Season 12. This is not just because of my love for my Lenny ship but because there was a lot of growth for her character that was, for the most part, played down. We knew Penny had commitment issues because of her experiences in the past: seeking validation through relationships with other men which probably eradicated from her dad wanting a boy and so on. But once she shifted her career and started maturing, it felt a little incomplete to experience this growth in her character. The writers left a lot of it to be implied or to have occurred in the behind the scenes when things shifted to focusing on Sheldon (but that is another topic). Even if its through comedy I would have loved to see a few of the following things: 1) Acknowledgment that when she decided maybe I do not want to have kids, that it came from the commitment issues she has always had. She was in love and comfortable in the marriage with Leonard and changes in the relationship have always taken Penny a long time. "I have not wrapped my head around it", she mentions towards the end. Thank you writers but this discussion needed to start in Season 11 perhaps? They had discussed kids and she had said someday, they were in a future plan. But when Leonard mentioned a timeline, this is when it became real for her and she panicked. They rushed it through the last season. 2) The relationship with her sister. 3) Money. Penny for a long time lived under financial insecurity. Leonard even went through her bills when they were NOT dating. It made no sense that when she started making big money, Leonard seemed to not be part of the conversation. Even hiding a bank account. Not that I am implying that Leonard should have taken over her money but some sort of discussion could have happened (even if they included Sheldon) were Penny seeks advice on how to handle her new salary and her debt. 4) The relationship with her mom. We got a glimpse of it during the wedding but she seemed to never reach out. Same with Bernadette. The only one of the girls that got to explore their mom was Amy and it was a given that she was used for comedy. And well, she had been the trauma factor for Amy. The “healthier” side of the parents never got addressed for anybody but even less for Penny. 5) Boundaries on her sex record vs. bully storyline. I can deal with the bully storyline, except Season 12 Episode 1. Leonard will never be one to flinch when Penny shows affection. The comedy could have taken place in so many other directions. Won’t go there anymore. Back to the topic… I think it was very disrespectful for her closest friends to continue to put Penny down for her past. I loved when she told Sheldon that she had a word for how promiscuous he could be with himself. But there was never a stop. The writers dealt with Howard’s past adventures better than they did with Penny. They gave Howard the opportunity to grow from it and face consequences when it played a role in his present. With Penny, there was never that opportunity. Not only was it used to put down Leonard: they had Penny constantly dealing with it. It was clear she was committed to her relationship with her husband and that she loved him. But the “comedy” behind this never acknowledged that she was now in her 30’s and not as reckless as when she started the show. 6) Drinking. As a viewer, my understanding was that Penny used to drink a lot because she had a lot of stress, issues and she was in her 20’s. The “normal” pastime that is considered “popular”. As a contrast to all the guys. But as she got older, drinking wine was something she would do occasionally. Writers kept using it as if she continued to drink excessively. She was not and she was dedicated to her marriage and her job. They even had Bernadette baby proofing the licor in her house. Hope this is not too long. I’ve been pondering on these characters. I will continue to rewatch all the seasons. But in 2020, I keep wondering what other storylines we could have explored in the show if these had been addressed differently for Penny. I love her character.
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    Thank you for your reply. And yes, as much as I love Sheldon, the direction of the show shifted. Unfortunately for Lenny there was no balance. Perhaps if Jim had wanted to stay a little more, for two other seasons or even one more? We could have had more development for Penny, Leonard, Amy and Sheldon. As perfect as the ending was for me, attaining a Nobel Prize within a year is just tv magic. But as a fan of those two, I enjoy the quiet moments they gave us with Lenny towards the end. I do wish there had been a spinoff but the life of Sheldon was entangled with Lenny's. This is why we can only get a prequel with Young Sheldon. Perhaps in the future, we get a reunion.
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    Thank you! And thank you for reading!
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    Vernee Watson. Multi-connected. The BBT, episode 1, she was the receptionist at the sperm bank, she was there at Bernadette's birth of Halley, (Be it preconception , or after birth - Vernee was there),Howard's robot run amok moment (trying to perform a second bris), Young Sheldon's gall bladder, Jake's scalp stitches with Uncle Charlie. Vernee was there. Where else in Chuck Lorre lore is she?
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    Wow! As a Lenny follower this analysis was so to the point I cannot find anything to fault with your comments. I have thought alot about this topic myself as I felt that Lenny over the last three years of the show became secondary characters. For some reason the writers thought that Sheldon and Shamy should be the central characters and most of the episodes centered around them. For instance, season 11 mostly focused on Shamy wedding. They even had episodes about picking a wedding date and picking a best man and matron of honor!!. This was limiting Penny and Leonard to giving advice instead of as you say exploring their characters a little more. Season 12 was primarily the same as most episodes dealt with Shamy quest for the Nobel prize. There were maybe three or four episodes that focused on Lenny and those were the critical episodes of Penny and Leonard dealing with having children and the ridiculous storyline of the Zack sperm donation. Yes, I was glad to see Penny announce her pregnancy but as you state their was never an explanation as to why she did not want to have a child in the first place. And you are correct in your assessment that they wrote and stressed jokes of her sexual promiscuous and her propensity for drinking. This really became lame and unnecessary after Penny was engaged and married. Lenny had so many more stories to tell when the show ended that I thought for sure CBS/WB would want a spinoff of them and tell all the stories they neglected in the last three years.
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    It's not only nothing to joke about, but it's just plain wrong!
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    Missy Cooper had a daddy/daughter dinner. She wore a Tiara. Old Sheldon gave Amy a Tiara. Perhaps, that was how Sheldon came up with that 'too much' gesture?
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    Absolutely correct. An older male with a minor teenager is definitely not something to joke about. I feel very strongly about this subject as I have two daughters and fortunately they listened to me when they started dating.
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